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On November 8, 2018, KazGASA teams participated in the open city robotics competition "DIGITAL POLYTECH"!!!

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Dear Asiya Saidovna, we sincerely congratulate you on a significant date and wish you good health, tireless energy, indefatigable vitality, and more and more new victories in the implementation of creative plans, luck and well-being!

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24 delegates from four Central Asian countries - Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, participating in Tempus TuCAHEA, visited Rome, Pisa and Groningen for series of meetings, workshops and training sessions from June14 to June 22 in 2014. The event took place in the University of Pisa, University of Groningen (Netherlands), Tuning Academy and Ministry of Italian Universities and Research (MIUR). 


    In Rome, it was a meeting on logistics project under the guidance of Ann Catherine Isaacs and a round table where it was a meeting with the head of Higher Education Division MIUR, Dr. Daniele Livon. He told about the priorities of higher education during the presidency of Italy at European Parliament and for European Higher Education.

There was an interactive discussion with members of the group of Bologna process (BFUG) Dr. Martsia Foroni and experts of ECTS / DS Maria Stikki Damiani, Ann Catherine Isaacs (+ Project Coordinator, Erasmus Ambassador +).


     During the visit, the representatives of ministries of education and sciences of the countries represented in TuCAHEA (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) signed the communique in intensifying cooperation to improve quality and visibility of their university systems in a global context. The signing ceremony took place in Rome at Italian Ministry (“Crystal Hall”) in the morning June 16, 2014 in presence of the General Director for Universities, Daniele Livon and the members of Italian Group of Bologna process (BFUG).

There were such seminars as “Quality tools for mobility, visibility, recognition: ECHE / Erasmus Charter for Higher Education and principles of ECHE”, “sign ECTS / DS”, course catalogue “ECTS”, on the concept of qualification frameworks (Prof. Ann Katherine Isaacs), "Credit and ratio of loans: view to the world”, “ECTS and system credits based on the calculation of student’s workload: its use as a tool for quality and “The ratio of loans, competence and learning outcomes in a qualification framework and profiles of specialization  programs" (Prof., Director Tuning Academy, Robert Vagenaar).

Training sessions: to develop a course catalogue  for online - an European standard; work on meta-profiles, situation reviews on pilot student mobility of project and mobility according  to Erasmus + program, preparation for participation in Erasmus +.

January 30th 2015 was a workshop for faculty members to develop project "Towards a Central Asian Higher Education Area: Tuning Structures and Building Quality Culture“ (TuCAHEA). Project Coordinator IEС docent B. Abilova  spoke on "Methodology and approaches Tuning in teaching, learning and assessment". The seminar discussed the application of the methodological principles and approaches of developing educational programs of engineering specialties, work programs and teaching methods. The Adviser of the President on SMW, highly qualified and experienced scientist, one of the authors of the monograph "Credit system of education in Kazakhstan: theory, methodology, practice and lessons learned" (2011), S.S. Karpykov gave valuable advice on the development of the project at the academy, the implementation of the project due to other studies.










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