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Within the framework of the delegation's visit of scientists from the Hachinohe Institute of Technology (Hachinohe, Japan) to our academy headed by President Akira Hasegawa and Chairman of the Board of Directors Toshimichi Yanagiya is scheduled to organize a meeting in the ACH on June 18 at 10:00 and to hold a seminar on "Issues of geotechnical construction for large cities"

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ILF Graduate Recruitment 2018

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The main tasks of methodical work are:

• improvement of educational process organization, intensification of the quality of language teaching disciplines;

• completeness of teaching materials on social and humanities (Curriculum, syllabus, hand-outs, media-textbooks, power point presentation, materials for achievement tests).

            Functions of scientific-methodical council of the department and current work of teaching staff:

• improvement of teaching methods of all kinds of lessons;

• Analysis and generalization of teaching experience of leading and senior teachers at the department;

• introduction of information technology education in learning process and use of modern training facilities;

• discussion and recommendation to the publication of textbooks, educational and methodical materials.

There are four sections on the department. Kazakh, Russian, English and social sciences. The teaching staff works on systematization and improvement of educational and methodical complex on disciplines of the department.

Each year, the teaching staff of the department  implements full training and methodological support in the disciplines of the department, compile the card of methodical support, database of tests, exam questions, develop materials for midterm control, hand outs, training materials in Power-Point, educational-methodical literature.

Once a month, the teaching staff of the department held methodical seminar, where discusses modern educational technologies and teaching methods that increase the assimilation of educational material by students. On the methodological seminar teachers share their experience. Current topics of seminars and described training techniques  are recommended for publication and use in the educational process.

 According to the approved schedule for each semester are held video presentations of studies in the disciplines of the department. Video presentation of public activities are analyzed and discussed.

The teaching staff of the DGHT train on the new training program at the Center of improvement of pedagogical skills ("Orleu” and Turan-Profi) and its affiliates, as well as leading universities of the country.

Experienced teachers are mentors for young teachers and attend classes with the aim of providing guidance in their professional development, as well as in the formation of high-quality personnel of the department and conducting lectures, seminars and workshops, as well as LIW and office hours.

In order to ensure the methodological training of specialists of the department teachers annually  textbooks, teaching and learning manuals are published, as well as educational and methodological developments on the implementation of practical (lab) classes, LIW and office hours, which are provided invaluable assistance in the optimization of the educational process.

The educational manual "Universal criteria of complex assessment of language proficiency» was developed under the guidance of the President of Academy, professor  A.A. Kussainov. With a view of their implementation the manual was repeatedly analyzed and improved. A   plenty of work was done on the development of 4 volume Kazakh-Russian-English explanatory dictionary of terms in architecture and construction. 

The teaching staff of linguists  disciplines of the department has developed linguistic complex on three languages ​​(Kazakh, Russian, English) under the guidance of the President of KazGASA  A.A.Kusainov, which has been used successfully in the classroom.

The topics of methodical council activity of the department are considered discussed and approved at the meeting of the Methodical Council of the department.




Interuniversity seminar at General Humanitarian Training Department

On April 21 at the General Humanitarian Training Department (DGHT) there were organized interuniversity seminar ‘Formation of professional competence of high school students in the professional-focused foreign language training’ which was organized by the English teaching staff of DGHT.

Teachers of foreign languages from KAU, Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages, K. Ryskulov Economic University, Almaty Technological University took part at the seminar.

Participants from different universities exchanged their linguistic and methodical views on science and teaching practice with each other.