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This year marks the 25th anniversary of Design, which, as you all know, was first opened in KazGASA in 1992 for the first time in Kazakhstan.

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Группа архитекторов - преподавателей Казгаса архитектуры Департамент (АД) - Iskhodzhanova г. р. (декан н. э.), Abdrasilova г. С., Козбагарова н. ж, Tuyakaeva А. К. в Казахстанская делегация Союза архитекторов приняли участие в XXVI Международный конгресс мира ("МАУ-2017 в Сеуле Мировые архитекторы Конгресс") 3-7 сентября 2017 года в Сеуле (Южная Корея).

На съезде присутствовали делегации архитекторов из 124 стран мира, насчитывающая более 9 тысяч делегатов. В соответствии с темой конгресса: "душа города", делегаты обсудили различные идеи в области архитектуры и градостроительства, которые сочетают в себе устойчивое ценностей города, таких как "Культура", "будущее", "природа", которая позволит обеспечить богатую и счастливую жизнь.

Пятидесяти приглашенных докладчиков - признанные лидеры мировой архитектуры, таких как Патрик Шумахер (глава Заха Хадид мастерской), Yito Тойо (Япония), Доминик Перро (Франция) и другие известные архитекторы из США, Кореи, Германии, Мексики, Бразилии представили лекции о своих проектах, творческих методов и идеалов.


Формат конгресса предусмотрено несколько тематических научных программах, конкурсах, студенческих мероприятий, семинаров, творческих и научно-исследовательских выставок, которые отражают уровень развития науки в области архитектуры и градостроительства.




Winners of the contest ''The best stopping complex in Almaty’’

On May 25, 2017 in the Akimat of Almaty city the winners of the Republican contest "The Best Stopping Complex of Almaty" were rewarded, organized by the UNDP-GEF Project "Sustainable Transport Almaty" with the support of Almaty City Akimat. The winners were: II degree diploma - Shadybekov Temirkhon, student of Arch-14-4, scientific supervisor – Oksana Priemets; III degree diploma - Mustanov Ibragim, student of Arch-13-5, scientific supervisor – Oksana Priemets.

Rewarding was held in a solemn atmosphere, with the participation of representatives of the company and the Deputy Akim of Almaty - Raufil Taufikov. All participants were awarded with valuable prizes, the dean of the faculty Galina Iskhodzhanova was thanked for the work done in the preparation of students for the contest.

Presentation of a thanks letter




On 30.06.2017 in the pavilion of Atakent exhibition complex in Almaty there took place the VI Innovative forum. The questions stated during the forum: What it is necessary to do to the cities to shoot ahead? How to cultivate innovative ecosystems? Global digital economy? Science, technologies, art and culture – how to make the clever cities inclusive and steady? Revitalization of city spaces of Almaty? were reported by the main speakers - the akim of Almaty B. Baybek, the founder and the chairman of the board "on Global Vision – Silicon Valley" Mark Ivanovski, the chairman of the Manchester digital laboratory "MadLab" Dave Carter, the architect urbanist of the Dutch design bureau CEO "Gehl Atchitects" Ricardo Marini.

Active part in work of a forum was taken by the adviser to the President of the IOC Sikhimbayev S.D. and professors of FA: dean Iskhodzhanova G. R., Kozbagarova N.G. and Tuyakayeva A. K. During passing of a forum all participants had an opportunity to examine work of an exhibition. Here at all other participants the children's innovative centers actively showed results of the scientific practical activities. The leading top cities of the world which are formed in line with sustainable development lean on such innovative centers in each district of the city.




More than 10 years ago began a collaboration between researchers from the Faculties of Architecture and civil engineering and Azerbaijan architecture and construction University. Forms of cooperation was quite broad: a competition of student final papers, scientific conference, membership in Dissertation Council for doctoral theses ( FA Abdrassilova, G. S.), and all ongoing joint activities have been implemented due to cooperation agreement between universities.

In June 2017 academic Professor of Architectural Faculties of KazGASA Abdrassilova, G. S. (member of Council) and Kozbagarova N. G. (as opponent of the dissertation) traveled to Baku to participate in Atasu in the work of the Dissertation Council for doctoral dissertations Huseynov Emir Fikret oglu on the theme of "Planning sustainable cities of the Azerbaijan Republic (problems and methodology)".

              In the protection were discussed very complex and multifaceted problems of sustainable development of modern cities, the regional dimension of this area of research. City post-Soviet space, United by common tendencies and their focus on adherence to the principles of sustainable development. Of course, each country has its own regional characteristics, and familiarity with a scientific approach to urban development addressing these specific problems enriches the personal experience of each investigator. On the one hand we were opponents, and on the other familiar with the specific regional problem-solving, originality of culture.

When the bridge was built, it remains only to increase the degree of comfort and operating efficiency.



Mountains of Karatau, petroglyphs of the Boroldai gorge


At Faculty of Architecture the scientific grant of MOP RK of 2015-2017 is conducted (head Galimzhanov S.E.) on «Architectural-art analysis of petrogliphs sanctuaries of Semirechye and South Kazakhstan in the bronze age and early iron age». During this time there were published more than 20 articles in Kazakhstan and abroad, and published the album «Tamgaly» in three languages (Kazakh, Russian., eng.), made expedition in Tamgaly, Eshkiolmes, Karatau, Kulzhabasy, the study tested in international conferences held in Kazan and Samara in 2016 and 2017, an exhibition in the Museum named after A. Kasteev «Petroglyphs of Tamgaly» in December of 2016.



International scientific conference «Topical issues of development of art in Russia, the CIS and the Turkic world» 

The Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan in Kazan on may 18-19, 2017 has passed the international scientific conference «Topical issues of development of art in Russia, the CIS and the Turkic world», dedicated to the 120th anniversary since the birth of  Pyotr E. Kornilov (1896-1981), organized by the Institute of language, literature and art. G. Ibragimova.

The conference program was intense and interesting, were presented and discussed over 40 reports from 5 countries (Russia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan). Galimzhanova Asiya Saidovna, associate Professor, FA, doctor of arts, made a presentation and was a moderator of the Contemporary art processes and relevant issues of art history in the CIS and the Turkic world.