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KazGASA Library holds Open Day "An educated generation - the future of the country" on September 27th, 2018 at 10 a.m.

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Vocational orientation



The right choice fosters a successful career






Psychologists have proved that a person, consciously choosing a profession, brings great benefits to the country and grows as a professional.



Not secret, that the school graduates often do not have enough information about the specialties in demand on the labor market, their specifics of activities. Moreover, most of them have no idea about the requirements for a modern worker.  Therefore, vocational orientation today is the main direction of work in the market of training demanded qualified personnel.

Stories for schoolchildren, including in the regions of the country, about the professions that can be mastered in our University of teachers and employees of the Kazakh Leading Academy of architecture and Civil Engineering (KazGASA) in Almaty.

Our Academy prepares specialists for the fields of architecture, design, construction, production of building materials and products, woodworking technologies, as well as industries such as engineering systems and networks, geodesy and cartography, economics and management.

Education in the Academy has multilevel character: lyceum, technical and vocational education, bachelor's, master's and doctoral studies.

The Kazakh Leading Academy of architecture and Civil Engineering is the first Kazakh university that conducts such large-scale events outside the country as the International Festival of architectural-construction and design schools of Eurasia.

Academy students actively participate in various competitions, Olympiads, competitions, charitable events and scientific conferences. Research is being conducted on the important issues of architecture, art and design, construction, production of building materials and products, etc. The best works are marked with diplomas and certificates which influence the further training of students in master's and doctoral studies.

Every year during the spring holidays at the academy, with the aim of identifying their potential applicants, held olympiads among schoolchildren on history of Kazakhstan, Kazakh, Russian and English languages, mathematics, physics, computer science and in the specialties "Technology of woodworking and wood products", "Production of building materials, products and constructions", " Economics" and "Geodesy and cartography". The holder of the first place receives a 100% discount, the second place - 50%, the third place - 25% discount when paying for the first semester of the first course. the rest of the  participants are awarded certificates with benefits for tuition fees of 7%  for one semester.


In KazGASA are trained mainly at the expense of the state educational grants. Students (undergraduates) who are do not receive a state grant, but who have high ratings on the results of entrance examinations and sessions, can become holders of a special grant "Scholarship" of the academy, which provides a discount for training at 100, 50 and 25%.

Non-resident students are provided with free comfortable housing ("The Students' House"). During the holidays, students can earn and obtain receive a working profession in student construction detachments of KazGASA. And for graduates, twice a year, the exhibition job fairs are held.

In 2017, according to the results of the national rating of universities and educational programs in the directions and levels of training, the Academy has occupied prize-winning places.

The future profession should be not only fashionable, but also useful, interesting, practical and in demand. And if you, an entrant, want to be confident in employment and benefit their country, then welcome to the Kazakh Leading Academy of architecture and Civil Engineering !





Candidate of Technical Sciences,

Associate Professor of KazGASA