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Within the framework of the delegation's visit of scientists from the Hachinohe Institute of Technology (Hachinohe, Japan) to our academy headed by President Akira Hasegawa and Chairman of the Board of Directors Toshimichi Yanagiya is scheduled to organize a meeting in the ACH on June 18 at 10:00 and to hold a seminar on "Issues of geotechnical construction for large cities"

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ILF Graduate Recruitment 2018

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The international festival of final works

The Kazakh Leading Academy of  Architecture and Civil Engineering  (KazGASA) is the first Kazakhstan University that conducts such a large-scale event on the basis of a foreign university, as the International Festival of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Design Schools of Eurasia, initiated by the President of KazGASA, President of KazGASA Amirlan Kussainov .

Let's take a short look at the history of our festival:

The I International Festival of Architecture and Civil Engineering Schools of Eurasia was held in 2009 at the University of Maltepe (Turkey);

The II International Festival in 2011 - on the basis of the Kazakh Leading Academy of  Architecture and Civil Engineering  (Almaty, Kazakhstan);

The III International Festival in 2013 - on the basis of the Yildiz Technical University (Istanbul, Turkey);

in 2014, the IV International Festival was held at the Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture. N.Isanova (Bishkek-Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyz Republic);

The V International Festival with the support of the Romualdo del Bianco Foundation in 2015 was held in Florence, Italy;

The VI International Festival - on the basis of the Middle East University (Lefkosa, North Cyprus), 2016.


October 25-26, 2017 The Kazakh Leading Academy of  Architecture and Civil Engineering  once again proved its worth in the world space, conducting the VII International Festival of Graduation Works of Architecture and Civil Engineering and Design Schools of Eurasia on the basis of the Architecture and Construction Institute of the Samara State Technical University (ACI SamSTU, Samara, Russia), in which 17 countries, 63 universities and 332 best graduation works of 2017 took part in the following specialties: "Architecture", "Design", "Construction", "Production of construction materials, products and structures "," Technology of woodworking and wood products ".

79 best works of alumni of 17 universities of Kazakhstan took part in this festival. They were directed to the International contest as a result of the preliminary qualifying stage and following the results of the Republican review-competition of graduating works conducted within the framework of the Training and Methodological Association of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the specialties of architectural.

The International Festival of Graduate Works of Architecture and Civil Engineering and Design Schools of Eurasia is an international competition whose aim is to increase the prestige of universities in professional orientation of students and to train specialists who are in demand on the labor market and encourage promising graduates - young specialists in architecture, design and construction industry.

The festival was held in two stages: the first stage was held in on-line mode, for which the members of the jury were assessed by works on the website of  KazGASA; at the second stage - when the meeting was over, the results were summed up.

A distinctive feature of the Samara Festival was that this year 50 Master's works were presented.

The work of the jury is an important component of any competition, since not only the distribution of prize places, but also the prospects for the development of participants depends on the competent assessments of it - whether they should improve or should work on eliminating the shortcomings for participating in further competitions. The VII International Festival Competition was highly respected by a highly professional and authoritative jury from among the professors of not only Kazakhstan, but also the countries of near and far abroad: Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, UAE, Turkey, Hungary, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy and Holland.

Carefully and with great responsibility, evaluating the competition works, the international jury determined the winners, among which the best work of the graduates of KazGASA was highly appreciated, in particular, they took 16 prizes (including 5 first places, 7 - second and 4 - third) on specialties: "Architecture" - 4, "Design" - 8, "Construction" - 5, "Production of building materials, products and structures" - 2, "Technology of woodworking and wood products" - 1.

We can say with confidence that the VII International Festival of Graduation Works of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Design Schools of Eurasia at ACI SamSTU was a success.

The staff of the host university did a great job, not only giving hospitality to the competition site, but also organizing a tour for the festival participants in the university and historical places of the city of Samara.

And as organizers of the festival-contest, the staff of KazGASA headed by President Amirlan Kussainov, received the most flattering reviews from the guests of the festival. The most frequent compliment that sounded to us is the praise of the very aspect that was originally laid in our project, i.e. foreign participants said that our competition gives a deep meaning and gives an opportunity to show their talent to each graduate and that he (competition) should exist for a long time, because strengthen the relationship between universities and academic pedagogues of different countries. After all, it was nice to see how the festival participants exchanged contacts, gifts and invited each other to their events, shared their experiences.

At the gala dinner, besides awarding diplomas, the winners and certificates of the participants were presented with a collection of fashionable clothes from graduates-designers. Kazakhstan represented in this show the Kazakh National Pedagogical University named Abai under the leadership of Professor Turganbaeva Sh.S.

Separately, I want to note that our Educational and Methodological Association celebrated this year two anniversaries - the 60th anniversary of the specialty "Construction" and the 25th anniversary of the specialty "Design". Therefore, the Board of Trustees of our university established the diplomas of the Union of Architects of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Union of Designers of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the KazGOR Design Academy, which will undoubtedly give impetus to the development of talent of the younger generation and contributes to raising the rating of each institution.

I am sincerely glad that we managed in successfully implementing our project once again on the site of a foreign university and I believe that all the guests and participants of the VII International Festival of Graduation Works of the Architectural and Civil Engineering and Design schools of Eurasia have experienced the most pleasant emotions!

And we, as organizers, have the previous tasks - to remain leaders and to open new opportunities for cooperation between architecturally-building and design schools at the international level.


List of winners of the competition of the final works of the VII International Festival