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February thе 24, 2018 (saturday) from 10-00 a.m. till 14-00 a.m. (559 room) in KazGASA on the Architecture department will be held Olympiad for pupils of secondary school and post-secondary educational institutions.

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MOK library Mukhtar Auezov and spiritual revival" holds a meeting with M.M Auezov, the public figure known for the Kazakhstan culturologist and the diplomat, the devoted Mukhtar Auezov's to the 120-year-old "

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International activities. Faculty of General construction has extensive connections with many universities and companies of foreign countries, has an active creative relationship with industry and academic research institutions, organizations, companies, in particular: Kumokh Institute of Technology Seoul, with Professor Ki-Tac-Chang, NGO ARSRIstroydormash, ARSRIzemmash, CSRIC, MSCI (former MECI), OSACA (KECI), (PSACA), Dnepropetrovsk construction Institute, Volgograd Architecture and construction University, SibADI, MARI, KSUCTA, TashPI, Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Land Reclamation (Head Chair Prof. Salakhitdinov A.T.), Tajik technical University, Department of PCMC of Penza regional center of innovative research, with the American company «Manual».

The faculty is actively involved in sports life of KLAACE. Traditionally, every year the competitions among veterans of universities in volleyball, chess tournaments, the Games among HETS are held. FGC Associate Professor Ospanov S.O. with the support of the Academy and the sports club of KLAACE organizes and hosts students dormitory contests and competitions among students in chess, weight lifting.

The faculty is actively involved in public life of the academy. At the party devoted to New Year 2010 team of faculty being responsible for organizing of evening held a theatrical performance that was liked by all the staff of the Academy. For the initiative and activity in conduction of the entire evening FGC faculty has been awarded by the President of the IEC.

Staff of the Faculty unanimously holds its "family" holidays commemorating birthdays and anniversaries. Mutual respect and support between team members creates a friendly atmosphere at the faculty and business environment. Staff of the Faculty of general construction invites high school graduates to attend our academy in the Open Days held regularly throughout the year. These days in Academy lobby you will be met by our best instructors who will tell you about the noble profession of the Builder and answer any questions you may have. You can ask our instructors about prospects of education in our department by an e-mail.



Performance of CSC team "Camisole from Armani" Team of KazGASA (OKL)


Dedication to Students


Beauty contest «Miss КазГАСА»


Наурыз, 2015г.

Bicycle race, 2015г.