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This year marks the 25th anniversary of Design, which, as you all know, was first opened in KazGASA in 1992 for the first time in Kazakhstan.

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The main objectives of teaching work are to improve the educational process, its intensification, increasing the efficiency of training highly competitive professionals. Supervises and directs the methodological work Methodological Council of the Faculty, which in 2016 is headed by candidate of technical sciences Sagyndykkyzy Dinara.

Sagyndykkyzy Dinara

Questions about visit lessons teachers WCF sessions with colleagues to share experiences and help young teachers, master classes supervised by a faculty methodical council candidate of technical sciences, Kalpenova Zaure Dekenovna.


Kalpenova Zaure Dekenovna

Functions methodical council of faculty and the work of faculty stuff:
• analysis and generalization of pedagogical experience of leading faculty, development of recommendations for the implementation of new learning technologies, to improve the methods of all kinds of studies, the use of computer technology and other means of training, analysis of their effectiveness;
• organization visit lectures and practical classes teachers to train young teachers teaching methods and timing of the lesson;
• Discussion and recommendations on the publication of textbooks and educational materials developed by the teachers, as well as materials to improve the students' independent work, active-handouts, video presentations by type of occupation;
• overseeing the preparation and approval of the work program, active handouts, maps methodological support literature and other methodological issues of pedagogical activity of the teaching staff of the Faculty;
• communication with the Methodological Council of the Academy.

The faculty spends most scientific and methodological work:
• leading teachers of faculty participate in the EMC MES RK (Study Section of the Ministry of Education and Science), is the author of SES developed in 2004 and 2006, mandatory for all high schools that offer training in construction trades. By participating in the EMC, faculty provides reviews and comments on educational materials, prepared for publication in other related institutions of higher education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Also on the faculty developed a model and work programs in the disciplines of the specialty "Construction";
• Faculty members are authors of textbooks and teaching aids recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science:
• participate in the organization of methodical maintenance practices, course and diploma projects;
• developing test questions and tasks in all disciplines of building specialties for exams, intermediate ratings, as well as for the certification of graduates by the Ministry of Education and Science;
• develop a methodical security card for each discipline, taking into account scientific and methodological literature in the field of new technologies;
• participate in the review of educational and methodical literature, the fair graduates, creating innovative training programs at the level of international requirements, the search for venues of all types of practices involving the Board of customers and expert committee at KazGASA (IOC).
• Since 1960, cooperated with the Department of Scientific and methodical work and lectures known domestic and foreign teachers and scholars: Dr. T. Sc., Prof. Gvozdyov A. A .; Dr. t. Sc., prof. Krylov S. M .; Dr. t. Sc., prof. Barashikov A. I .; Dr. t. Sc., prof. Bikes VN; Dr. t. Sc., prof. Popov, N. H .; Dr. t. Sc., prof. Korff M .; Dr. t. Sc., prof. Daniel N. H .; Dr. t. Sc., prof. V. Zubkov, I .; Dr. t. Sc., prof. Meneylyuk V. I .; Dr. t. Sc. prof. Zhunusov T. J. Dr. T. Sc. prof. Volkov D.P., Abakanov T.D., Bespayev A.A., Baynatov J.B. etc.

At various times, the teachers of the Faculty maintains close scientific relations with leading scientists: Demin V.T - doctor of sciences., Professor in the Department of Theoretical Mechanics, Moscow State University; Leontiev N.N. - v. T. N., Professor, Head. Department of structural mechanics IISS, IISS professors - Dr. Korenev B.G., Ph.D. Klein T.K., prof. Rozin L.A. – head of Department of structural mechanics MnPTI, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR, D.Sc. Professor Sapa V.A. – head of Department of Theoretical Mechanics KSU.
Faculty staff have international horizontal links with other research and academic institutions. For example, Acad. prof. Baitursynov D.M. works in the scientific field with the Penza State Engineering University of Civil Engineering: prof. Chair of Architecture Kruglov Y.P. and head of Department of "NC" Bondarenko E.I.; with the head of Chair of "SK" Moscow State Engineering and Construction University Kudishin N. etc.

Educational programs


Major 5B072900 - "Construction", specialization:

• Calculation and design of buildings and structures (RPZS) - a comprehensive training in the design of new buildings and structures for various purposes, as well as inspection, reconstruction and strengthening of existing structures;
• The technology of industrial and civil construction (TPGS) - training of specialists in the field of organization and management of the construction of buildings and structures, including the organization of repair, reconstruction and strengthening of existing buildings;
• Design and installation of metal structures (PiMMK) - a comprehensive training in the design, manufacture and installation of metal constructions of special buildings;
• Heat and ventilation (DVT) - training for the design, installation and operation of heating, ventilation, heating and supply of various buildings;
• Water supply and sanitation (WSS) - training for the design, installation and operation of systems and structures in the field of water and wastewater residential, public and industrial facilities;
• Mechanization, electricity and building automation (MEiAS) - a multidisciplinary training in the field of technology, mechanization, electricity and automation of industrial and civil construction;
• Construction of thermal and nuclear power plants;
• The construction of oil pipelines and gas and oil storage facilities;
• Construction of roads and airfields;
• Bridges and tunnels;
• Hydraulic Engineering;
• Economics and Management in Construction;
• Engineering Survey in Construction;
• Technical supervision and safety in construction;
• Information systems in construction.

Major 5B075200 - "Engineering networks and systems"


Major 5M072900 - "Construction"


Major 6D072900 - «Construction"