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June 17 marked the 80th anniversary of the Honorary Professor of the Department of General Civil Engineering of the IOC (KazGASA), Candidate of Technical Sciences, Sergazy Ospanovich Ospanov.

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The results of the Republican subject Olympiad in KazGASA IEC


On 6 April, 2017 on the basis of KazGASA the Republican subject Olympiad on specializations of "Architecture of residential and public buildings" and "Urban Planning" among undergraduate students of 3-4th years of architectural universities of Kazakhstan was held.

The main goal of the Olympiad is to demonstrate professional skills, creativity, to enable students to express themselves and apply the acquired knowledge and skills. Traditionally, the Olympiad was attended by students from such universities as KazATU named after S.Seifullin, EKSTU named after D.Serikbayev, Caspian Public University, SKSU named after M. Auezov, Taraz State University named after M. Kh. Dulati, Innovative University of Eurasia, ENU named after Gumilev.

The program of the Olympiad included the execution of a creative task in the format of a design sketch (clausura).

Among the students of the 3rd year the diploma of the I degree was awarded to a student of KazATU named after S.Seifullin, Makpal Nabiyeva, diplomas of II degree to a  student of KazGASA IEC Temirkhon Shadybekov and a student of EKSTU named after D.Sekirbayev Serik Seyitkhanov, diplomas of the III degree were awarded to KazGASA IEC students Altynay Maxim and Gaukhar Baktybaeva, as well as a student of KazATU named after S.Seifullin Bekzat Adykhanova. Among the students of the 4th year  on the specialization of "Architecture of residential and public buildings", the I degree diploma was awarded to the student of KazGASA IEC Ibragim Mustanov, the diplomas of the II degree were awarded to the student of KazGASA IEC, Botagoz Shabdenova, the student of KazATU named after S.Seifullin Nadezhda Polozova, a diploma of the III degree to the student of KazATU named after S.Seifullin, Anastasia Khitrik. Among the students of the 4th year on the specialization of "Urban Planning" diploma of I degree was awarded to the student of KazGASA IEC Khassen Zhassim, a diploma of the II degree went to the student of KazATU named after S.Seifullin Damir Tokpanov, diplomas of III degree went to the students of KazGASA IEC Madiyar Dyussengaliyev and Azamat Ondabayev.

Also, works of the following students were marked by honorable diplomas from "Almatygiprogor" and "GRADO" LLP: Bekzat Adykhanova, Makpal Nabiyeva, Ibragim Mustanov, Tansholpan Zhandarbekova, Zhumzhan Darybayeva, Anastasia Kassimova, Ayim Akhmetzhanova, Gabit Duisenkhan, Nursultan Sailaubayev, Zhaina Tulegen.


In total, 52 students from 8 universities of Kazakhstan took part in the Olympiad.


Scientific internship of undergraduates-architects EKSTU named after. D. Serkibaev in IEC (campus of KazGASA, Faculty of Architecture)

On March 17, 2017 the dean of FA Iskhodzhanova G., the deputy dean Atagulovа R. and the director of IIAE at KazGASA Estеmеsova A. presented the certificates of IEC (KazGASA) about the successful completion of scientific internship in the specialty 6M04200 "Architecture" to two undergraduates-architects students of the EKSTU named after. D. Serkibaev to A. Getmansky and K. Murenkova. The scientific internship was conducted under the leadership of the doc. аrch., prof. Kozbagarova N. аnd the doc. аrch., prof. Baytenov E.

Magistrates of the EKSTU named after. D. Serkibaev attended lectures and practical classes conducted in the specialty 6M04200 "Architecture" (scientific and pedagogical direction) in accordance with the individual work plan. They got acquainted with the library of the IEC (KazGASA) and with the scientific and technical achievements of the faculty. The scientific advisors of the FA acquainted themselves with the materials of the research of undergraduates, gave them scientific and practical recommendations on the topics of the thesis.


After completion of the internship, undergraduates Getmansky A.  and Murenkova K. were presented with memorable gifts from the Faculty as a bibliographic book of the outstanding architect of the Republic of Kazakhstan A.K. Kapanova. But the most important result of scientific training, of course, was the fruitful exchange of scientific ideas between the two well-known architectural universities of Kazakhstan.




The Higher Architectural School should prepare broad-minded specialists who clearly knows tasks and perspectives of their future activity having high knowledge level and creative skills and able to find specialization in any architecture area. Preparation process of architect is very closely connected to rational selection of academic information volume with architectural  projecting as a core discipline of architectural education.

For the first time in Kazakhstan, in 2002  KazGASA opened specialized committee on defending dissertation for architecture candidate degree. It included 12 leading scientists of KazakhstanKyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Dissertation defense was done on specialty 18.00.01 – “Theory and history of architecture, restoration and reconstruction of historical and architectural heritage”.

In December 2004 complete committee on dissertation defense was established for of architecture doctorate degree. Opening of specialized committees on defense of candidate and doctorate dissertations provides new opportunities for further scientific potential growth of Academy and the Republic in overall concerning architecture and urban development areas.

In 2008 KazGASA received the license for PhD education on “Architecture” specialty.

Scientific potential: quantitative and qualitative faculty structure

- The persons having a scientific degree of the doctor of sciences - 8 people, including: B.A.Glaudinov, M. B. Glaudinova, E.M. Bajtenov, N.Z. Kozbagarova, K.I. Samojlov, C.G. Kossmeridi, G.S. Abdrassilova, A.S.Galimzhanova

- Representation in National academy of sciences RK, National engineering academy RK - 1 people (B.A. Glaudinov, member-correspondent of National engineering academy).

- Representation in other academies, associations etc. - 1 people (B.A. Glaudinov, the International academy of architecture of the countries of the East).


On the basis of faculty scientific works in following directions are conducted:

1. «Theoretical aspects of optimization of moving and an inhabitancy of the population in the conditions of a large city of Kazakhstan»; Supervisor of studies - B.A. Glaudinov, Doctor of Arch, academic professor.; executors - G.K. Sadvokassova, Phd, assoc.professor.; A.S. Espenbet, Phd, assoc.professor.; A.Kh. Kebirov, assistant prof.; A.M. Mukhadiev, assistant prof.

2. «Working out of principles of the regional architecturally-landscape organization of territory of city and country settlements»; Supervisor of studies - N.Zh. Kozbagarova, Doctor of Arch, academic professor.; executor - I.I. Ostapenko, Master of design, assistant prof.,

3. «Formation of the architecturally-spatial environment of settlements taking into account regional features of Kazakhstan»; Supervisor of studies - G. S. Abdrassilova, Doctor of Arch, academic professor.; executors - N.M. Kojshanbaev., Phd, assoc.professor.; E.T. Murzagaliyeva, Master of Art sciences, assistant prof.


Centres of science, laboratories, workshops.

FA possesses two scientific laboratories where scientific work on economic and contract work  is spent in auditory number 548 and 132. And also there is a model workshop in auditory number 331/1.

HIGH SCHOOL - parent organization on scientific research work

On FA two economic and contract scientific works are spent. Supervise and executors are Issabaev G. A, Kuandykov K.A., N.M. Kojshanbaev, and also participate in work N.Zh. Kozbagarova, A.K.Tujakaeva, E.M.Baitenov. All financing goes through IEC (KazGASAa). And also work on themes of financing of grants MES RK - G. S. Abdrassilova, A.S. Galizhanova is spent.


In 2013-2014 Professors A.K. Tujakaeva and N.M  Kojshanbaev. have passed scientifically-language training in the Great Britain and Spain. Prof. N.M. Kojshanbaev has arrived in doctoral studies online.


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