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The library of the IOC begins a series of meetings «Personality of the Highly Valorous life Trajectory» about eminent teachers of KasGASA and KAU, with a view to popularizing and propagating scientific activity from the labors of students.

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Our Faculty is considered as young – it was established only about seven years ago, but for this short period of time it got the best reputation in the Republic. This opinion was created due to good job of the teachers and talents of our students, they are visible examples of rather high level of performing course works and diploma projects.  

In order to demonstrate them to our students as academic study guides and for participation in  competitions and exhibitions the Faculty works permanently to determine and select the best student works. The majority of these works are course and diploma  projects of middle and  senior courses. Project boards are located in study rooms and halls, and also exhibition halls 505 and 515 of the faculty. Moreover, the best academic and creative drawings, art works, models and etc. are selected for placing in exhibition halls, rooms and separate stands.

The Academy annualy conducts the republican competitions of diploma works of various specialties and our faculty regularly participates in them. Each such competition adds to the faculty certificates and diploma for the first places taken by our students-graduates.

Besides these projects annually take part in international and regional exhibitions conducted in different cities and countries – Turkey, Armenia, Russia, For example, in 2011 in Erevan (Armenia) in competition of the best diploma projects under supervision of МООСАО the works of our students-graduates took the following places:

Diploma of the 1st grade  - monographic of А. Т. Akhmedova “Interior projecting”.

Diplomas of the 1st grade  - the following projects:

1. “Design-program of subject and space environment of the city building in conditions of Almaty city”.

Author: Т. Е. Ibragimova, scientific supervisor acad., PhD А. Т. Akhmedova;

2. “Environment concept of adventurous cinema”.

Author: S.V. Yun, scientific supervisor acad., PhD А. R. Sabitov.

3. “Concept of adventurous cinema on historical theme by novel of Yermek Tursunov “Mamlyuk” G. М. Sadykova, scientific supervisor acad., PhD E.E. Usembayeva.

4. “Subject and space environment of SPA-complex in the mountains”

Author: А. А. Adletova, scientific supervisor assistant to professor E.I. Zolotukhina.


Diplomas of the 2nd grade  - the following projects:

1. “Subject & space environment of small-building residence building “EVO” on the base of module building ”

Author: А. H. Takenova, scientific supervisor associate professor  G. О. Abikeyeva

2. “Concept of environment organization of adventurous cinema”,

Author: С. Lipskiy, scientific supervisor acad. PhD А. R. Sabitov

3. “ Subject & space environment of resort zone in Issyk-Kul lake”

Author: А. Т. Suyunbayev, scientific supervisor acad. PhD. E.E. Usembayeva.

4. “Short movie  in video art style using combined filming”,

Author: К. А. Nurmanov, scientific supervisor acad. PhD А. R. Sabitov

5. “ Subject & space environment of modern design center”,

Author: D.S. Severova, scientific supervisor assistant to professor N.N. Turekhanov.

Diplomas of the  III grade – the following projects:

1. “Subject & space environment of social building. Museum of time”

Author: Z.T. Ibrayeva, scientific supervisor acad. PhD А. R. Sabitov


2. “ Subject & space environment of social & entertainment center”

Author: А. Lozovskiy, scientific supervisor associate professor L.R. Turganbayeva.


In spring 2012 during opening of Republic Palace (after repair works and restoration), hall was decorated by works of the best young art designers of our city and republic, diploma projects of our graduates took decent places among them.