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On the 8the of September, 2018 students of KazGASA college K(Arch)-18-1*, K(Arch)-18-4*, K(Arch)-18-5 as well as their advisers Karybaeva G.A., Kushkarov E.Sh.

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Within the framework of the delegation's visit of scientists from the Hachinohe Institute of Technology (Hachinohe, Japan) to our academy headed by President Akira Hasegawa and Chairman of the Board of Directors Toshimichi Yanagiya is scheduled to organize a meeting in the ACH on June 18 at 10:00 and to hold a seminar on "Issues of geotechnical construction for large cities"

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Seminars, events, competitions

On the 9th of February the first year KazGASA college students  organized literary and musical event Bugin menin  tugan kunym, oy pale-ay ... within the framework of the President N.A. Nazarbayev’s  message ‘Rukhani zhangyry’ which was dedicated to  the birthday of the great Kazakh poet Mukagali Makatayev under the guidance of Kazakh language and literature teacher Nukeyeva A.M.

Guests of the literary and musical event were the poet, member of the Writers' Union of KZ Abubakir Kairan and folk singer Zholaman Kuzhimanov. The students participated in the literary and musical event  actively,  talked to the guests and expressed warm wishes.



Сompetition «Autumn Ball»

On Friday, November 19, was held traditional holiday «Autumn Ball» in the college at the KazLAACE. The winter garden was decorated by students. They made wall newspapers and autumn leaves, trying to create a real autumn festive atmosphere.

All participants of the contest had to express themselves and take part in contests: "Poster", "Flashmob", "The Mistiest Number", "Costumes", "Dish" and present to the judges, which included the director G. Seydullaeva, deputy Director of the college for AW Ostapenko I.I, deputy director for EW Nusipaliev N.S, psychologist and methodologist of the college. All participants came in autumn dresses, prepared the numbers of amateur performances, thanks to this holiday turned out bright, colorful, fervent. It should be noted that warm support, which the contestants were given numerous fans.

Each group was unique and specially prepared. In the competition called «The most funny number», students of our group demonstrated their acting skills. Therefore, this number was requested by the judge. In our nomination «The most funny number» our team was awarded a diploma.

Our group received the nomination "The most funny number". For the nomination the group was given a cake and a certificate of honor.

As a result of the competition, students:

1 place- KDiz-17-1

2 place- KArkh-17-7


3 place- KArkh-17-6.




The world of balls is an event where in the sky amazing and simply a lot of beautiful balloons rise. At the event, I was able to get together with my friends thanks to the College at KazGASA. I was happy as a child, seeing huge balls that flew over my head. Unfortunately, due to bad weather, we could not fly them.


But without this at the event there were many more interesting things. We had a snack in one of the zones intended for eating. After that we were able to go through the whole "Almaty Arena". This place is very beautiful. After sitting there all day, we were not upset that we could not fly because we had a good time in each other's company. Also we could buy souvenirs, which would remind us of this day. The world of balls is an amazing event that I was able to visit!






October 23, 2017


On October 6, 2017, an official dedication for new students was held in KazGASA. Our goal was to introduce freshmen to students from other courses and to give them the opportunity to prove themselves. To their tasks, the participants reacted very responsibly, like real professionals. It was interesting to observe the whole process of preparation. Every time we went to the basement, we realized that we would encounter something unexpected.
Initially, these were pieces of papers scattered in various places for the preparation of scenery, then cutting fabrics, cardboard and any improvised means into which the improvised models were wrapped, and before the exit the actors struck us with their transformation. Make-up was superimposed so qualitatively that it was difficult to find your friends among the bright company of the participants.


The event was held at the highest level. The spectators were satisfied, received a positive charge for the whole evening, could enjoy a friendly atmosphere and appreciated the performances of each group. On behalf of the college at KazGASA, we congratulate the participants with a well-done work and wish them an excellent education. We hope that you will continue to please us with your successes.




The students of сАrh-17-1* of college by KazGASA with their tutor visited the museum Almaty.

Museum of Almaty was founded in 2001. It has become a major scientific and cultural center representing the entire gamut of historical and cultural heritage of the Zhetysu region. The museum collection consists of more than 35 thousand exhibits, including works of art, a unique collection of Kazakh ethnography and ethnographical materials of the peoples of today's Almaty, the collection of household items from different ages and cultures, as well as various coins, photos and documents.


Museum staff answered all visitors' questions. The event was followed by photography of youth on the background of the exhibits.




Role and place of the training officer

in training of highly qualified personnel


     In the project of the state program of development of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on 2016-2020 the tasks of increase in prestige of a profession of the teacher and improvement of qualitative structure of pedagogical personnel, strengthening of their potential in technical and professional education are set.

     For the history professional education has taken place a difficult way. The new century has brought the changes: optimization, reforming, transition to new educational standards. But, despite of all difficulties, the system of technical and professional education continues its historical mission – training of qualified personnel for the country.

     The analysis of main types of work of the modern worker allows to make the conclusion that any of them can't successfully be carried out without special preparation. The most relevant in professional education is not assimilation of a certain sum of knowledge, but personal qualities of the graduate, his knowledge in various fields of science, skill to communicate, modern type of thinking, responsibility in decision-making today. 

Modern life demands from the graduate of the key competences created at him at rather high level which are the cornerstone of high-quality mastering a profession. Inservice training in professionally – technical educational institution is systematically organized process of joint activity of the master as teacher and students, directed to mastering the studying professional knowledge, skills and abilities corresponding to the modern level of the equipment and the production technology on education at pupils of moral qualities of the worker, development of their intellectual and physical forces and abilities.    

     The training officer is a teacher of a profession and the tutor of future workers. His main task — to provide training of the competitive workers having profound professional knowledge and skills, able to apply creatively them and to master the new equipment and technology.

     In modern conditions training in educational institution and training at the enterprise aren't alternative, and are designed to be complementary.

     On November 24 on the basis of the Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering together with the Ministry of Education and Science of RK, NAO «Kasipkor» Holding, “KNAUF Plaster Kapchagay. The Enterprises with participation of DEG LLP” will be held the Republican seminar meeting at which the role and the place of the training officer in training of highly qualified personnel will be discussed.

In the work of the seminar-meeting is planned participation of 110 people from all Kazakhstan: Department of education of Astana and Almaty areas, representatives of National chamber of businessmen; representatives of association of construction branch; chairmen of the board of directors of area; directors of colleges; the best training officers from regions; social partners.


Seminar meeting purpose: discussion of a modern role and the place of the training officer in the conditions of realization of two-level model of training in the system of technical and professional education.

Problems of a seminar meeting:

  - value of vocational training in educational process at module - competence-based approach;

  - exchange and synthesis of the best pedagogical practices of training officers;

 - broadcast of work of the best training officers;

 - ways of increase in effective activity of training officers.  


            Following the results of Republican seminar meeting recommendations about improvement standardly – legal base on inservice training, on increase in prestige of pedagogical activity of the training officer will be developed.     

 On November 21st, 2016 students of College by KazGASA visited the Center of creative and physical development for disabled children and youth “ARDI” – Association of parents of children with disabilities together with advisors.

Our students took part in the event “We are fellows of Independence of Kazakhstan - 25 good actions”, which started on May 10, 2016. The children and their parents were donated tickets for concert of folk orchestra named after Kurmangazy. The concert will be held on November 23rd, 2016 at the Palace of Republic.



        On the November 3, 2016 it was organized meeting with famous culture worker of Russia, laureate of international competitions, a multiple winner in the show "Dancing with the stars" Evgeny Papunaishvili  in the Winter garden of KazGASA. The meeting in the format of "Dialogue with an audience." was held with students of architecture and civil engineering and students of the College at KazGASA. Guests from Russia, among which is Adviser of the FA ROSSOTRUDNICHESTVO Lazgieava L.S were very surprised by the creativity of our students.































































   29.10.16   Students of college by KazGasa took part in municipal clean-up event on the 29th of October , 2016
























On the 29th of October  2016 students of college by KazGasa took part in honouring of referons  of special forces unit  117 which   was commonded by Kerimbayev Boris  Tukenovich 


Team of freshmen, students of college by KazGASA under the direction of student’s leader Katnova Elina showed an interesting performance at the event dedication to students. They were the whole in their desire to be perfect in an performance. 



























On May 17-18, 2016 inSt. Petersburg took place the II International competition of creative builders “ProfMasterOK”, which united under its aegis 24 participants from Russia, Finland and Kazakhstan.

Representatives of “College at KazGASA” (Almaty, Kazakhstan), Technology College (Veliky Novgorod), “Metrostroy College” (St. Petersburg), Construction College of. Professor N.E.  Zhukovsky (Bryansk), College of Technology and Entrepreneurship named V.A. Rusanov (Orel), “PetroStroyServise” College (St. Petersburg), as well as financial and professional colleges TREDU (Tampere) and SAMPO (Lappeenranta) arrived to participate in the competition. On the first day of the competition participants waited for a professional stage, where they had to compete in tile laying. And the next day they already demonstrated their creative talents.

At the end of the first day the winner was D. Filatov (Technology College, Veliky Novgorod); the second place went to D. Grishin (College of construction industry and municipal economy), and the 3 place went to A. Mikhailova (College at KazGASA, Almaty).

As for the creative stage the winner was O. Alexeyeva (College of construction industry and municipal economy), the second place went to A. Zhumatayeva (College at KazGASA), and the third place went to D. Grishin (College of construction industry and municipal economy).





















 In the evening in the Concert Hall “U Finlyandskogo” took place a full house gala concert, where the best creative acts of participants and colorful floral defile were again shown.

Three winners of each stage were awarded cups and absolute winners (by the sum of points) were D. Grishin (1 place, College of construction industry and municipal economy), A. Mikhailova (2 place, College at KazGASA) and O. Alexeyeva (3 place, College of construction industry and municipal economy). In addition to cups they were presented with valuable gifts.

 Day of memory of soldiers-internationalists

















 According to the city plan "1000th anniversary of Almaty - 1000 good deeds", students at the College of KazGASA 02.26.2016 held a charity event for the Almaty City Veterans Home. They organized a music concert and a tea party for veterans, presented souvenirs.

































The 06th of March 2016  in order to promote healthy lifestyles and leisure organization among the students living in the home students KazGASA in the gym  of KazGASA was held volleyball competitions. The 7 teams participated in the competition. The first place was taken by students of college at AKC, second place - students of the Faculty of General construction, the third place- students of college at KazGASA from Afghanistan. The winners were awarded with valuable prizes and diplomas. 























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