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Study in Japan

According to the results of the competition in the framework of academic mobility, a 4-year student of the Architecture Department, Arch15-8 Kim Sergey Denovich will study at the Saga University (Japan)

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The siege of Leningrad began on September 8, 1941 and lasted almost 900 days. The only way "the Road of life", on which food was delivered to the city, was laid on the ice of lake Ladoga.

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Sports club


Sport Club KazLAACE has newly formed in 2001 and it has been  a subdivision of the Department of Common Natural  scientific Preparation since 2006.

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            Fencing instructor of  SC , Professor MS USSR Yugay Inna Vladimirovna


The innovative credit -based learning, which includes not only the basic amount of physical training , but also the sectional work was  introduced under the leadership of President KazGASA  Kusainova A.A given the increasing popularity and academy demand. The Board of Trustees pays great attention to development of sports clubs as it affects the health and quality of training of the Academy students. The sports hall for the latest modern technologies was made in 2011.

Winner-students are encouraged in the form of scholarships depending on the occupied places. The department  pays much attention to students’ physical education and sports training   . The course of physical education introduced in the curriculum of all faculties.

Physical training and sports are conducted not only for health promotion, all-round development and sports perfection, but in order to master the professional skills  applied physical preparation for their future professional activity , as well as the formation of the need for regular physical exercise and sports. The physical training and sports pass on sports bases of university.

Among them - the stadium, a sports complex , tennis courts and sports facilities buildings  The most physically prepared students can be engaged in different sports in sport clubs.

As part of the health sections, suitable for students of different physical fitness and health, organized training on various systems of physical perfection and popular among the young people.



Sports club departments:


- Foot gym

- Volleyball

- Basketball

- Table tennis

- Athletic gymnastics

- Fitness (Callanetics, Body flex, Oxi-sice)

- Chess

- Togyzkumalak


Section Leaders 

Calendar plan of sport activities SС IEC

On carrying out the athletics competitions, dated for delivery of the presidential tests, among the students of the 1st, 2nd courses and students of college at KazGASA, 11.10.17.