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1.   Scientific work should be formalized as follows:

- UDC index (non-bold). Simultaneously with UDC, it is necessary to indicate the code of MRSTI (Interstate Rubricator of Scientific and Technical Information);

- design of headline data (in three languages):

- name surname;

- 1Place of author’s work (authors’) (see sample)

- Annotation in the language of article. It should contain a summary of the main results of research (in italics, no more than 8 lines, justified alignment).

- Keywords

2. Text of article:

- page format - A4, book orientation. Margins - 2 cm on all sides;

New Roman, color-black font, size-14 points, line spacing – single.

3. Text formatting: such actions on text as new paragraph, centering, indentation, hyphenation and tracking of interval are prohibited.

4. It is possible to use only vertical tables and figures. The drawings that are filled in colors are forbidden. All objects should be in black and white, with no shades. In exceptional cases, when the author makes an additional payment, it is possible to include color drawings. Images of high quality must be given for publication. The picture format should provide clarity of transmission of all details (the minimum size of picture – 90-120 mm, the maximum – 130-200 mm). Illustrations and tables are numbered if their number is more than one. All formulas should be created using the Microsoft Equation component or in the form of clear pictures.

5. The list of references under the headline "Literature" is located at the end of article (lowercase letters, non-bold, left alignment). In case of making a list of references, we have to specify all the elements of bibliographic description (author’s name, title of material, source, city, year, number and source page is necessary).

6. Formation of Internet reference should be in accordance with the requirements of State Education Standards.

7. In the text, references are numbered in square brackets. Unpublished works and textbooks are not included in the list of references. The author is responsible for the correctness of the data given in the list of references.

8. Abstracts in Kazakh /or Russian and English are given after the list of references.






UDC 904(574)


  E. M. Baytenov1, D. Turgenbayev1, A. S.Espenbet1

(1Kazakh Leading Academy of architecture and civil engineering,

1SNNP "Altyn-Emel»,

1Kazakh Leading Academy of architecture and civil engineering,

Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan)




Annotation. The purpose of this article is to provide information about ongoing research with coverage of preliminary results. The characteristic of petroglyphs, indented on the rocks and sacrificial altars in the region of Sholaktau ridge. The study of cultural heritage, interpretation and popularization of rock art will make it possible to fully use historical and cultural potential of natural park "Altyn Emel" in landscape and local history tourism.

Key words: petroglyph, sacrificial altars, saki tribes, sacral place, rock art.


Text.………………………………………………… .

Text.………………………………………………… .



1. E. M. Baitenov, G. A. Isabaev, A. S. Espenbet, M. M. Baitenov, Symbols, signs and inscriptions in Taigak gorge of Sholaktau ridge. //Bulletin of KazGASA, 2016, №3(61). - p. 23-27.





















1. The material proposed for publication should be original, unpublished earlier in     other publications.

2. Scientific and theoretical and experimental works on the problems of architecture, design, construction, social Sciences and Humanities are accepted for consideration.

3. The article must be completed scientific work, containing scientific novelty and/or practical significance, justification of proposed provisions.

4. Master students of KazGASA, KAU can publish articles in scientific journal "Bulletin of KazGASA" together with scientific supervisor or consultant. Supervisor or consultant is responsible for the authenticity and quality of the article.

5. The volume of scientific work – 5-12 pages.

6. Articles in Russian, Kazakh and English are accepted for consideration.

7. Only one author’s article and co-author’s article is allowed to be published in journal.

8. The article (except for reviews) should contain new scientific results.

9. The article should correspond to the subject and scientific level of the journal.

10. Publications in the journal are free for KazGASA and KAU teaching staff. It will be fee-paying for external authors, according to "Tariffs of basic and additional educational and related services provided by JSC ‘IEC’".

11. The manuscript must be signed by the editorial board member in the field of study and the director of scientific center. A certificate of verification for plagiarism must be attached.

12. Our website: www.vestnik-kazgasa.kz

Send articles to: nauka_kazgasa@mail.ru