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SRWS Specialties

 College students annually participate in research projects under the guidance of leaders - instructors of basic and specialized courses, participate in student conferences with reports on various relevant topics related to the problems of architecture and construction.

























Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan

International Education Corporation


on Summary of Republican Scientific Students Conference

"Student and science: a look into the future"


April 26, 27, 2012                                                                                           



Kozbagarova N.Z., d.arh, dean of FA academic, professor of FA:

Glaudine B.A., d.arh, academic, professor of FA.

Kisamedin G.M., d.arh, academic, professor of FA.

Tuyakaeva AK, c. arh. associated professor FA.

Shaprova G.G., associated professor FA

Muhamedshakirova S. A., associated professor FA

Sadvokasova G.K., associated professor FA


Ostapenko I. I., professor assistant, FA


The results of the plenary session of the twelfth annual conference of the Republican student.

"Student and science: a look into the future"  

Place taken                   

Surname and initials of the student


Surname, initials,

Degree of scientific supervisor

Report theme



2nd place


Almabekov R.

 Dep. Of Arch. -10-4




Mantaridi O. V., professor assistant of FA

Report theme

 "Designing of digital architecture"


3rd place

Zhakeyeva M. O.  Dep. Of Arch 10-3



Ostapenko I. I.,  professor assistant of FA

Report theme

 "Forming a unified geo-economic space in Almaty"

Among reports recommended for publication the best ones were selected:

Khayrullin A., Dep. Of Arch -10-4, "The lines of the second order. Their meaning and application", head - Mantaridi O.V., FA.


Tushina L., Dep. Of Arch -09-2, "Typological and classification features of public facilities types of restaurants," head - Ostapenko I.I., FA.