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Doing good is easy!


 The Volunteer Club of the Millennium Faculty of Architecture held a charity fair on April 3.  At this fair they put up for sale: baked goods, books, sketches, various accessories and handmade products. Students showed high activity by participating in the charity fair. The purpose of this fair was to raise funds for poor and large families, which was a great motivation for our students. Not only students, but also employees and teachers of KazGASS were very active participants. It was another opportunity to do a good deed, everyone was able to contribute to the charity, combining the pleasant with the useful.

In modern society there are fewer and fewer people who have such qualities as kindness and compassion. People have become indifferent and indifferent to other people's troubles. Kindness is what makes our society more humane and compassionate in an effort to give joy to others, to show sincere feelings.   

   We call on all people to reach out to the needy and not to think about further benefits. After all, it is so pleasant to see a sincere smile of those whom you have really helped. We will be glad to see everyone who wants to do good together with us.


With love, your volunteer club "Millennium" FA

Vice External relations and students affair FA

Akhmetova A.T.






The opening of the Millennium Charity Club

Charity is the provision of selfless assistance to those in need. In today's world, many people who find themselves in a difficult life situation need a benefactor. Not everyone is able to cope with the trouble on their own, sometimes people just need someone else's help.

Charity is a popular phenomenon in our time, and it is undoubtedly pleasing. Not many people know, but there are a lot of charitable organizations in Kazakhstan. The most successful and well-known of them do not just help, they form a new worldview. The largest organizations are: Dara Foundation, Sabi Private Charity Foundation, Voluntary Mercy Society, Niyet Charitable Foundation, Bauyrzhan Public Foundation and many others. The range of social work of the big foundations is rather wide - it is support of poor people, help to sick children and orphans left without parental care.

So why does our faculty need a charity organization?

The purpose of creating this club is to make people kinder and help those in need who really need help. There are also a great number of people who want to act, but do not know how and where to start. Our big and friendly family, Millenium, will guide, guide and shelter anyone who wants to do so. We will be glad to everyone who wants to do good together with us. According to Anton Aktuganov, Project Manager of "Map of Goodness": "People have a desire and aspiration to do good. We just need to give them such an opportunity.

Sometimes people just can't find a job to earn enough money. Others are sick, disabled or elderly and cannot provide for themselves. Our club "Millenium" will organize different actions, fairs, marathons, collection and transfer of funds to a certain person, charity concerts and lotteries.

We encourage everyone to become a little kinder. Stretch out a helping hand to the needy and not to think about further benefits. It is so nice to see a sincere smile of those whom you really helped...


Art. Arch 18-7 Joldas D.R.



"Mountain kings has celebrated Nauryz in the mountains!


Now the rhythm of city life, stone landscapes, walks around the city, street concerts, movies - all this is commonplace. We all miss something bright and pure, we all miss Gore. After all, we are people created by nature, and in the stone jungle this nature will not be found.

And what are mountains? What do mountains mean to you?

 For me, mountains are a source of inspiration for new ideas and goals. A source of my life force, something that helps me stay afloat.

On March 22, in honor of the Nauryz holiday, Mountain kings conquered the peaks. We climbed the steep ascent of the Kok-Jailau Plateau. The trail to the plateau runs through birch and pine groves, and the ridge offers magnificent views. Where, if not here, can we celebrate the Muslim New Year? Mixing with nature, as our ancestors did, giving it to the great and wise mountains.



Student of Arch 17-3, Nazan A.N. 





Spiridon Geogrgievich Cosmeridi is a legend of Kazakhstani architecture, one of the first architects brought up by the Kazakh school. His life path is a cast of an important fragment of the history of the formation and development of the architecture of Soviet Kazakhstan.

                Architect SG Kosmeridi may well be considered one of the founders of the methodology for designing buildings of cultural and community services in Kazakhstan. Such people - the founders of something - are respectfully called patriarchs. Without undue modesty, Spiridon Georgievich can be added to the category of patriarchs of Kazakhstan architecture, especially since his respectable age - 90 years - fully meets these requirements.




The Faculty of Architecture congratulates a wonderful person, a teacher, a doctor of arts, an associated professor, Galimzhanova Asiya Saidovnu with his 70th anniversary!


        Dear Asiya Saidovna, we sincerely congratulate you on a significant date and wish you good health, tireless energy, indefatigable vitality, and more and more new victories in the implementation of creative plans, luck and well-being!


Faculty of the FA




Meeting with an invited guest at the Faculty of Architecture

The 4th on October 2018 at the Architecture Department of IEC (KLAACE) a lecture was held by the invited guest - the honored  architect of Kazakhstan, Vice – President of the Architects Union of Kazakhstan - Bolat Amanzholovich Musulmanbekov. The topic of the lecture was "Copyright protection in architecture and urban planning", it was within the discipline "Basis of protection and introduction of scientific achievements in the field of architecture and urban planning".

The lecture on the current topic aroused great interest among Architecture Department’s PhD-students and undergraduates. A special response from the audience was caused by the author's portfolio of the guest, which includes a large typological number of residential, public buildings and structures, among which the Museum of the First President in the village of Ushkonyr, the drama Theater in Taldykorgan, the improvement of the Arai Park in Astana, etc., which confirmed by the сopyright certificates.





The 25th on October 2018 at the Architecture Department of KLAACE the invited guest – freelance expert of private expertise Aidyn S. Akbayev held lectures of on the topics: "The Legal side of the profession of architect. The project management and competence of the architect", "Climate and seismic: accounting in real design".

Aidyn Serikovich - a graduate of KLAACE from 2000, an author and team leader of a range of residential, public buildings and urban projects. The guest's achievement list includes: the President of "Kazakh Air project", the heading of the author's teams: "Almaty-arena" (for 12 thousand people), a 20-storey residential complex of on Dostyk street and Zholdasbekov's corner, a sketch of the detailed project of the territory in Alatau district and many others.

Questions about the legal side of the architect profession have the particular interest and discussion, as well as the issues of the accounting natural and climatic conditions in real design. The lectures were held within the framework of PhD students classes on the disciplines "Basis of protection and implementation of scientific developments in the field of architecture and urban planning" and "Globalization and regional problems of architecture of Kazakhstan".




                           On 1th of September was opened the sculptural composition “Surveyors”, installed in a beautiful place central alley of the administrative block KazGASA (authors of the project – teachers of the Architectural department D. Sarbassov and D. Amandykova). The sculptural composition represents two students in geodetic practice: one is standing with the rod, the second one is slightly bending over to the theodolite, he is surveying. The ensemble of these two sculptures symbolizes the process of studying and comprehending the sciences. The scale of composition by figures is well chosen by the author, he is proportionate to the territory, trees, fountain and man.





August 29, 2018 The Faculty of Architecture was visited by the Master of Architecture Tatiana Southey from the authoritative architectural school of London - Bartlett School of Architecture, USL. She participates in the grant program MAD Fellowship to travel Central Asia. A joint discussion on the topic of how Kazakh identity is represented through architecture, was conducted with the leading professors of the FA (Glaudinov BA, Abdrasilova GS, Glaudinova MB, Galimzhanova AS, coordinator - Iskhojanova GR) for development of further research by Tatiana Southey. The Magister from England was presented with illustrative materials and monographs by Abdrasilovy GS. and Galimzhanova A.S. The possibility of cooperation with the Bartlett School of Architecture in the future is also discussed.





August 26-27, 2018 at the International Symposium "Art with / out the City" (Almaty) within the framework of the " Рухани жаңғыру " program (together with "ArbatFest 9") the theme of urban environment modernization was considered from the point of view of the role of art in the city space and the lives of citizens. The symposium was held by UrbanForum, with the participation of Almaty Akimat, representatives of creative communities, artists, architects, teachers of KazGASA and other universities of Almaty. Urbanists, philosophers and urban activists from Kazakhstan, Central Asia and Europe presented their art and socio-cultural projects, including for Almaty, condemned the issues of what it means to be an urban citizen - an Almaty citizen and whether art can affect the life of the city? The subjects of interaction with departments of city administration, representatives of business, and, of course, the theme of the Big Almaty Squirrel were discussed.






As part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the new capital of Kazakhstan - Astana, the summer was full of events and attention of the professional community to issues of urban development and modernization.

June 16-18, 2018 in Astana, the International Congress of Architects was held, initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan in conjunction with the Akimat and the Urban Center of Astana. The Union of Architects of the Republic of Kazakhstan became the curator of the congress. The theme of the congress is "Urban Environment. Traditions and the Future ".


The architects of the GA KazGASA - Abrasilova GS, Kozbagarova N.Zh., and G.Istokhanov took part in the congress. The intensive program of the Congress was based on the International Scientific and Practical Conference, at the master classes of the famous Kazakh architect T. Kuzembaev, the Russian architect A. Chernikhov, as well as at the addresses of urbanists and researchers from more than 20 countries; domestic architects, urban planners, representatives of akimats, sociologists, etc. At the meeting of the Congress Professor G. Abdrasilova. was awarded an honorary diploma of the Union of Architects of the Republic of Kazakhstan.




Meeting with architect Aidyn Akbay

At the Architecture Department of KazGASA on the 24.04.18. the lecture named "Counterfeiting requirements and anti-seismic measures within designing unique objects: personal experience" was given by expert exhibitor LTD "Exgroup", member of Kazakhstan Republic Architect Union Akbay Aidyn Serikuly. It was in the frames of the discipline "Architectural Unique building". The actual theme of the lecture and the interesting material were cause of interesting discussion of students and faculty members.


The lecturers of architect Eduard Tsoy


At the Architecture Department of KazGASA on the 16-17.04.18. the lectures were given by Tsoy Eduard Innokentevich - a patriarch of architectural education, member of USSR and Kazakhstan Republic Architect Unions within the framework of the discipline "Architecture of Unique Buildings" on the topics: "Unique objects of Japanese architects - Pritzker Prize winners " and "Unique buildings of classicism and the continuity of traditions. " Lectures aroused great interest and discussion among students and faculty members.



Master class for young teachers

02.03.2018 doctor of architecture G. Abdrasilova held a master class on the topic: "Methods of teaching discipline "Architectural graphics and modeling"  for the young teachers of the Architecture Faculty of KazGASA.

G. Abdrasilova told about the peculiarities of teaching applied disciplines at the basic stage of the architectural specialty. On specific examples, the participants of the master class examined the methodological requirements for training students' graphic skills.

Professor G. Abdrasilova answered questions from listeners. An interesting conversation took place between an experienced scientist and beginning teachers. 


Exhibition of home work on the sculpture

In the corridor of the ground floor there is an exhibition of home works on sculpture of 2nd and 3rd year students of the Faculty of Architecture. The exhibition presents compositions in bas-reliefs on various topics, from floral ornaments, to a variety of options for images of the dragon. Many of the works are surprising professionalism and talent of their authors. Some works arouse sincere admiration of many viewers who visited the exhibition. Probably, it is the first exhibition of sculptures, bas-reliefs and high reliefs in our Academy and we hope, not the last. The exhibition will run until the 12th of April. Come, who has not been, the exhibition will not disappoint you.

On Friday, March 30, the official closing of the exhibition was held and diplomas were awarded to the winners.

The list of jury members: professors A. K. Zakian, S. I. Avdeev, teachers M. D. Musin, H. Z. Ganiev; students of the 3rd course: M. Babayants, S. and D. Suteev Orazgeldy.

The names are not all successful bidders is known (many works are not signed), so award found all the characters)). Head - assistant Professor M. D. Musin




Presentation of the award "Astana-Ardahym" to architect A. Rustambekov for the contribution to the architecture of the capital of Kazakhstan.


10.12.2017 the colorful ceremony of awarding the winners of the online competition, organized by the Akimat of Almaty, the Prize was held in the Palace of the Republic. This anniversary award is awarded to Almaty citizens who supported the idea of ​​the Leader of the Nation, President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev  about the transfer of the capital of Kazakhstan

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the capital of Kazakhstan - Astana, the award was presented to 20 categories of outstanding persons and specialists in science, education, construction and architecture, health, sports, art, journalism and literature.

The winner in the nomination "Architecture" was the Chairman of the Union of Architects of Kazakhstan, the Honorary Builder of the RK, member of the Board of Trustees of KazGASA, the author of the monument "Astana-Buteker" A. Rustambekov, who is also an active member of the Customer's Council of the Faculty of Architecture of the IOC (KazGASA).


We sincerely congratulate A.Rustambekov  with a prestigious award!




«Exhibition of study projects of the students of the Department of Architecture of KazGASA»

On 22 Novemeber 2017 in the Museum of Almaty there was held the opening of the  «Exhibition of study projects of the students of the Department of Architecture of KazGASA», whose purpose was to demonstrate to the urban community the abilities and achievements of student-architects, future planners of spaces and urban environments.
The visitors had chance to have an idea about the educational process of implementation of architectural projects made by students of the academy. There were presented physical models of both residential and public building and urban planning projects.
The exhibition was designed to inspire visitors to create and implement new concepts and also to be able to actually use them in a dynamically developing city like Almaty.



Exhibition "Continuity"

    From November 21 to November 30, 2017 in the Winter Garden of KazGASA there was an exhibition called

"Continuity". It is an exhibition of two artists - assistant professor Musin Murat Daniyarovich and teacher Lyceum at KazGASA

Teoman Hussein. They presented the viewer their picturesque works in the genre of landscape painting, graphic works,

as well as in the genre of landscape and in fragments of wood textures on small graphic sheets.




Congratulation of  academic professor Glaudinov BA 

                October 13, 2017 were celebration in connection with the 75th anniversary of Glaudinov Bekrimzhan Abakovich, doctor of architecture, academic professor of FA, Real Member (Academician) of the Architecture Academy of  East Countries, twice Honorary Worker of Kazakhstan Republic Education.

Nesipbaev A.S., MOK President heartily congratulated the jubilee at the Presidium. The collective of native Faculty of Architecture greeted Bekrimzhan Abakovich with great joy and piety in the dean's office.


Congratulations academic professors Glaudinov B. A. at the Presidium of MOK 


Congratulations academic professors Glaudinov B. A. on FA



Kapanov Adambek Kadyrbekovich

 The Architecture Department of the Kazakh Leading Architecture and Civil Engineering Academy has a remarkable tradition - the creation of classrooms dedicated to architects who made a significant contribution to the development of Kazakhstan architecture, working at the Department or who participated in the training of architects in practical work. Thus, classrooms dedicated to T.K. Basenov, M.M. Mendikulov, V.D. Kakorin, M.I. Reshetnev were opened at the faculty.


In 2011, the classroom of A.K.Kapanov was solemnly opened. A.K.Kapanov (1927-2011) was educated at the Moscow Architectural Institute, laureate of the State Prize of the USSR, in 1971-1983 he worked as the chief architect of the city of Almaty. In co-authorship with S.K. Baimagambetov prepared a monograph "Almaty - Architecture and Urban Development" in two volumes of Almaty, 2002.

Workshop at the Faculty of Architecture


On October 2, 2017 the Faculty of Architecture held a workshop with Professor Petrov S. K., Dean of natural Sciences faculty of BSTU "ВОЕНМЕХ ", Russia, Saint-Petersburg on the issues of further cooperation in the field of joint educational and scientific projects aimed at improving environmental safety in construction.

Discussion of plans for further cooperation


After the meeting, Professor S. K. Petrov and Professor Patrusheva tn. gave a lecture for students and teachers of FA on the theme: "Innovative noise-reducing and energy-saving measures in the metropolis".

Professor Petrov S. K.


 September 11, 2017 was one of the first events dedicated to the acquaintance of "first-year students" with a senior course at the Faculty of Architecture. This training helps the youngest course to adapt more quickly in the academic environment of the university, and also introduces them to new friends and internal rules in KazGASA. Within the framework of this event, there were collective competitions, intellectual-developing games, rebuses and interesting entertainment programs (dances, songs, etc.). 

2 May, 2017 the academic professor of Architectural Department of the IEC (KazLAACE campus), the Doctor of architecture, professor Bekrimzhan A. Glaudinov have talked on “Kazakhstan” TV channel about the subject "Creative Portrait of Zhandarbek Malibekov, the Honourable Citizen of Kazakhstan, Honored Architect of RK, Author of the State Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan".

Participation of DA professor B.A. Glaudinov in the “Айтуға оңай” program on “Khabar” channel


April 25, 2017 the “Khabar” agency within the program " Айтуға оңай " has held a meeting of educators who discussed questions of training of competitive experts and need of discovery of new perspective specialties. These questions became result of discussion of program article of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – the Leader of the nation N. A. Nazarbayev "A prospection: modernization of public consciousness". The academic professor of Architectural Department, the Doctor of Architecture B. A. Glaudinov has taken part in the program and has covered problems and the prospects of training of architects in KAZGASA.



Sh.I. Valikhanov’s Jubilee


April 26, 2017 - the anniversary of Sh.I.Valikhanov.

He is an Honorary professor at KazLAACI, Honored Architect of the Kazakh SSR, Laureate of the State Prize, an outstanding architect, sculptor, artist, writer.


The  "Khabar" Agency is preparing a TV show about the hero of the day. Associate Professor of the Faculty of Architecture of KazGASA - Samoylov K.I. - April 19, 2017. gave an interview to the agency "Khabar".



The 14th March 2017 at Faculty of Architecture there took place solemn delivery of the book "The Essay about Creativity of the Academician of Architecture Spiridon Kosmeridi G." to the student of group Arh to 13-9 Terlindi Alina Sergeyevna from the Chairman of the board of society of Greeks in Kazakhstan Spiridon Kosmeridi G. in honor of the share in the company of Greeks "A youth wing of the Greek cultural consolidation". The dean of Faculty of Architecture Iskhodzhanova Galina Rashetovna and the deputy dean for external relations and student's questions Atagulova Raushan Amangeldiyevna participated in an action.    


   Author lecture of Assel Yeszhanova – an architect and a founder of Urban Forum Almaty

      On 31 January, 2017 in the Hall of the Academic Council of KazGASA at 14:30 there was a meeting with the head of the Urban Forum Almaty, the architect Assel Yeszhanova. The meeting was held in the form of author lectures and discussions with the students and teaching staff of the Faculty of architecture in a series of cognitive, creative meetings “Yessenov lectures” on the basis of the Scientific and Educational Foundation named after academician Shahmardan Yessenov. The “Yessenov Lectures” is a series of guest lectures delivered by professionals and experts in various fields. The main objective of the lectures is to create an arena for students to interact with leading professionals to attain more knowledge and widen their scope.

   The lecturer spoke about the work in Kazakhstan and abroad, in particular, about the cooperation with the British architects and their work on projects in Europe, Canada, Middle East, etc. She also told about her way of becoming an architect, on experiences of studying abroad, the beginning of her initial activities, on being not only an architect, but an exhibition curator and an explorer, on the past and future projects and exhibitions, lectures and workshops.

 Media representatives interviewed  Assel Yeszhanova about the seminar for various information websites. Guests of the seminar visited the exhibition hall of the Faculty of Architecture and shot some frames for their video report about the last event.



"Architecture of the Republic of Kazakhstan during the Period since 1991-2016"

      The 8th December 2016  at Faculty of Architecture there has taken place the open author's seminar on the subject "Architecture of the Republic of Kazakhstan during the Period since 1991-2016" dated to the 25 anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. For students and professors of Faculty of Architecture the lecture was read by the doctor of architecture, the associated professor of KazGASA Kosmeridi Spiridon Georgiyevich. In brief he has told of design stages of such objects as the high-mountain skating rink "Medeo", summer theater in Gorky Park, Kazakhstan hotel, etc.





           The Faculty of Architecture  congratulates its Dean on her birthday. Dear Prof.  Galina Iskhodzhanova, we wish you good health, inexhaustible forces, great happiness, success in the implementation of creative ideas, good luck and prosperity.

 Professors and teaching staff of the Faculty of Architecture


      Bek Adam, a «KazAvtoZhol» representative, met the professors and teaching staff of the Architecture Department in IEC (KazGASA) on the 10 November 2016. During the visit, the Dean of the Department of Architecture Iskhodzhanova G.R. introduced the guest to the work principles of the Faculty of Architecture, showed student projects and the works of experienced teachers. The meeting also included the discussion on the possibility of further cooperation between the Department of Architecture and the company «KazAvtoZhol» in relation to the issues of transport system infrastructure development in Kazakhstan.




 Erasamus+ International mobility: the visit of Professor A.Tokayuka to KazGASA

 On 3-7 October 2016 the visit of the Professor of Bialystok University of Technology (Poland) Andrzej Tokayuka took place in KazGASA, organized within the European Union program Erasmus +. The international mobility of teachers and students of the Bialystok University of Technology (BUT) and KazGASA, which is actively developing since 2015 due to the Erasmus + program, helps in the rapprochement of our countries: in May 2016, the Professor at KazGASA’s faculty of architecture G.S.Abdrasilova has visited Bialystok and held a lecture to the students of faculty of architecture at BUT. The great contribution to the successful implementation of this project is made by the Bureau for International Cooperation at BUT, headed by Malgorzata Malinowska.

The recent visit of the Polish colleague to KazGASA was eventful: prof. A.Tokayuka has held series of lectures for undergraduate and graduate students of the Faculty of Architecture, he launched an exhibition of posters on Polish architecture, visited the Kazakh architects workshops in Almaty and Astana.

During the meeting with the Rector of KazGASA S.D.Sihimbayev prof. A.Tokayuka has expressed confidence in the success of the Erasmus + program and the further development of cooperation between the two universities.





















Faculty of Architecture congratulates wonderful teacher Zhumartova Kamila Gabdullovna with seventy anniversary!


Dear Kamila Gabdullovna, Your entire life is dedicated to the creative activity, is closely intertwined with the pedagogical practice. Your career path is based on the selfless work to return all of their forces to the service for the benefit of education, science and society. We are heartily congratulate you on the remarkable date, and wish you good health and boundless energy, a tireless cheerfulness, happiness, fulfillment of all the hopes and wonderful achievements




Vice-rector of Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) Dr. Jaume Armengou and Christian Lamberti UIC representative in Kazakhstan on 23.08.16. visited the Department of Architecture in IEC(KazGASA). During the visit guests met with professors and teaching staff were introduced with type of specialisations of future architects the context of syllabuses. He also visited exhibition halls displaying students projects and models.  Foreign guests had a meeting with the Dean of the Department of Architecture Iskhodzhanova G.R. and academic professors Abdrassilova G.S. Kozbagarova N.J. where in a very friendly and effective atmosphere the participants discussed the possible opportunities for cooperation. Special and active interest was when there was negotiation about joint scientific management of PhD students program and also students mobility issues.  With special warm approach vice-rector of UIC attended a meeting with associated professorsА.Tuyakayeva and N.Koyshanbaev "Bolashak" Presidential Scholarship Fellows who successfully completed scientific intern in School of Architecture at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya during 2013-2014. There was an exchange of information regarding the efficiency of international schools integration experience in improving of educational programs. There was expressed mutual interest in continue of scientific cooperation.

The Faculty of architecture has wide connections with many universities and companies in close and far abroad countries.

The Faculty takes active part in social life of KazGASA. There are celebrating traditionally Nauryz holiday, the International Architect’s Day, corporate picnics, volleyball competitions, chess tournaments, Spartakiade among teachers and professors and etc.

The faculty have had a responsibility for carrying out of celebration of New Year - 2015. The program of a holiday was organized in "country" style where numbers of amateur performances, suits, prizes and gifts corresponded to spirit and attributes of a farm style. As a party host  was an assistant professor of FA Raushan A. Atagulova.

By the nomination "The Best performance " were awarded:

FGC – I grade;

GHF – I I grade;


Lyceum KazGASA– I I I grade. 


The life of the Faculty of Architecture is full of interesting events related to various activities of the teachers, in addition to the educational process. It is a meeting with colleagues in a professional workshop, celebrating public and calendar holidays, social life activities KazGASA. We are pleased to honor our heroes of the day, which are the pride of the faculty.


Discussion of scientific and methodological issues at conferences. April 2016

Visiting PhD doctors Federiko Rossi (Italy) on the protection of theses FA May 2016

Congratulations to the architect. Assoc. Professor Karpykova DS, February 2016

Preparing for the New Year, the -2016 and funny scene at the banquet, December 2015


Visit with master classes by foreign scientists prof. MSUCE M.Ayhnerom (Germany), November 2015, and Professor. A. Frigerio (Italy), February 2016


Architectural community congratulated Honorary Professor MR Izbasar. Greeting poems Prof. FA Yesenov H.I. reads Greeting poems. May 2016


Discussion of problems of architectural education with the Council of Customers. February, 2016

Meeting with the architects to "Day of KAZGOR" and a joint poster of Faculty of Architecture and KAZGORa on BIM-technology. March, 2016


The traditional meeting of the Association of Graduates of Architectural and Construction Specialties (Awassi sheep). Graduates with a degree in "Architecture" - "AS-71", "AC-91" at the Faculty of Architecture. May 2016