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History of the library


The history of the library starts in 1980 on the opening day of the Almaty Architectural and Construction Institute based on the merger of the KazPTI (Kazakh Polytechnic Institute) and VZISI (All-Union Correspondence Engineering-Construction Institute) library foundations with the original collection of 128 000 copies and is inseparably tied with the Institute’s historical formation and development.

At present the library is the largest educational and cultural enlightenment unit.

The main goals of the library are as follows:

- promotion of the Institute’s competitiveness in the educational services market; 

- library and information support for educational and research and development processes;

- preservation of the Institute’s library collection and scientific heritage for future generations; and

- development of the information culture of the library’s users.

The rich universal collection numbers in more than 422 000 library items. Among them over 36 thousand items are in the national language. These are books, dissertations, and dissertation abstracts, CDs, audio and video cassettes, and periodicals. The library has a huge information potential in the fields of architecture and construction. There are also very rare editions in the library. The collection is regularly compiled per each institute speciality. Every year the library foundation is filled with periodicals, up to 30 kits of newspapers and over 100 titles of magazines. The library foundation corresponds to the requirements of training specialists per the profile of a higher educational institution.

The launch of the automated library information management system in the republic (RLMS – KABIS) “KABIS” gave the possibility to use new information technologies in the library work. The following development of an electronic catalogue and electronic files has enabled library readers to find necessary information about the book and choose books on a certain subject within a matter of minutes. There is also reference and search systems as “Zakon” and “Yurist” including  electronic information and reference database of statutory documents (SNiPs – construction rules and regulations, and etc.) in the library. Computers in electronic and multimedia rooms have been installed by drawing programs (AutoCAD and others). Readers have a free Internet access from 30 computers and are provided with relevant services.

A very high level of automation, regular increase in computer capacity, and the development of Internet technologies have made it possible for the library to start intensive activities for creating electronic resources and internal electronic libraries (the latter since 2009). Since 2010 the library has had an opportunity to introduce full text materials directly in the electronic catalogue.

The library areas cover 2440 square meters. They are premises redeveloped and repaired modernly, and equipped with new furniture and necessary technologies.

Library services for readers are based on two circulation divisions and are provided in six reading halls. One of the reading halls serves as a “winter” garden with exotic vegetation. The Winter Garden reading hall was built by students’ construction teams (SSO – 2004) and decorated by the students of Architecture and Design Faculties within the implementation of the Concept on the prospective development of KazGASA (Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Construction). A reading hall with an open access to literature was put in commission at the end of 2005.

Among various forms of servicing, reference-bibliographic and information work is of great importance. The library does reference and bibliographic work in several directions:

- compiling bibliographic cards and indices;

- issuing bibliographic references;

- carrying out information work;

- carrying on propaganda of library and bibliographic knowledge.

For better acquaintance of the public with its foundations the library arranges the so-called “Information days”, “Department days”, “Diploma student’s day”, “First year student’s week”, including thematic literature overviews. The library also arranges literature exhibitions.

From the day of the library foundation up to May 2006 the library was headed by Baken Bulantayevna Aikynbayeva. The process of library formation, compilation of educational, scientific, fiction collections, including equipping the library areas with modern information technology facilities took place under the supervision of B.B. Aikynbayeva.

The personnel of the library are a force in the librarian society of the city, and they do much good to the professional and spiritual education of the Academy students.

The library is a member of the Library Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan and of the Library Association of libraries of higher educational institutions. It takes part in international and regional conferences, seminars, and meetings.

The library of the Academy is represented in Internet and has its own electronic address:biblioteka@kazgasa.kz

The library is a centre of spreading knowledge, and of spiritual and intellectual communication and culture. The library activities are aimed at solving the following issues: formation of an all-round personality of a student and assistance in training qualified specialists and academic staff who will be sought after by the labor market.

The doors of the library are always open for readers! Welcome to the library!