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President’s biography

Kussainov Amirlan Aydarbekovich was born on September 25 1957 in Alma- Ata in a family of scientists. In 1979 he has graduated from the Faculty of CBC IISS (Moscow). Civil engineer. In 1983 he defended master thesis, and in 1994 - PhD thesis on technical sciences in CNIISK (Moscow).

He began working in 1983 in Alma -Ata Architecture and Construction Institute (AACI), first as a senior research assistant, assistant of "structural mechanics" department, then as Associate Professor of the same department. From 1994 he worked as head of the department, since 1997 as rector, since 2000 - Rector of Kazakh State Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering, and since 2002 – as President of Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering (KazGASA). In KazGASA a multi-level system of education was implemented: High School - vocational school - college - Bachelor - Master - Institute of Continuing Education. KazGASA - the first institution of higher learning, to introduce credit system in the country. Open 50 branches in the faculties of leading enterprises. The certificate of quality management ISO 9000:2001 was received. In 2007 the specialty "Architecture" of was accredited in Barcelona by the Accreditation Council of UNESCO -UIA.

In 1987-88 passed research fellow at the University of California at Berkeley (USA). In 1991 he passed research fellow at the University of Kyoto (Japan), and in 1992 - research fellow at the University of Dzilin (China).

In 1995-97 served in the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the post of deputy head of the department of internal policy, overseeing all matters of education. Published 43 legislative and normative documents in the field of education in the country. Co-author of a number of new trends in the reform of higher education in Kazakhstan: consolidation of schools, credit system of education, a new mechanism for credit financing of higher education, the concept of the Eurasian University, the introduction of U.S. and European programs of education in Kazakhstan.

In 1994-98 - UNESCO expert, head of sub-groups of the European Training Foundation. In order to study the formation of the international system since 1987 has visited 40 universities in 16 countries (United States, England, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Turkey, Japan, China, UAE, etc.) not including the CIS countries.

Since 1997 Co-founder and President of the Kazakh-American University (KAU), which has direct contracts to continue learning (articulation) with 10 universities in the U.S. and Europe. KAU - a multi-level educational complex (Kindergarten - School - College - Bachelor - Master), the only university in the former Soviet Union, adopted by the Association of American Colleges and Universities. School at KAU - Associate Member of UNESCO schools.

Chairman of the board of the doctoral dissertation in the field of "Architecture", "Structural Mechanics" and "Structures".

Author of over 130 scientific and methodical, social and political publications, including monographs and textbooks.

Doctor of technical sciences, professor, member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, member of the International and National Academy of Engineering and the International Academy of Higher Education (IAHE) and the Academy of Sciences of the Higher School of Kazakhstan (AS HSK), member of the International Association of Soil Mechanics, bases and foundations, a foreign member of the Russian Academy of Architecture and building Sciences (RAABS).

He was awarded Commemorative Medal for the 10th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, was awarded Jubilee Medal "100th anniversary of railways in Kazakhstan", was awarded the title "Honored Builder of Kazakhstan", was awarded Gold Medal of the Union of Architects of Kazakhstan, was awarded medal "15 years of the National Academy of Engineering of the Republic of Kazakhstan", was awarded medal by A. Baitursynov for contributing to the training of personnel for the construction field of the republic and writing of textbooks of new generation, was awarded the Gold Medal of the Union of Architects of the Kyrgyz Republic for his contribution to the development of Architectural Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

He is fluent in Kazakh, Russian and English.