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For decades, Victory Day in our country is considered to be one of the most touching, soulful holidays and glorious date. No other holidays can compare with it.

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On April 25-26 “Zhas Tolgyn” competition took place in Almaty within the framework of the 5th republican “New generation is future of Kazakhstan” students’ festival. Festival is organized by the Foundation of the First President, Leader of nation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main purpose of this project is to involve students in the scientific field.

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Visa and registration of the foreign students studying in KazGASA

According to the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Migration" dated 22.07.2011 No. 477-IV, the law "On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Republic of Kazakhstan" dated June 19, 1995, No. 2337 as amended on 22.07.2011, every foreign citizen or stateless person at the entrance to the Republic of Kazakhstan must obtain and complete a migration card. The migration card is filled by a foreign citizen in person - clearly, without corrections, in Russian. If the foreign national does not speak Russian, than it’s allowed to fill in personal information using Latin alphabet in accordance with the data specified in the passport or other identity document. The migration card is completed for each foreign citizen, regardless of age. In "The purpose of arriving in the Republic of Kazakhstan" must specify: study.

1. A foreign citizen may enter into the territory of Kazakhstan and complete study in KazGASA only on the basis of the educational visa. The invitation of the International Department of KazGASA is issued in advance. Deadline for submission of the required documents to the International Department - not later than 45 days prior to the expected date of entry to the country. The invitation is issued in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Almaty, the turnaround time for invitation - 5-15 days.

2. A foreign student must register in the Migration police Department within five days upon arrival in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Reception days of the Migration Police Department of the DIA in Almaty for migration registration: Tuesday and Friday, from 10.00 to 12.00.

3. To extend the registration a foreign student must apply to the International Department for 5 days prior to the registration expiration date (if the registration deadline is on September 1, student must apply August 25).

4. Within 1 business day after the crossing of the border of the Republic of Kazakhstan foreign student is required to contact the International Department: 28, Ryskulbekov street, office A16, Almaty, tel.: +7 727 3096273, e-mail:, and provide the following documents:

If student is staying in the dormitory of KazGASA

а) National passport (in the original);
б) Copy of the national passport;
в) Migration card with a note on crossing the border (original + copy);
г) Certificate of HIV Infection Test;
д) For the 1st year students, 2 photo, size 3x4cm;

If a student is staying with the private individual / rental apartment:

a) National passport (in the original)

b) Copy of the national passport

c) Migration card with a note on crossing the border (original + copy);

d) Certificate of HIV Infection Test;

e) For the 1 year students, 2 photo, size 3x4cm;

f) A notarized statement with the consent of the owner of the dwelling for the head of Migration Police Department of the DIA in Almaty (for staying of a foreign student in the place belonging to said owner and to the migration registration at the address);

g) copy of the identity card of the owner of the dwelling;

h)  copy of the Residential lease contract;

i)  Copy of the House register.    

5. Before leaving for winter and summer holidays it is necessary for the international student from abroad to issue an entry/exit visa. Upon return in Almaty after the summer holidays student shall again undertake a migration registration procedure.

6. The foreign students shall promptly inform the staff of the International Department of KLAACE on all changes relating to the place of residence, contact information, change of status (obtaining a temporary residence permit, residence permit, citizenship of the RoK).

7. Upon the exit of the Republic of Kazakhstan during the academic year for other reason, the student must provide to the International Department of KazGASA statement stating the reason for departure during study time and a resolution of the Dean.


The foreign students are not eligible to work in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. According to the Administrative Offence Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the delayed application of a foreign citizen for migration registration is considered an administrative offence and may be punished with a fine. If you lost your documents, please immediately inform the International Department. We earnestly ask foreign students not to leave the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan during the academic year unless absolutely necessary.


For all question, please contact International Department, office A12 tel.:2208093 (extension number 1130)