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  • Толек Мадина
  • Мырзалы Дамира
  • Жанаманова Нурсулу
  • Нигай Виктория
  • Нуркадилова Нуриля
  • Утегенова Лаура
  • Адильхан Камила
  • Ким Виктория
  • Церибова Нарса
  • Аймаганбетова Айгуль
  • Алпысбаева Мадина
  • Изимгалиева Аружан

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Attention!     Attention!       Attention!

 LYCEUM under KazGASA announces an admission of students to grades from 5 to11on payable basis.

Those who in future want to become an architect and creative designer and first-class civil engineer and economist.

Hurry up, you will get a first-class education only here!

Only in our lyceum there are interesting events!

Only in our lyceum  you can show your talent!

And if you are talented and want to prove it, you are our man!

We are waiting for you at the following address: K. Ryskulbekov Str., 28 (corner of Mustafin Str., lower of Orbit micro district)

Information can be obtained by phone: 8(727) 226-77-73, 226-77-74   


Lyceum directions

Procedure of enrolment to Lyceum


Data about teachers of the Lyceum

Extra curricular work

Student leaders 

Component of the lyceum


Сlub of interesting meetings 

National holiday of Kazakhstan – Nayriz  

Trip to Turkestan

"Kozy-Korpesh - Bayan-Sulu"2016

Creative olympiad 2016

"I want to be an architect"2016

1 may 2016

9 may 2016

Immortal regiment

Last  bell

Knowledge Day at the Lyceum

September, 22 – Day of languages of the people of Kazakhstan

1000 - anniversary of Almaty

How we had a rest in a forest fairy tale

Dedication to the students of the Lyceum 

Olympiad at the Lyceum

"The achievements of Kazakhstan during the years of Independence"

Patriotic upbringing of the students of architecture and civil engineering in  out-of-school   work

 Quest game “25 facts about the history of native city”

 "For Kazakhstan, free from tobacco "


We congratulate you on the Great Victory Day

My School 2017

Graduation 2016-2017 academic years

Master class  «Point-to-point painting»

Master class «Poppies»

Master class «May, 7»

Master class «Batik »

Corporate picnic of 2017!