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Main page → Design Faculty → Methodological work



International Educational Corporation (IEC) is proud of its tradition in training specialists in the field of Design. Our department offers educational and methodological advice to other Kazakh universities. And this means that IEC is a leader in training of specialists and determines policy and long-term prospects for the development of "Design" major.

At the moment Design Department provides 5 specializations - 5В042100 – Design 
5В042101 – Architectural Design;
5В042102 – Graphic Design;
5В042103 – Industrial Design;
5В042104 – Fashion Design;
5В042105 – Television stage design.

In 1992 on the basis of the Architecture Department new major "Design of architectural environment" on Y.I. Bakhmutov’s initiative was established. At the same time the Design Department was created. 
In 1995 the second design specialization - "Advertising Design" was established.
In 2003 the faculty was divided into: "Architectural design" and "Graphic and Industrial Design"
In 2005 the Design Faculties were reorganized into the Design Department.
Strengthening specializations of Study and methodological Council

Our Corporation offers educational and methodological advice in the field of design among the Kazakhstani universities. Professors of the Department are the authors of all education standards, curricula and programs in the field of design.
In 2009 the specialization "Fashion Design" was established. 
- Responsible for the specialization is assoc. prof. Ibrayshina G. K .;
In 2009 laboratory complex television design was organized and opened. 
- Responsible for the complex is Academic prof. Sabitov A. R.;
In 2012 the specialization "Industrial Design" was formed. 
- Responsible for the specialization is assoc. prof. Nurkusheva L.T.

Development of Design Science
Research directions of the Design Department:
Doctor of Architecture Sabitov A.R.;
- Spatial models in the literature, art and cinema.
Doctor of Architecture Akhmedova A.T.;
- Comfort and convenience of home. The quality of the living environment.
Doctor of Architecture Nurkusheva L.T.;
- Formation of the space environment on the basis of a systematic set of products of industrial design.


Development of the Design Science
- Participation at events held by Russian Research Institute of Technical Aesthetics - conferences, master classes;
- Publication of articles in the Russian Research Institute of Technical Aesthetics collections;
- Internships of the faculty at Russian Research Institute of Technical Aesthetics;
- Participation at events organized by the International Union of Designers - GIS Design Olympiad;