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The team from the University in the first Intercollegiate championship in robotics

In Almaty in support of the year of youth from 14 to 15 February 2019. the first National championship among higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan in robotics "IITU Robocon 2019" started in the multifunctional complex "Halyk Arena".

The competition was held with the participation of 15 University teams in the framework of the program "Digital Kazakhstan" and "rukhani zhangyru" with the support of the Fund of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbasy, akimat of Almaty, Ministry of education and science.

The team of our University was presented by the guys of the faculty of General construction: the captain Atabaev Bakhtiar (Str-16-10), team members Thanby Marlan (STR – 16-5), Ospec Bakhtiar(Page 18-1) bektayev reported Saus (Page 18-3).

In competitions of this scale, they had to participate for the first time and in a difficult two-day robomaro, alongside universities, oriented in IT's direction, our students have shown good results.


Along with participation was a large-scale vocational work – chetyrehsotletnem scoreboard was shown the video of KazGASA.




The memory of Panfilov heroes was honored in Almaty by Kazgas students on the day dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the fascist blockade 

The siege of Leningrad began on September 8, 1941 and lasted almost 900 days. The only way "the Road of life", on which food was delivered to the city, was laid on the ice of lake Ladoga. The blockade was broken on January 18, 1943, but until its complete removal (January 27, 1944), the Leningraders had to wait another year.

On this day-January 27, 2019, students of Kazgas (FOS) honored the memory of Panfilov heroes and blockades and laid wreaths at the Eternal flame.




On October 21, 2017, the faculty of the FOS of the IOC / KazGASA came to the subbotnik, thereby maintaining the purity of our city and giving an example to the younger generation.

Associated professor of FOS AA. Dubinin with his grandson for the cleanliness of the environment.


Teachers FOS with students at subbotnik. 


General construction Faculty is proud of its graduates many of whom now occupy senior positions in both the public service and in state structures, are the leaders of the major construction companies, design institutes and research institutes, renowned scientists in the country and abroad. Among them - Kulibayev A.A., president of JSC "Sary -Arka"; presidents, general directors of Companies: Belovich A.J. (corporation "Bazis"), K.T. Kalmurzin (CIP "Almatystroyinvest "); Bektemisov M.I. (JSC "Almatypromstroy"); Kereybayev S.B. ("Almatykultbytstroy"), R.A. Batalov ("Raiymbek"); Tatygulov A. Sh ('KazGOR"); Ashimbayev M.U. (KazSRIACA), etc. Practical training of students takes place at the plants. Senior students do practical work in the major construction companies, design institutes and research institutes, such as "Almatykurylys", "Almatygorstroi", "Bazis-A", "Elitstroy", Corporation «KUAT», JSC «Kazstroiservice", Almaty branch of the South Korean construction company "Woolim Costruction", JSC "United Construction Corporation", "Almatykultbytstroy", "Age", "Elevatormelstroy", "KazGOR" KazSRIACA, "Almatygiprogor", JSC "Sert", JSC "Imstalcon" and others. World economic crisis has affected construction industry. Therefore there are now some difficulties in manufacturing practices performing at construction site in connection with the suspension of the active work of many construction companies. But we believe that this problem is temporary one and will be overcome in the nearest future. The faculty has a student design office, industrial research laboratory of Earthquake Engineering, which have the potential for design work fulfillment.


Faculty actively participate in replenishment of the fund of the museum and archive of AGACS (Association of graduates from architectural and constructional specialties), searching for graduates and set a communication between them and Academy.

 «Week of open doors » 

Meeting and conversation with the schoolchildren of school №145. Meeting was conducted 14.11.2017 academic professor  Maulenov J.K. and associated professor Nurpeissova S.A.

Meeting and conversation with schoolchildren of  HS  145. The meeting was held by academic professor of  IEC/KazGASA  Maulenov ZH.K. and master Khozhagali I.N.

Meeting and conversation with schoolchildren of HS 185. The meeting was held by assistant professors Kassymova G.T. and  Azhgalieva B.A.

Meeting with schoolchildren of  HS 103.

The meeting was held by head of laboratory of the GCF Emenov Y.M.


November 4th team / IOC KazGACA


said 80-year anniversary of  S.S.  Karpykov

Hero of the day S.S. Karpykov - Adviser to the President on KazGACA scientific methodological question, professor emeritus of the WCF, a scientist, a teacher, a mentor.

Deputy Director of the Department of Higher and Postgraduate Education and Science of the MES RK G.B. Mukhtarova and S.S. Karpykov.

Ceremonial presentation of a gold medal A.Baitursynov for his great contribution to the development of the education system of Kazakhstan and proactive approach in the preparation of a new generation of professionals.

The ceremonial greetings of friends and colleagues.

Among his colleagues General construction faculty IOC/KazGASA.



       Citywide cleanup 22.10.2016

22 October, students of the WCF, IOC/KazGASA actively participated in the citywide cleanup, led by the rector of VS and SV IOC Gumenyuk, V. V., and faculty IOC/KazGASA.



The results of the Olympiad


         The Olympiad in history of Kazakhstan, Kazakh, Russian, English languages was held on 8th of April 2016 among the pupils of schools in Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering (KazGASA). Pupils from 141 secondary schools of Almaty and Almaty region took part in the competition.

       According to the regulations of school Olympiads, the subject Olympiad  is a form of intellectual competitions of pupils in a particular area, which allows to identify not only the actual knowledge of the material, but also the ability to apply this knowledge in new nonstandard situations that require creative thinking.

       In order to promote and expand the use of the Kazakh, Russian and English in Kazakhstan, as well as knowledge of the history of Kazakhstan, carrying out of the Olympiad has become a good tradition. The goals of organization and development of Olympiad competitions on languages are the creating the necessary conditions for intellectual development and support of pupils, who show ability to communicate, the development of cultural thinking and cognitive abilities, attracting the attention of pupils to the studying of the linguistic and cultural aspects of modern world's development.



      Diplomas of awarding the grant of KazGASA «Scholarships» were given to the winners, who took the first, second and third places.

The 1st place - 100%, 2nd place - 50% and 3rd place - 25% discount on training in KazGASA.

The winners of the Olympiad:

Kazakh language:

2nd place Ulan Tursynov, 9th grade, school gymnasium №149;

3rd place Fariza Tursynbaeva, 9th form, school gymnasium in Ushkonyr.

Russian language:

1st place Elizabeth Bobrova, 11th grade, Lyceum №134, Almaty city

2nd place Madina Sakenova, 11th grade, Kokshetau city

3rd place Alexander Bondar, 11th grade, School №3 in Talgar city

English language:

1st place Tansulu Tashtemirova, 12th grade, Nazarbayev Intellectual School, Taldykorgan city

2nd place Karina Salakhova, 11th grade, School №153, Almaty city

3rd place Aizhan Kulzhan, 11th grade, School №131 named by B. Momyshuly, Almaty city

History of Kazakhstan:

1st place Aruzhan Asubaeva, 11th grade, School №97, Almaty city

2nd place Beksultan Abdіhalyқ, 11th grade, Aksai Kazakh Turkish lyceum, Almaty city

3rd place Nazarbek Nalibayev, 11th grade, Physics and Mathematics Lyceum №24 Almaty city.


The participants of Olympiad received a 7% discount on tuition fees. 

Report on organized event by the faculty of General Construction in SH