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Attention! A competition for studies for the second semester of the academic year is announced (from March 2018 to July 2018)

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On October 9-10 at the Institute of Architecture and Art of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan the International Scientific Conference on the topic "Islamic Art in the 21st Century:

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Seminars, events, competitions

       On November 21st, 2016 students of College by KazGASA visited the Center of creative and physical development for disabled children and youth “ARDI” – Association of parents of children with disabilities together with advisors.

Our students took part in the event “We are fellows of Independence of Kazakhstan - 25 good actions”, which started on May 10, 2016. The children and their parents were donated tickets for concert of folk orchestra named after Kurmangazy. The concert will be held on November 23rd, 2016 at the Palace of Republic.



        On the November 3, 2016 it was organized meeting with famous culture worker of Russia, laureate of international competitions, a multiple winner in the show "Dancing with the stars" Evgeny Papunaishvili  in the Winter garden of KazGASA. The meeting in the format of "Dialogue with an audience." was held with students of architecture and civil engineering and students of the College at KazGASA. Guests from Russia, among which is Adviser of the FA ROSSOTRUDNICHESTVO Lazgieava L.S were very surprised by the creativity of our students.































































   29.10.16   Students of college by KazGasa took part in municipal clean-up event on the 29th of October , 2016
























On the 29th of October  2016 students of college by KazGasa took part in honouring of referons  of special forces unit  117 which   was commonded by Kerimbayev Boris  Tukenovich 


Team of freshmen, students of college by KazGASA under the direction of student’s leader Katnova Elina showed an interesting performance at the event dedication to students. They were the whole in their desire to be perfect in an performance. 



























On May 17-18, 2016 inSt. Petersburg took place the II International competition of creative builders “ProfMasterOK”, which united under its aegis 24 participants from Russia, Finland and Kazakhstan.

Representatives of “College at KazGASA” (Almaty, Kazakhstan), Technology College (Veliky Novgorod), “Metrostroy College” (St. Petersburg), Construction College of. Professor N.E.  Zhukovsky (Bryansk), College of Technology and Entrepreneurship named V.A. Rusanov (Orel), “PetroStroyServise” College (St. Petersburg), as well as financial and professional colleges TREDU (Tampere) and SAMPO (Lappeenranta) arrived to participate in the competition. On the first day of the competition participants waited for a professional stage, where they had to compete in tile laying. And the next day they already demonstrated their creative talents.

At the end of the first day the winner was D. Filatov (Technology College, Veliky Novgorod); the second place went to D. Grishin (College of construction industry and municipal economy), and the 3 place went to A. Mikhailova (College at KazGASA, Almaty).

As for the creative stage the winner was O. Alexeyeva (College of construction industry and municipal economy), the second place went to A. Zhumatayeva (College at KazGASA), and the third place went to D. Grishin (College of construction industry and municipal economy).





















 In the evening in the Concert Hall “U Finlyandskogo” took place a full house gala concert, where the best creative acts of participants and colorful floral defile were again shown.

Three winners of each stage were awarded cups and absolute winners (by the sum of points) were D. Grishin (1 place, College of construction industry and municipal economy), A. Mikhailova (2 place, College at KazGASA) and O. Alexeyeva (3 place, College of construction industry and municipal economy). In addition to cups they were presented with valuable gifts.

 Day of memory of soldiers-internationalists

















 According to the city plan "1000th anniversary of Almaty - 1000 good deeds", students at the College of KazGASA 02.26.2016 held a charity event for the Almaty City Veterans Home. They organized a music concert and a tea party for veterans, presented souvenirs.

































The 06th of March 2016  in order to promote healthy lifestyles and leisure organization among the students living in the home students KazGASA in the gym  of KazGASA was held volleyball competitions. The 7 teams participated in the competition. The first place was taken by students of college at AKC, second place - students of the Faculty of General construction, the third place- students of college at KazGASA from Afghanistan. The winners were awarded with valuable prizes and diplomas. 























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