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For us, students of the Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering (KazGASA), the current Address of the Head of State has a bright, concrete social orientation. It is addressed to every Kazakhstan citizen. The words important for us were sounded - this

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Stop the drug!

A meeting of city organizations with first and second year students was held at the Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

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Virtual exhibition of new arrivals


Bidaybekov Y.Y. and etc.

Mathematical modeling and numerical methods: Textbook.

Bidaybekov Y.Y., Kamalova G.B., Kalieva K.A.-Almaty, 2016.-416 p.


ISBN 978-601-75-29-94-9


Inorganic Chemistry of elements: Text book

S.Nazarbekova, A.Tukibaeva, U.Nazarbek. – Almaty:

Association of higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan.2017.-268 р.


ISBN 978-601-217-595-0


Azimbaeva Gulnur Toleugazievna

Organic Chemistry: Textbook. G.T. Azimbaeva.-

Almaty, 2016.-313p.


 ISBN 978-601-7529-86-4


     Shokybayev Zh.A. and etc.

Teaching Methods on Chemistry: / Zh.A. Shokybayev,

Z.O. Onerbayeva, G.U.Ilyassova / Textbook.- Almaty, 2016.


ISBN 978-601-75-29-89-5


Jumadillayev K.N. and etc.

Teaching methodology of physics: Textbook. /

K.N. Jumadillayev, Zh.K. Sydykova. / -Almaty: 2016.-312 p.


ISBN 978-601-75-29-83-3


Omashova G.Sh. and atc.

    Physics: Textbook / G.Sh.Omashova, Kh.K. Abdrakhmanova,

N.S/ Saidullaevf, Zh.B. Umurzakhova/ Almaty: Association of higher

Educational institutions of Kazakstan, 2016.- 304 p.


ISBN 978-601-74-27-79-5


Besterekov U.B. and etc.

    Chemistry and Technology of inorganic sabstances:

Textbook / U.B. Besterekov, M.M.Yeskendirova, G.M.Seitmagzimova.

Almaty: 2016.-412 p.

ISBN 978-601-7427-74-0

Nazarbekova S.

    Chemistry. Textbook / S. Nazarbekova, A. Tukibayeva,

U. Nazarbek – Almaty: 2016.-304p.

ISBN 978-601-7529-98-7