The Council of the customers and the expert commission


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The Council of the customers and the expert commission


     In 2000, the council of customers and expert commission on specialties was established for the first time among the universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan (CCEC).

    The Council of Customers and expert commission is consultative body, which aims to participate in the creation of curricula and innovative training programs enhancing efficiency and achievement of high level of education in KazGASA, to render assistance in educational and methodical work, to solve issues related to graduates employability and to carry out all types of practices.

    The main objectives and tasks of CCEC are:

- to participate in the development and analysis of planning and methodology documentation, which is based on the combination of results of  scientific research and fundamental knowledge with the application of them in production activity;

- to participate in educational process  and also lecturing about modern methods of scientific problems on specializations, production technology, market relations in domestic and international practice.

    KazGASA annually carries out meetings of CCaEC with the participation of highly qualified specialists in all directions of educational programs in KazGASA.


Structure of CCEC:

Speciality ‘Architecture’

1. A.I. Rustembekov - President of the Union of Architects of the Republic of Kazakhstan

2. L.V. Nysanbayeva - Director of Ltd Company ‘Urbostil’, president of the Union of Town-Planners of the Republic of Kazakhstan

3. T. Abilda - Head of AСD №3 of Ltd Company PI ‘Almatygiprogor 1’

4. N.M. Bildebaev - Head of AСD №2 of Ltd Company PI ‘Almatygiprogor 1’

5. N.G. Auzhanov - Director of Ltd Company ‘Gradcomplex’, chairman

6. K.R. Tulebayev - Director of Institute  ‘Almatygiprogor 1’

7. A.A. Tatygulov - President of Project Academy ‘KazGor’

8. A.A. Mametov - Director of Ltd project firm ‘Grado’, architect

Speciality ‘Design’

1. S.Zh. Kobzhanova - Ph.D in art history, Head of Department of State Museum of Arts named after A. Kasteev

2. U. E. Markovich - Managing director of exhibition center of Kazakhstan Union of Artists, fine art expert, art manager

3. P.P. Savranchuk - Practicing architect and designer, CАP

4. N.N. Turekhanov – Business manager of Ltd Company  ‘Alaayna’ architect-designer

5. A.E. Basenov – Chief specialist of the department of designing coins and securities in Central Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan

6. G.S. Diyarova - Director of project group ‘D.Studio’

7. A.M. Akanov - Director of Kazakhstan Press Club

8. A.V. Ivzhenko - Co-founder of Ltd Company ‘Basir Design Group’, chief architect


Speciality ‘Construction’

1. T. Zh. Akberdin - councillor, ITC  PА KazGOR

2. S.E. Erzhanov – Candidate of engineering Science, Deputy General Director for Science ‘KAZNRISCA’

3. S.G. Esmukanov - First Deputy General Director of JSC ‘Imstalkon’

4. J.B. Sadvakassov - Chairman of the Association of Builders of Kazakhstan

5. T. Imanov - Deputy Director of Ltd Company ‘Silk Classic Trans’

6. I.S. Evdokov - Deputy General Director of Ltd Company ‘AVS Engineering’

7.  G.A. Karashasheva - Director of IE ‘Karashasheva’

                    Speciality ‘Production of building materials, products and designs’

2. M.T. Zhuginisov - Professor of KazNRTU  named after K. Satbayev, Doctor in Engineering  Science

3. K.A. Akmalaev - Professor of KazNRTU  named after K. Satbayev, Doctor in Engineering; Science, Corresponding Member of NRA of the Republic of Kazakhstan

4. S.B. Orynbekov - Academy of evaluation, Candidate of Engineering Science, Associate Professor

5. Z.A. Estemesov - Director of Ltd Company ‘Tselsim’, Professor

6. S.A. Ganina - Chief engineer of JSC ‘Remstroytekhnika’

7. G.K. Koshkombayeva - Chief engineer of Ltd Company ‘Temіrconcrete’


Speciality ‘Technology of wood processing and wood products’ (on fields of application)

1. N. I. Tishakova - Chief technologist of Ltd Company ‘BMG Engineering’ 

2. N. V. Boldyreva –Site  manager of Ltd Company  ‘Mercur dom Ltd’

3. A.K. Bayekenov - General director  of Ltd Company  ‘Baikal’

4. M. V. Kamluk - Chief engineer of Ltd Company  ‘LIK’

5. N. S. Nazarenko - Chief technologist of Ltd Company  ‘Reiz Group’

6. O. B. Zhaysanbayev -  Head of department of private limited company MAK ‘Gorstroy’


Speciality ‘Civil Engineering (EM)’, ‘Economics’, ‘Account and audit’

1. Zh.B. Saudakasov - Executive director of the Association of builders of Kazakhstan

2. A.A. Sultangazin - Vice-President  of JSC NHC ‘Almatykurylys’

3. N. V. Safargaliyeva–  Ltd Company  ‘Tsent audit’, specialist for accounting

4. B. Turtkarin - Head of the Department of management of NHC ‘Almatykurylys’


Speciality ‘Geodesy and Cartography’, ‘Geodesy’

1. A.T. Dzhasbayev– Chief engineer of the Republican State Enterprise  ‘National Mapping and Cadastral Foundation’

2. L.L. Zhalilov - Sales director of geodetic devices of firm ‘Leica’

3. I.B. Teneltayev - deputy head of demarcation and delimitation of state boundary service of the Republic of Kazakhstan

4. B. Zh. Zholai - Director of State Enterprise ‘Westgeodesy’

5. A.T. Aymenov - Director of the Republican State Enterprise ‘National Mapping and Cadastral Foundation’