Committee of student youth


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Study in Japan

According to the results of the competition in the framework of academic mobility, a 4-year student of the Architecture Department, Arch15-8 Kim Sergey Denovich will study at the Saga University (Japan)

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The siege of Leningrad began on September 8, 1941 and lasted almost 900 days. The only way "the Road of life", on which food was delivered to the city, was laid on the ice of lake Ladoga.

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Committee of student youth

The Committee of the student youth is public organization working in the field of youth policy, organizing creative and public life of the students of KazGASA.

Aims of Committee activity are to promote the educational process, organization of various events and leisure activities of Academy student's youth.

The Committee student youth has his radio Studio in which we highlight the student life of the Academy.

The work of the Committee is conducted under the comprehensive plan of extracurricular work and social protection of students of KazGASA, coordinated with the city, Republican organizations.

Leisure of students which organized by SYC with the help of advisors diverse and filled with all sorts of activities. These are competitions CFI (club of funny and inventive), a beauty contest «Miss KazGASA», contest «Zhigit Sultany», festival «Spring in KazGASA», «Nauryz» and others, clubs operate In Academy (commands of CFI, dance groups, rock ensembles, performers of folk and modern songs, and others), lectures, sports sections. The participants of Amateur performances took prizes at various events of the district, city and Republican level.


Composition of SYC 






 Chairman of Student Youth Committee

 Raiskanov Yerassyl Erbolatovich

















 Student Dean Of Department of Architecture

 Ustemirov Temirlan

















  Student Dean Of Department of Design

 Bekzhan Arailym


















 Student Dean Of Department of General Construction

 Almagambet Guldana

 mob: 87071087174
















 Student Dean Of Department of Сonstruction Technologies,

 infrastructure and management

Romankul Ainur Nurlankyzy


















 Student Dean Of College at KazGASA

Katnova Elina Sergeevna