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For us, students of the Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering (KazGASA), the current Address of the Head of State has a bright, concrete social orientation. It is addressed to every Kazakhstan citizen. The words important for us were sounded - this

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Stop the drug!

A meeting of city organizations with first and second year students was held at the Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

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Life of the Faculty


 Sports festival for the professors and the staff of KazGASA

February 14, 2018


On 14 February, 2018 Sports club of KazGASA under the general supervision of vice-rector for external relations and student affairs Zh.S. Takenova and dean of the Department of general training Z. T. Aimagambetova has organized the 18-th traditional sports festival among the professors and the staff of KazGASA, dated for the 28th Winter Olympics 2018.

The competition was held on 6 sports: volleyball, table tennis, relay race, darts, chess and basketball. The active participation of departments: Department of general construction, Department of construction technologies, infrastructure and management, Department of general training, College at KazGASA, Lyceum at KazGASA, the library and the staff of KazGASA.

Separately want to note the honorary participants: H.I.Yessenov, S.O.Ospanov, J.K.Maulenov, G.K.Sadvakasova, A.S.Espinet, M.B.Valiulina and G.T. Kasabekova.

The competition was officiated by the officiating crew consisting of associate professor I. V.Yugay, assistant professor E.T.Bitureeva., associate professor S.E.Dairabaev., assistant professor B.J.Aimanbetov, assistant professor Kaliakbarova S.K., assistant professor Akilov T.Zh.


The results of the competitions

1.   The winner teams in the relay race:

1st place - FGS;

2nd place - Lyceum under the KazGASA;

3rd place - staff of the IEC;


2. The winner teams in volleyball:

1st place - FGS;

2nd place - REO;

3rd place - Lyceum at KazGASA.


3. Winners in table tennis: 


1st place – A.Espenbet - FA;

2nd place – N.Akhmetkarimova– member of the IEC;

3rd place – A.Bryantsev - FGS.



1st place - D.Akhmedova - FGS;

2nd place - Zh.Arlieva  – Lyceum at KazGASA;

3rd place - N. Shogelova College at KazGASA.


4. Darts:

1st place – B.Berikbaev - Lyceum at KazGASA;

2nd place – K.Aldibekova - Lyceum at KazGASA;

3rd place – A. A.Bryantsev– FOS.


5. Basketball:

1st place – FGS;

2nd place – FGED;

3rd place - FCTIM


6. Chess:

1st place – S. O.Ospanov– FGS;

2nd place - J. K.Maulenov – FGS;

3rd place - R. K.Sadyrov - FGS


Congratulations to the winners and participants of the Olympics!!!




On October 23 and December 14, 2017, students of the Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering and teaching staff of the Department of General Training took part as spectators in the television program "Dara Zhol". This program is dedicated to the lives of famous people in the country and abroad, which have great success in all aspects of life. The main guests of the program were honoured worker of agriculture, agronomist, laureate of the State Prize Nurmakhambet Aytuganovand writer, playwright, laureate of the State Prize of Kazakhstan Dulat Isabekov.







Holiday of the spring equinox - Nauryz

Nauryz is a holiday of the spring equinox and a premonition of heat. With this holiday each of us connects new plans, hopes, dreams in the new year. In KazGASA it became a tradition to celebrate the Nauryz holiday every year. Teaching Staff of DGT showed the traditions of different nations of peoples living in the Republic of Kazkhstan.