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History of faculty

 Faculty of construction technologies, infrastructure and management


 In the first years after the opening of AASI, the Technological Faculty was established (in 2005 the Faculty of Building Technologies was renamed), later - Faculty of Economics. From the day of foundation for many years deans of the basic faculties were Academician of the RK, d.t.s., prof., Saybulatov S.Zh. and d.e.s., prof., Adilov Zheksenbek (later the rector of KazNTU named after Satpaev) respectively.



 Adilov Zheksenbek

In 2006, the FTS and FEM were merged into one - FSTEM, it included specialties: Production of building materials, components and structures, Technology of woodworking and wood products (by fields of application), Economics, Accounting and Audit, Management. The faculty was headed by an c.t.s., assoc.prof., Espaeva Alma.

From 2013 to 2017 FTISM faculty was headed by c.e.s., assoc.prof., Adilova Dinar (at present - Acting Vice-Rector-Director of the KazGASA campus).

Since 2017 the dean of FSTIM - c.t.s., assoc.prof., Omirzhanova Zhanat.


Currently, the faculty prepares six bachelor's degrees, seven master's degrees and two doctorates. Each specialty was opened long before the creation of the Faculty of STIM and has its own history.




1)     Specialty «Production of building materials, wares and structures» (bachelor's, master's, doctoral)




Описание: F:сканерсканирование0005.jpg



The history of the formation of the direction began in 1980, the year of the opening of the Alma-Ata Architectural and Construction Institute (AASI). The direction was presented by two departments - the newly opened department of "Production of Building Materials, Products and Structures" and "Building Materials" - transferred from KazPTI to the separated AASI, one of the oldest at the Civil Engineering Faculty of the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute.

The founder of the department was the former rector of AASI, now academician of the Engineering Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, d.e.s., prof., Baibolov Serekpek, who personally formed the teaching staff.

Teachers of the department were represented by graduates of graduate schools of leading universities of the USSR, promising scientists of one of the largest at that time in the USSR research and design institute of building materials NIISTROMPROEKT.

In subsequent years, there was an optimization, restructuring of the departments. For many years, the Chair of Building Materials was headed by c.t.s., assoc.prof., Yermekbaeva Roza, who provided a high level of the organization of the educational process and, correspondingly, knowledge in the direction of the department to many generations of engineers of architectural and construction specialties - graduates of the Institute.


From the chair of PMMIK, two graduating departments were established in the specialty: "Technology of building materials, products and structures", headed by the academician RK, d.t.s., professor, Laureate of the State Prize of the RK, head of the scientific school of technology effective ceramics, Saibulatov S. and "Technology of concrete and binding substances", headed by academician of the RK, d.t.s., professor, head of the scientific school of technology of modified concrete Solovyov Vladimir. Since 2000, the newly united department was headed by professor Saibulatov S.


Solovyov Vladimir


In these years, the department was taught and directed the training of doctoral and post-graduate students, incl. foreign: d.t.s., professor, Academician of the RK Saduakasov Mederbai, Head of the Scientific School of Gypsum Materials Technology; d.t.s., professor, academician of the RK Shintemirov Kaber (dealing with corrosion of reinforcement and the development of blowing agents for concrete); d.t.s., professor, academician of the RK Mirzakhodzhaev Asilbek; (a well-known scientist in the field of glass-crystalline materials); d.eng.s., professor,  Albert Alchevich (who made a significant contribution to the development of the technology of arbolite in the former USSR); Professor Navrezov Shinas (formerly the chief engineer of the project in NIISTROMProject).

A significant contribution to the training of specialists was made by c.t.s., assoc.prof., Ramazanov Erkin (for some time he was engaged in the Faculty of Technology), Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Zhakipbekov Sharipkhan (later he was the head of the FTIM direction), c.t.s., assoc.prof., Izzhanov Marat, assoc.prof., Irina Shafranskaya, associate professor Doylida Alla, associate professor Berezovskaya Tatyana, associate professor Vagina Zhanna, d.t.s., professor Kuatbaev Azat, d.t.s., professor Kolesnikova I.V., c.t.s., assoc.prof. Abdrakhmanova Klara, c.t.s., assoc.prof. Kaliyeva Zh .T.

The team of the department carried out successful developments in the field of polymer composite materials was known the development of effective ceramics - gilded ceramics (development was introduced at a number of factories in Kazakhstan and Russia), as well as modified gypsum materials, functional additives for concrete.

The AASI-KazGASA had an interregional council for the protection of dissertations (Kazakhstan, Central Asia, southern Siberia), specialty 05.23.05 -Construction materials.

In 1985, the first graduates of engineers of the specialty took place. Among the first issues - leading experts, heads of enterprises and organizations: Ganina SA. director of LLP Remstroytehnik; Saybulatov S.S. - President of JSC Caspian Engineering Group; Kuatbaev A.K. - Vice-Rector for Science of MAB; Kozhakhmetov M.B. - Director of the BASF branch in Astana.

Heads of the direction were d.t.s., prof. Zhakipbekov Sh.K., d.t.s., prof. Makhambetova U.K.

Currently, the direction is headed by d.t.s., Academic Professor Kolesnikova I.V.

The main areas of research at the department are currently: the development of high-performance concretes and efficient ceramics based on local raw materials.

The branches and bases of the practices of the department were opened in LLP "Knauf", LLP "NIIstromproject, LLP" TELSIM ", LLP" Temirbeton-1 ", LLP" Remstroitenika".



1)     Specialty «Technology of woodworking and wood products» (by fields of application) (bachelor's, master's and doctoral)

From 2005 to 2017, this direction was headed by c.t.s., associate. prof. Espaeva A.S. Since September 2017, the direction is headed by c.t.s., associate. prof. Shaltabaeva S.T.


The founder of this specialty is Shevchenko Anatoly Dmitrievich, who organized the educational process of this specialty and attracted specialists of furniture and woodworking industries. His invaluable work experience at the leading enterprises of Kazakhstan undoubtedly provided high-quality training for young specialists in woodworking.

Описание: D:Рабочий столистория ТДО 2014ТДО в Китае2.JPG

A great contribution to the development of the specialty "Technology of woodworking and wood products" (by application areas) was made by experienced production workers Rogovaya V.G., Shestakova G.N., and c.t.s., associate. prof. Espaeva A.S., which was the head of the department in 2000-2017. Under her leadership, groups with Kazakh language of instruction were opened, the staff of the department was enlarged, graduates-teachers were recruited: c.t.s., associate. prof. Shaltabaeva S.T., c.t.s., associate. prof. Sambetbaeva A.K., c.t.s., associate. prof.  Kurmanbekova E.B. and etc.

The ATS of this specialty are included in the authorship of the State Standards of Education, model curricula, model programs, they are constantly participating and are winners of open competitions of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on state procurement of services, development of specialty and discipline teaching and methodological complexes.

The state of the educational and methodological provision of the specialty TDIiID, the laboratory and production base, the organization of the educational process, the state of scientific research work, and the material and social base testify to the sufficiency and feasibility of training specialists in accordance with the requirements of the State Obligatory Standard of Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The multimedia audiences of «BASF-Central Asia» JSC, «KNAUF» LLP, «Raiz and K» LLP are equipped for the students of the specialty.

The teaching staff of the specialty "Technology of woodworking and wood products" (by areas of application) maintains links with wood processing enterprises, some of which became branches of the faculty: JSC "Certification Center", KNAUF LLP, Reiz Group LLP, BMG Engineering LLP and others On the basis of these enterprises, bachelors, undergraduates and doctoral students conduct all types of practices and research.


Today the ATS successfully works such as c.t.s., associate. prof. Shaltabaeva S.T., c.t.s., associate. prof. Sambetbaeva A.K., c.t.s., associate. prof.  Kurmanbekova E.B., assistant. prof. Arkabaeva Z.R., assisit. prof. Aitbaev D.

3) Specialty «Safety of Life’s Activity and Environmental Protection» (master's) 

Описание: D:Рабочий столРабочий столПоследный 16.06.2014ХронологияФото Хронология 1957-2004Сагимбаев.jpg

 The first head of the department was c.t.s.assoc.prof. Sagimbayev GK, former deputy. chairman of the State Planning Committee of the Kazakh SSR, who in his time achieved the opening of 29 universities, including AASI. Later, after working for a while together, we began to understand the scale of the person who brought us to fate. He was a man of the highest erudition, possessed phenomenal memory, extraordinary perceptiveness, was distinguished by strict morals and high demands on the quality of the work performed.


Corresponding Member AS KazSSR d.t.s.professor Chulakov P.Ch. headed department from 1987 to 1991. The development of the teaching, methodical and scientific research work of the department is associated with his name. The concept of the students' ecological education was developed, a number of fundamentally new methodological instructions on engineering calculations in labor protection. As a young teacher with pleasure attended his studies, gaining experience in teaching methods and lecturing.

Описание: D:Рабочий столРабочий столПоследный 16.06.2014ХронологияФото Хронология 1957-2004Чулаков.jpg

He had the special gift of expressing complex material with a simple accessible language, for which he was adored by students.


From 1992 to 2004 the department was headed by c.t.s.assoc.prof. Karpikov S.S., Zharaspayev M.T. and Kasenov K.M., who made a significant contribution to the development of the department.

Описание: D:Рабочий столРабочий столПоследный 16.06.2014ХронологияФото Хронология 1957-20041997 БЖДвание0005.jpg


Chair "Life and Law Safety" (1997) 

In 1995, the specialty "Ergonomics and labor protection" was opened by c.t.s.assoc.prof Karpikov S.S. and the participation of the teaching staff of the department. In the same year, the first set of students for a specialty was made. In 1998 the department became a part of the Educational Scientific and Methodological Center for Emergency Situations, headed by c.t.s.assoc.prof. Botabekov A.K., who founded the specialty "Protection in Emergency Situations" and "Technical and Legal Expertise in Emergencies".

In this direction worked highly qualified teachers: Kasenov K.M., Zharaspayev M.T., Tazhigulova B.K., Shatanov A.A., Pochanov S.M., Slambaeva A.K., Kelemeshev A.A., Nurgabylov U.Sh., Azhieva G.I., Zharaspayeva G.Zh., Zhumagulova R.E., Seidaliev T.O., Dyusenova Zh.A., Kordakova N.I.

Now this direction is headed by c.t.s.assoc.prof. Tazhigulova B.K., she has been working since the foundation of KazGASA (1980).


Specialty «Geodesy and cartography» (bachelor's, master's)

Specialty 3201 - "Applied Geodesy" was opened in 1987, on the initiative of a group of teachers: c.t.s.assoc.prof. Atrushkeevich PA, c.t.s.assoc.prof. Sorokina GA, c.t.s.assoc.prof. Kislova PM, c.t.s.assoc.prof. N.B. Kalabaeva, c.t.s.assoc.prof. Ostropiko PA, c.t.s.assoc.prof. Lototsky VD, Kartasheva AN, Barysheva L., Pilguk AV, Makareyevich A., Karelina O.V., Schekuteyeva M.A. and many others.

Many of them became known, not only in the field of geodesy and cartography, but also in general for the RK. So, the first head of the department "Engineering geodesy" was Atrushkevich P.A.

A great contribution to the development of the specialty "Applied Geodesy" was made by Ostropiko P.A., head of the department in 1988-1994. Under his leadership, scientific research was carried out in the Almaty geodynamic training ground for the exploration of the earth's crust movement in the Kapchagai reservoir for the purpose of geodetic monitoring. A postgraduate course in the specialty "Geodesy" was opened, groups with Kazakh language of instruction were opened, the staff of the department was enlarged, teachers were recruited: Pentaev T.P., Isekeyeva G.B., Kerimbayev K., Degtyareva E.M., Kirilov S.V., Kenesbaeva A., Zemtsova A.V., Postrigan T.A., Omirzhanova Zh.T. etc.


The department was divided and united repeatedly. At one time the department was headed by c.t.s., assoc.prof. Lototsky V.D., c.t.s., assoc.prof. Sorokina G.A. and c.t.s., assoc.prof. Pentaev T.P.




In the years of transition to a multilevel system of training, introduction of a credit training system, the development of the first standards of education, the department was headed by c.t.s.assoc.prof. Pentaev T.P. I want to note the contribution of Kurmankozhaev A.K. during his time in KazGASA, under his leadership, 1 doctoral thesis (Pentaev T.P.), 3 candidate dissertations (Omirzhanova Zh.T., Bastaubaeva D.Zh., Orazbaev K.T.) were protected.


It can be noted the successful participation of the faculty in the international project Tempus. The result of this project is the opening of two specialized educational classrooms equipped with computers and GIS programs "ArcGIS" and "ERDAS", GPS receivers, electronic total stations, etc. Short-term courses on GIS technologies and geodetic equipment were organized at the Royal Technical Institute (Stockholm, Sweden) and the University of Western Hungary (Székesfehérvár, Hungary).



The Opening ceremony of specialized educational audiences and the laboratory of geoinformation systems (GIS) by Kusainov A.A.



                             Описание: G:�9061702.JPG



5) Specialty «Construction». Specializations:  «Economy and Management in Construction» is headed by master Tukhtamisheva A.Z. During the economic boom that occurred in the late 90's and early 2000's, an unprecedented set of students for economic specialties gave a powerful impetus to the development and development of the scientific potential of the Department of "Evaluation, Economics and Management". A huge contribution to the improvement of the department, now deceased, Professor Chang Chung Ngia, Vietnamese by birth. Under his leadership came a whole galaxy of candidates and doctors of economic sciences.


Описание: F:сканирование0002.jpg


Pedagogical composition of the economic direction (2006)


In those years, large student flows flowed into economic specialties, in one stream there were more than 150 students. Life itself dictated new requirements for the formation of a strong and highly professional team of teachers. At 3 departments, training was conducted on several specialties at once: «Evaluation», «World Economy», «Marketing», «Economics», «Accounting and Audit» and «Management».

Esenberlina Dilfruza for a long time led the faculty, and then the department, which also contributed its worthy contribution to strengthening the economic direction of our academy.

It should be noted that it was with the assistance of Yesenberlinа D. branches of the faculty on economic direction at the enterprises of the city of Almaty were opened. Such large construction companies as JSC National Holding Company «Almatykurylys», JSC Corporation «VEK», JSC company «Imstalkon» and others are still the place of passing the production and pre-graduation practices of our students. Within the walls of these companies, defense diploma projects of students of economic specialties passed and are being passed.

Today the following qualified personnel work and contribute to the further management and strengthening of the economic direction (Economics, Accounting and Audit, Management, and Construction, EMC specialization): Adilova DA, Daurbekova S.Zh., Ilyasova KA, Nurzhanova KA, Tukhtamisheva AZ, Kibaeva A., Perneeva G., Daulbaev A.K.

On the basis of two specialties, the departments "Construction Economics", "Entrepreneurship and Business in Construction", "Evaluation and Management in Construction" were established. At different times were the heads of the departments Musin SG, Shcherbakov AI, Kozachun GU, Mahmudov KhL, Esenberlina DI, Muktarova GB, Kosolapov GV, Chan Chung Ngia , Sabatayeva B.O., Amanbaev U.A., Adilova DA,  Yesenberlinа D.  Since September 2017 this direction is headed by an assistant. prof. Tukhtamisheva A.Z.