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You can participate both internally (from the 20th December till the 23th December) and in absentia (from the 1st of December till the 25th December).

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For the sixth year in a row Kazakhstan has been celebrating a truly significant day "December 1 is the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan". In this regard, 28.11.2017. in the International Educational Corporation of the Faculty of construction technologies, infrastructure and management, a contest of a poem of his own composition among students of the 1st and 4th courses was organized. More than 30 students took part in the competition. Students in their poems tried to reveal the important role and merit of President N.Nazarbayev in the formation of an independent RK, to show the main events of the formation of Independent Kazakhstan.

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  The subject Olympic Games on mathematics, physics, informatics

from 6 to 10 February, 2017



                From 6 to 10 February, 2017 within carrying out professional orientation work faculties of FOENP, FGC were organized the Olympic Games in three subjects - mathematics, physics, informatics.

Teachers carried out explanatory work on specialties of KAZGASA/KAU.

1st round. Selection stage. Number of participants 162 persons. In the First round there were test tasks on the computer.

2nd round. Qualitative stage. Number of participants 92 persons. Participants executed the examination consisting of 5 tasks, in writing.

Following the results of the Olympic Games winners were handed certificates for 100%, 50% and 25% a discount for the first payment for training at revenues to 1 course of a bachelor degree of KAZGASA or to 1 course of college at KAZGASA, and also prizes.

Delivery of diplomas, mementoes with a logo of KAZGASA and certificates is carried out in a festive atmosphere.


The following pupils took places of honor:

Grade 9, Мathematics


- Tulegenov Azamat, Gymnasium №28


- Bagdatov Didar, Secondary school  №178


Bitureev TamerlanSecondary school  №127


Grade 9, Сomputer science


- Kluchnikov Nikita, Gymnasium №6


Grade 11, Мathematics


- Kakenov Elaman, school Barkytbel,


- Aparova Daiana, Kapshagai city, Secondary school  №4


Kazbekova Esil, Gymnasium №36


Grade 11, Physics


- Kaimashev Murat, Gymnasium №23


Bupezhanov Eset, Gymnasium №68


Terehova Margarita, Secondary school  №45

Grade 11, Сomputer science


- Sabit Eldosschool named after B.SokpakbaevNarynkol village


- BazarbekovKanat, Karasai district,  school named after Beisebaev


Hamitov DiasSecondary school   №169


To teachers, whose pupils became winners of the Olympic Games, are handed letters of thanks and gifts with a logo of KAZGASA. Winners-pupils were handed diplomas, certificates and mementoes.



The Olympiad on history of Kazakhstan, Kazakh, Russian, English languages was held in Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering (KazGASA) on the 28th of April, in 2017. About 140 pupils from secondary schools, gymnasiums, lyceums of Almaty and Almaty region took an active part in the Olympiad.

I, II, III degree diplomas were given to the winners. (The first place – 100%, the second place – 50% and the third place – 25% discount on training in KazGASA).


The winners of the contest:



The 1st place Dzhumabayeva Alfara, 11th grade, school №188, Almaty.

The 2nd place Muratbekov Adilet, 11th grade, school №128, Almaty.

The 3rd place Bekezhan Abilai, 11th grade, school №161, Almaty.



The 1st place Kair Aldiar, 11th grade, school №10, Almaty.

The 2nd place Didko Aleksandra, 11th grade, gymnasium №2, Kapchagai.

The 3rd place Bekturganova Maraldim, 11th grade, school №131, Almaty.



The 1st place Zhumagul Aisha, 11th grade, NIS, Almaty.

The 2nd place Temirbayeva Asel, 9th grade, school №51, Almaty.

The 3rd place Kostousova Elizaveta, 9th grade, school №7, Almaty.


History of Kazakhstan:

The 1st place Shintemirov Adonoir, 9th grade, school №37, Almaty.

The 2nd place Anuaruly Sanzhar, 11th grade, school №140, Almaty.

The 3rd place Aldibekova Altinai, 11th grade, school №29, Almaty.


The participants of Olympiad received 7% discount on training in KazGASA.