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On May 16, 2018 «Design of building structures using the LIRA-SAPR software package: version 2018» seminar was held at KazGASA for teachers and students of the Academy as well as for members of the largest design companies – engineers and architects from Almaty, Shymkent, Taraz and another cities of Kazakhstan.

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IAAR (Independent agency for accredation and rating) 2018 by prize places

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Seminars, conferences, contests FOENP

Dear teacher!

Congratulations on your Teacher’s Day and we invite you to take part in intellectual and entertaining show “Teacher of the XXI Century” , which will be held on 09/29/2017 in Kazakh State Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering (in Winter Garden at 3.00 p.m.)

Please fill out the application form and prepare brief self-presentation “I am a teacher of the XXI century” (presentation – 2-3 minutes)


Your contacts 87777025522 ,




This Olympiad s a good opportunity for high school  students to demonstrate their abilities, check uneven knowledge in the disciplines, as well as to understand their professional inclinations. The event ended with the awarding ceremony Participants received certificates, help annually subject Olympiads allow for qualitative selection in high school, helping students determine the modern choice of profession it is important to get a good education at a decent price.



Описание: МОК



Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and civil engineering

Описание: КазГАСА лого


  "The innovative concept of improvement of the microclimate and technologies to reduce energy consumption

for the best research project

1.                   1

Time spending

17 October to 27 November 2016

2.                   2

Место проведения

The Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty,

IOC (Kazakh Leading Academy of Architectural - civil engineering (KazGASA)

3.                   3

Organizers of the contest

ü             Section "Building Physics" of the Faculty of the total natural-scientific training.

ü             Representation company URSA Eurasia in Kazakhstan

4.                   4


Students and college students of architectural, construction and engineering universities, young designers from design organizations.


Expert commission

The collegial body formed from a number of experts (experts) to assess the project participants of the contest and determine the winners and the winner of the competition.


The purpose of the contest

Contribution to the training of highly skilled builders and architects, engineers in collaboration.

• Increased knowledge and skills in matters of thermal protection of buildings, energy conservation and the maintenance of the optimal parameters of the microclimate,

·                     • Identification of gifted and talented students and young designers, the creative activity of the development and attraction to scientific activity.


Objective of the project

Modernization of existing building facilities to offer a package of measures (design solutions or components, plans, diagrams, drawings, calculations, aimed at improving the design and engineering solutions reconstructed building and the introduction of innovations have termomodernizatsionnyh complete character.

Modernization of production processes to reduce energy consumption in industrial complexes and improving the comfort of jobs.


Project objectives

§   Design walling, providing the required parameters and quality of habitat;

§   Develop projects to predict and improve the means of heat and moisture protection and maintenance of indoor climate;

§   Create a comfortable environment in the room with minimum energy consumption;


Place the intended project (city, region)

The Republic of Kazakhstan.

 Requirements for research provided by the Competition

• The work must be presented on plates the size of 120 * 150 cm (line-up of rice in pdf format available on the website)

• work is represented in the Kazakh and Russian languages.

• in the explanatory memorandum (volume-no more than 4 pages.) Should be covered seq. items:

1. Urgency and social importance of the project - the feasibility of the chosen theme of the social impact of the project in the development of the region, the number of opened jobs.

2. Novelty and innovative component of the project - the originality, uniqueness, no analogues.

3. Innovative concepts to improve climate - the concept of the required parameters of the microclimate and the measures to achieve and maintain.

4. Energy Saving Concept - possession participants knowledge about the basic concepts of energy conservation law of RK Ecological and economical use of renewable energy manipulation of thermal parameters of building materials

5. Engineering part - technical study and design of engineering solutions.

6. Estimated part - ownership of the participants knowledge about the basics of thermal protection and energy saving methods and calculations.

7. The graphical part - preparation of plans, elevations, section.

8. The economic impact -zatraty project payback.

9 Marketing part - ownership of the participants knowledge about the market potential analogues consumers.

10. Presentation of the - the ability to present their party's project to potential investors.

 Applications to provide no later than 28 oktyarya. 21.28 on October 15. 00 in 348 aud. Seminars - the announcement of the competition.

  The winners are awarded with diplomas and prizes.

  Contact details:8 777 702 55 22,   8(727) 309-62-43, e-mail:


 The methodical seminar of the associated professor, сcandidate of technical sciences, Sydykova D. K. took place  on subject:

‘Methods of teaching discipline ‘Mathematics’ taking into account specialty’


The scheduled methodical seminar took place at the department.

Questions of application of the skills acquired on occupations of mathematics are considered at the seminar.

One of effective methods of teaching discipline is the evident image and representation of a solvable task, success and result is only this way achieved. Therefore to interest students to studying of disciplines, depending on specialty, students prepare projects of houses and industrial buildings or various constructions.

In projects students actively apply mathematical calculations and computer programmy complexes.











Complex knowledge of disciplines of ‘Mathematics’, ‘Physics’, ‘Computer graphics’, ‘Engineering graphics’ and many others are necessary for future designers.

Numerous examples from engineering mechanics and physics with specific applied objectives of the construction and economic direction were given.


The international scientific and methodical conference

‘Modern concepts of natural sciences and information technologies’ took place

on the 21st January, 2016.


At the department of the general  natural-scientific training took place the annual international scientific and methodical conference ‘Modern Concepts of Natural Sciences and Information Technologies’ on  the 21st  of January, 2016.



The participants of the conference worked in 3 sections: "Modern concepts of physics and mathematics", "Innovations in information technologies", "Physical culture and sport".

The colleagues from Tomsk, St. Petersburg, Istanbul and Bishkek participated at the conference. Theses of reports were published in conference information package.

The participants of the conference worked in 3 sections: "Modern concepts of physics and mathematics", "Innovations in information technologies", "Physical culture and sport".

The colleagues from Tomsk, St. Petersburg, Istanbul and Bishkek participated at the conference. Theses of reports were published in conference information package.


Next stage of the city competition "Innovative Concepts of Improvement of a Microclimate and Technology of Reduction of Energy Consumption"  


      We invite to participate in a competition "Luminous intensity"


The final of a competition will take place on April 14, 2016 at a fair of graduates.

 Winners are determined by each nomination, results of work will be presented in the form of the light decision:

1. interior (natural, artificial: lighting, svetoregulirovaniye, solnezashchita, interior, innovations) rooms of different function (audience, entrance zone, recreation, television station of KAZGASA);

2. exterior (light publicizing of actions, reconstruction of the area, light city architecture or certain buildings) domestic space (KAZGASA, residential area of Almaty);

3. installations (light compositions, installations, lamps, the shining small forms).

The assessment of competitive work will be carried out by the following criteria:

independence degree in work performance, an architectural image, the created atmosphere, functionality, universality, safety, originality, environmental friendliness, profitability, energy efficiency.

For protection of the work or the project in the Competition final participants need to prepare evident materials, schemes, calculations, drawings or models (in the form of the poster, a poster or the model).

The summary to work due to contain сл. Points


Surname, name



Contact phones, e-mail



Surname, name, middle name of the research supervisor






Name of work