The Association of Colleges in Almaty


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The Association of Colleges in Almaty

  The college at KazGASA has been cooperating with the Association of Colleges in Almaty for several years. The Association of Colleges with the Chamber of Entrepreneurs in Almaty provides services such as consultations for the college attestation, conducts meetings on the issues of testing the Prosecutor General's Office and makes proposals to the expert department for reviewing the legal and regulatory documents of the TVE in the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. There are changes and adjustments to the regulatory Documentation with the wishes and suggestions of colleges.


"Member of the Association":

• participates in the work of methodological associations on disciplines;

• participates in events organized by the "Association", as well as they can be initiative from their organization;

• makes proposals on improving the work of the Association and takes part in their discussion;

• get acquainted with the programs, developments, projects carried out by the Association and make specific proposals for their improvement;

• has access to the means of communication and information of the "Association";

• has the opportunity to purchase a set of educational and program documents with a 50% discount.

          • Director, deputies of directors, methodologists of colleges, members of the Association can attend free courses of professional development during the academic year. Holds "Fairs of innovative pedagogical technologies", competitions of scientific works, subject olympiads, exhibitions of technical creativity, reviews - competitions of amateur performances, sports days among students and teachers;

         The College at KazGASA since 2002 is the basic educational institution of technical and vocational education in the direction "Development of innovative technologies in the teaching and educational process." according to the certificate issued by the Association of Colleges of Almaty.