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Within the framework of the delegation's visit of scientists from the Hachinohe Institute of Technology (Hachinohe, Japan) to our academy headed by President Akira Hasegawa and Chairman of the Board of Directors Toshimichi Yanagiya is scheduled to organize a meeting in the ACH on June 18 at 10:00 and to hold a seminar on "Issues of geotechnical construction for large cities"

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ILF Graduate Recruitment 2018

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The Olympiad on history of Kazakhstan, Kazakh, Russian, English languages was held in Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering (KazGASA) on the 28th of April, in 2017. About 140 pupils from secondary schools, gymnasiums, lyceums of Almaty and Almaty region took an active part in the Olympiad.

I, II, III degree diplomas were given to the winners. (The first place – 100%, the second place – 50% and the third place – 25% discount on training in KazGASA).


The winners of the contest:



The 1st place Dzhumabayeva Alfara, 11th grade, school №188, Almaty.

The 2nd place Muratbekov Adilet, 11th grade, school №128, Almaty.

The 3rd place Bekezhan Abilai, 11th grade, school №161, Almaty.



The 1st place Kair Aldiar, 11th grade, school №10, Almaty.

The 2nd place Didko Aleksandra, 11th grade, gymnasium №2, Kapchagai.

The 3rd place Bekturganova Maraldim, 11th grade, school №131, Almaty.



The 1st place Zhumagul Aisha, 11th grade, NIS, Almaty.

The 2nd place Temirbayeva Asel, 9th grade, school №51, Almaty.

The 3rd place Kostousova Elizaveta, 9th grade, school №7, Almaty.


History of Kazakhstan:

The 1st place Shintemirov Adonoir, 9th grade, school №37, Almaty.

The 2nd place Anuaruly Sanzhar, 11th grade, school №140, Almaty.

The 3rd place Aldibekova Altinai, 11th grade, school №29, Almaty.

The participants of Olympiad received 7% discount on training in KazGASA.



There is a warm, benevolent  atmosphere ( optimism and positive) of mutual aid and mutual assistance reigns in the department. Teachers of the department are together not only during the educational period, but also during community work days, sports contests, holidays, anniversaries, weddings, picnics. The labor union organizer of the department carries out a lot of work on celebration of heroes of the anniversary, veterans of our collective.

Teachers of our department are distinguished by the high level of professionalism and responsibility. The department was repeatedly awarded by diplomas for active participation in the celebration of  New year, Nauryz. The gratitude was expressed for the excellent organization and carrying out New 2014 to the department. The faculty annually participates in sports contest where repeatedly got prizes.

The logical result of our work is receiving such ranks as "The best methodologist"  by аssoc. prof. Shyntayevoy N.S. , Abilova B. A., Nurmakhova Zh.K., assist. prof. Karybayevoy G .a.,  "The best teacher"  by аssoc. prof. Shonaibayeva A.T.,  аssoc. prof. Zhampeysova  Zh.M., assist. prof. Zhakupov A.O., "The best adviser"  by an assist. prof. Sultanbateva Zh.U., Minayeva A.Zh., "The best image maker"  by аssoc. prof. Shyntayeva N. S., "The best professional orientator"  Bogenbayeva  A.K., "The best employee" by  an assist. prof. Sadykanov S. H. at the end of each academic year.


Teaching staff of language disciplines in the process of working under LC. March, 2016.