Vacancies for graduates of KazGASA


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Vacancies for graduates of KazGASA

Dear guests of the site!

In this section you can find vacancies that the company offers. If you take advantage of our offers, we will be happy to receive feedback from you.

If you have any questions, please contact:, ph. +7 727 309 62 48


Kagazy Recycling LLP requires a specialist who is ready for creative and responsible work.

About us: Kagazy Recycling LLP is the largest manufacturer of packaging products and corrugated cardboard in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.


- 5 days working week, schedule from 8:00 am 17:00 hours

- registration in accordance with the LC of the RK

- the level of wages depends on the professional level of the candidate


- cheerful, purposeful person

- knowledge of the graphics package (CorelDraw at a professional level and Adobe Illustrator (base) is required, Photoshop, InDesign is desirable).

- availability of a portfolio (if you are only after university and have a specialty designer, then send academic work)

Saida Nurkenova

HR Department

Kagazy Recycling LLP

T: +7 (727) 244 87 87 ex. 8809

M: +7 (701) 082 88 71

F: +7 (727) 244 87 97






Department of Architecture and town planningof Almaty announces the availability of vacant seats:

1. Chief specialist of the Department of Architecture and town planning in the Turksib district, category D-O-4

(for the period of maternity leave until September 13, 2019).

Requirements: Higher education (architecture, construction)

2. Chief specialist of the department of architecture and town planning for Almaly district category D-O-4

Requirements: Higher education (architecture, construction)

3. Chief specialist of the department of rendering public services category D-O-4,

(for the period of maternity leave until 10.01.2020)

Requirements: Higher education (architecture, construction)

4. Chief specialist of the department of outdoor (visual advertising) category D-O-4

Requirements: Higher education (architecture, construction)



For all questions of employment, internships, please contact by phone: 2795824, 2795490, 2799243 ext. 240; mob. 87089472612



«Arhispetssnabmontazh» LLP

Invites graduates of 2018 to take the following positions:

1. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, Heat and gas supply and ventilation

2. Water supply and sewage

On all questions to address:

Arhispetssnabmontazh LLP

Almaty city Aisha Bibi 359,

3rd floor, office 305 and 306

tel / fax + 7-727-234-20-52

mob:     + 7-707-239-58-80





ILF Graduate Recruitment 2018

ILF Consulting Engineers is a leading engineering and consulting company with 40 offices around the world. Since 1967, ILF has successfully executed more than 6000 projects in over 100 countries. We have been working with industry leaders in solving complex engineering and project management challenges in the following sectors: Oil & Gas, Energy and Climate Protection, Water and Environment, Transport and Structures.

ILF office in Kazakhstan is happy to announce the launch of ILF Graduate Recruitment 2018.

We are looking for future colleagues who recognize the importance of societal change and want to help us improve quality of life for everyone. If you have outstanding analytical abilities paired with a high level of commitment and team spirit, you will fit in with ILF. Here you will find ex-tensive scope for your professional development and interesting work with attractive opportunities that only a company like ILF can offer.

Who we're looking for:

- Junior Process Engineer

- Junior Piping Engineer

- Junior Instrument Engineer

- Junior Civil Engineer

Please apply if you have the following credentials:

- Recent graduate holding BSc or MSc in appropriate discipline

- Strong analytical skills

- Capable of working in teams and building good relationships with a high degree of personal integrity, trust, and work ethic

- Fluent in English

Recruitment process:

- Application submission deadline - 18 June 2018

- Interview with ILF Recruiter till June 22

- Interview with ILF Line Manager till June 29

Interested to apply?

If you are interested to join ILF, please provide us with the following documents:

- CV in English

- Cover letter that answers the question Why are you interested to join ILF?

- Diploma with transcript

Please send required documents to with subject of e-mail as «ILF Gradu-ate Program 2018»

To learn more about ILF Consulting Engineers please visit our website:

If you require any clarification please contact ILF Recruiter:

Phone: +7 727 313 07 17 ext. 204






      On March 2, 2018 at 11 а.m will be a Job Fair for those, who are looking for jobs and graduates of educational and youth organizations at the address: shopping mall MOSKVA metropolitan, 8 md., House 37/1, intersection Abay and Altynsarina streets.


     The organizer of the event is the Employment Center of the city of Almaty, the apparatus of the akimat of Auezov district.

     The purpose of the job fair is to facilitate the employment of unemployed citizens, graduates of educational organizations and youth through the direct contact between the employer and the applicant.

     More than 30 employers will take part in the fair, which will present more than 300 vacancies.

The job fair is held for both companies and applicants on a non-refundable basis.

In the job fair, there will also be a consultation of the population on employment issues, and about the Program for the Development of Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship for 2017-2021 - "Enbek".


Contact information: Nazarbayev avenue 50 (corner Zhibek Zholy),


tel. 341 04 60, 341 04 61 (ex 1017, 1018). 




IE "Saylybaev" will accept for internships and job specialists for the work (graduates of the college):

on the device of monolithic constructions, installation of prefabricated concrete and reinforced concrete structures, laying of pieces of walls and partitions and filling openings.

Also we will teach how to make installation of polystyrene concrete panels INKT.


Contact details:


Yernar +77019300718


LLP "Memlekettik Qyzmet - State Service" is announcing a position of Designer for the permanent work in Almaty.



- Experience in the imposition of graphic materials, catalogs, brochures and other printing products, pre-press preparation of advertising modules and articles for magazines. Preprinting of polygraphic products.

- Knowledge of CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, the presence of artistic taste and own vision, responsibility

The amount of salary according to the results of the interview.



 tel +7 (727) 262 06 12


Dear graduates of 2017 - 2018!


Now you have a wonderful opportunity to work!


International Construction and Assemblage company Sicim S.P.A. is looking for the qualified specialists of the following positions:

- Junior engineer for civil and erection works

- Junior Mechanical Engineer

- Junior engineer - designer

- Junior construction engineer

- Specialist in technical and commercial offers

- Associate engineer in pipeworking

- Associate Electrical Engineer


  Work conditions:

- permanent method of work - 6/1

- working hours are between 08:30 - 18:00

- transportation and lunch at the expense of the company



When submitting a CV, please specify in the subject line:

"Graduates 2017 - 2018"!

Contact details:

87122 55 00 81/82/83/84



    At the moment we are looking for young and talented artists, designers and just creative people to create the most unique gifts in the world! We will gladly consider the students for an internship with further employment in Bookfromme.

   We accept applications by phones 87081914554 and 87076790192

And also all interested can come on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from

9:00 – 11:00 or 16: 00-18: 00 to our office at Timiryazev 28V 6 floor, HUB Coworking. It is desirable to have a small portfolio of works. Getting acquainted with Illustrator or Photoshop is necessary, the ability to work on a graphics tablet is welcome.

   The guys will have the opportunity to work in one of the most innovative IT companies in the country, to acquire a wide range of professional skills, including the creation of interactive videos, knowledge of the composition, the combination of colors and styles, and а programming!


NEXT requires:



- Development of design of different types of advertising and printing products (business cards, invitations, certificates, brochures, leaflets, etc.);

- preparation of files for printing, layout;

- development of logos, creation of a brand-book;

- Knowledge of web site design is welcome.


- knowledge of the basics of composition, design, advertising;

- Knowledge of graphic programs: CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and the ability to use them at a high level;

- knowledge of the features of various printing technologies and the preparation of layouts for them;


- part-time employment;

- official employment.

Phone: +7 (771) 5060601




"Moldyr" LLC is needed:

Specialists in work with external networks:

1. Foreman on the heating main - 2 units

2. Water supply and sewerage system - 2 units


-Responsibility for the front of the assigned instructions, diligence, stress-resistance.

-Specialization of water supply, sewerage of the heating main


-Accommodation and meals during work in the districts of the region, cellular communication.

 Wages - 150 000 tenge.

Phone: +7 (727) 226-64-53, +7 (727) 226-63-20




The company for the manufacture of furniture requires:

Designer-designer of cabinet furniture.


- knowledge and ability to work in design programs, high speed of drawing sketches by hand, sociability, knowledge of the basics of production of cabinet furniture.


- salary +%

- official placement after probation. The production is in the area of the 70th traveling.

Tel. +7 (727) 317-61-76, 8-778-342-8118


In the elite cabin curtains required:

-Designer in textiles

Favorable payment terms, creative atmosphere.

Tel. + 7-701-308-3083



In the shop for artistic forging it is required:



Skills of assembling forging elements, skills of calculating the sizes, experience with forged metal (rails, gratings, gates, fences, wickets, wrought furniture, etc.).


Work is constant, wages are high.

Tel. 8-777-370-5601



The consulting center of investments requires:

Assistant accountant

Salary: 150 000 tenge.

Tel. 8 (727) 225-72-22



The center of operational printing requires:



- knowledge of PhotoShop, CorelDraw, Word, Excel, PowerPoint

- skills in working with digital, inkjet, large format equipment, a mirror camera, knowledge of the prepress process for offset printing, cutting skills, lamination, creasing, punching, binding in a spring

- high speed of work, responsibility, punctuality, fast learner, mindfulness, literacy


- Preparation of files for printing, printing, support of existing client base, development of business cards, leaflets, letters, cards, invitation cards, photographing and processing of photos 3x4.

Salary: from 70 000 to 120 000 tenge. The office is located in the Central Stadium area.

E-mail: at