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On October 25, 2018 the meeting of the chairman of the state certifying commission Shintemirov Temir (the CEO of «Bogo» LLP, Candidate of Technical Sciences) was taken place with the 4th year students of the specialty "Production of building materials products and structures". He is a graduate of KazGASA, also he was a reviewer and head of graduation projects for several years, was the chairman of the West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University named after Zhangir Khan. The meeting was organized by members of the commission I. Kolesnikovа and A. Baisarievа.


The main students' questions were: “How to choose a topic in the material production industry?”, “What computer programs to apply in graduate design?”, “How to avoid plagiarism when everything is already in the Internet sources?”, “What programs will be needed in production? "," How and what you need to know to get a good job? ", etc.


The chairman and members of the SAC answered all questions of students. The meeting held in the form of discussion was very interesting.



On October 12, 2017, a meeting with the Chairman of the State Attestation Commission - Akhmetov Daniyar Akbulatovich, Doctor of Technical Sciences, General Director of NIIStromproject LLP together with the 4th course on the specialty "Production of building materials for products and structures" was held at the Kazakh Head Architecture and Construction Academy. The meeting was organized by members of the commission Kolesnikov I.V., Baisariev A.M.


The students actively asked questions to the chairman of the SAC on the topic of the thesis project. One of the topical questions was how to choose a topic, what actual material to choose, what computer programs to use, etc. The chairman and members of the SAC answered all questions of interest to the students.



Cooperation with the company "HERE Kazakhstan continues

Azhar Nurtazina is Head of the Department of HERE Kazakhstan conducted a lecture on Web-mapping for students of the 2nd and 3rd year of specialty 5B071100- "Geodesy and Cartography" in the framework of the pilot cooperation with the International Education Corporation on October 12, 2017. HERE produces navigation car maps for more than 200 countries and has offices in 55 countries with a total staff of 6,000 people. The lecture covered the basic principles of working with the mapping tool Map Creator, the main purpose of which is the mapping of the road network in the database wego.here.com based on satellite imagery. The main training course will be held in February 2018. Students within the framework of this project will be engaged in vectorization of digital automobile maps in online mode, as well as field decoding of space images to the territory of Almaty. The results of the work will be counted as a production practice. Thus, students are offered an excellent opportunity, firstly, to get skills in the GIS program, where the results will be loaded into various devices, in the form of automobile gadgets, pocket GPS, etc., and secondly, they will pass the production practice ahead of time, so most extend their summer vacation.

This course is the second one, last year 13 students of the groups GIK-14-1,2 participated in this project, as a result of which 63 326 links to the GIS map of the neighboring Turkmenistan were digitized, where the coverage of HERE Maps was quite outdated. After the successful integration of the road network, the city of Turkmenistan is complemented by the missing geometry. Upon completion of the production practice, all students were awarded certificates of international standard. And the best student, who showed good results, won a new smartphone (Kabylbek Erasyl-st. Group GIK-14-1).


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February 27, 2017 at the Faculty of Construction Technologies, Infrastructure and Management was held student research conference. The total number of participants is more than 10 students, 4 of them were selected for further participation in the XVII Annual Republican Scientific Student Conference "Student and Science: A Glimpse into the Future", which will be held on April 21, 2017.





May 16, 2017 International Scientific and Practical Conference "Innovative and High-Tech Technologies in the Construction Industry"

Conference sections:

"Advanced technologies in woodworking", "Effective technologies in the production of CM"

Section moderators - Academic Professor Kolesnikova Inna

associate professor Kurmabekova Elmira

"New in the field of geodesy", "Economics and management in construction"

Moderator of the section is acad. prof. Omirzhnova Zhanat

Secretary - assistant.prof. Kartbaeva Kuralay

"Safety of life and protection of the environment"

Section moderator is an associate. prof. Tazhigulova Bibinur

 The secretary is an associate. prof. Zhumagulova Rose



Dear schoolchildren!

We invite you to participate in the school Olympiad, which will be held on March 18, 2017, at 2:00 pm at the International Educational Corporation at the Faculty of STIM on the following topics:

1. "The house of my dreams with the use of modern materials" (5В073000 - Production of building materials, products and structures)

2. "My business in construction" (5В050600-Economy)

3. "Map of my country" (5В071100-Geodesy and cartography)

4. "Wooden products with their own hands" (5В0725000-Technology of woodworking and wood products)

The purpose of the Olympiad is to identify potential entrants to the IOC.

The winner of the Olympiad (1 - place) is entitled to 100% discount, the owner of the 2nd place a 50% discount, the third place a - 25% for tuition fees for the 1st semester of the 1st year.

And also, all participants will be awarded certificates. To participate in the Olympiad we invite not only Almaty residents, but also schoolchildren from other cities.

All references by phone: 309-62-80, 87078015511  Umirbaeva Aliya



On March 18, 2017, the school Olympics was held in the directions "Technology of woodworking and wood products", 5В071100- "Geodesy and cartography", 5В072900 - "Construction" specialization: 5B072907- "Economics and management in construction", 5В073000 - "Production of building materials and products of constructions ».

The purpose of the Olympiad is to identify potential applicants from KazGASA from talented schoolchildren.

The schoolchildren of Almaty region, Karasay district, Bekbolat settlement, Almaty region, Dzhambul district, Uzynagash village, Atyrau, Maly Academy of Arts named after A.Ya. N.Tlendieva, Applied art, etc.

To view the work performed products, which were prepared in advance, was given 1 hour, the participants of the Olympiad defended their work before the jury (answered questions, described their work).

Participants are given the opportunity to communicate in the state and Russian languages ​​at will.






Results of the 2017 Olympics held among schoolchildren


1) in the direction 5В071100- «Geodesy and cartography»:

                1 st place - Shakirzanova Angelina

                2 nd place - Berkina Cristina

                3 rd place - Elena Popelnykh


2) in the direction of 5В072500 - Technology of woodworking and wood products (by areas of application)

                1 st place - Murat Damir Muratly

                2 nd place - Esenov Armand

                3 place - Oman Nurbol Tleuzhanuly


3) in the direction of 5В072900 - "Construction"

specialization: 5B072907- "Economics and Management in Construction"

                1 place - Kuanyshbekov Alisher

                2 nd place - Sannikova Maria

                3 place - Bugekhanov Sagadat


4) in the direction 5В073000 - "Production of building materials and products of structures"

                1 st place - Aitbaeva Nazira

                2 place - Alimbek Eribetbetov

3 place - Temirhan Arman





On September 24, 2011. Methodological Seminar on economic specialties on "Methodology of Ums of  economic specialties on the basis of Dublin descriptors".

Responsible: Daurbekova S.J. - PhD, prof. assist (specialty "MaA"); Shagataev B.A. - Master, assist. prof. (specialty "EMS"); Kulahmedova G.T. - PhD, assots.prof. (Specialty "Economy").

September 25, 2011. Scientific seminar on "Penetrating of waterproofing materials".

Responsible: Baranov M.A. - Director of "Penetron Almaty".

October 24, 2011. Scientific seminar on "Modern dry mix".

Responsible: LLP «BASF».

October 29, 2011. Methodological Seminar on "WWT" on "Compliance with the content of SES -2011 of WWT specialty to modern qualification requirements of Eurocodes and Dublin descriptors ".

Responsible: Espaeva A.S. - Ph.D., acad. Prof; Rogovaya V.G. - assots.prof.; Kurmanbekova E.B. - Ph.D., assots.prof; Shaltabaeva S.T. - Ph.D., assots. prof .

Methodological Seminar on "Methodology of building construction plans in a graphical environment of AutoCAD". Responsible: Vagina J.V. - Assoc . prof.

November 26, 2011. Methodological Seminar in "PCMAS" on the theme: "The content and scope of special disciplines of PCMAS direction by SES - 2011».

Responsible: Zhakipbekov S.K. - Dr. acad.prof; Ibraimbaeva G.B. - Ph.D., assots.prof.; Eselbaeva A.G. – cand. Of tech.s., assots.prof; Makhambetova W.K. - D. N., Assots.prof.

November 23, 2011. Methodological Seminar on GAC on the theme: "The introduction of modern surveying technology in the learning process".

Responsible: J.T. Omirzhanova - Ph.D., assots.prof .

December 15, 2011. Scientific seminar on the theme: "Stages of the implementation of Eurocodes in Kazakhstan".

Responsible: D.I. Esenberlin - Ph.D., assots.prof, director of the Institute for Advanced Studies building trades; Daurbekova S.J. - PhD, acad.prof; Shagataev B.A. - MA , Assoc . prof.

December 21, 2011. Scientific seminar on the topic "New in the regulations on fire safety".

 Responsible: Tazhigulova B.K. - Ph.D., Acad. prof.; Zhumagulova R.E. - Ph.D., Assoc Prof.

January 15, 2012. Scientific seminar on «Comparative analysis of the application of ACCESS GOST and Eurocodes".

Responsible: Espaeva A.A. - Ph.D., acad. prof.

January 19, 2012. Scientific seminar on the theme: "The methodological basis of the forecast of air pollution by harmful substances».

Responsible: Azhieva G.I. - Ph.D., Assoc. prof.; Zharaspaeva G.J. - Ph.D., Assoc. prof.

January 21, 2012. Methodological seminar on the subject «Chemistry" on the topics:

"The introduction of modern technologies in the study of graduate courses»

Responsible: Egemberdieva G.A. - Ph.D., assots.prof.

"Колледж oқushylaryna praktikalyқ sabaқtardy өtkіzu erekshelіkterі"

Responsible: Smagulova DA - Ph.D., assots.prof .

Methodological Seminar on "LS" on the topic: "Teaching courses "Safety" and "Environment and Sustainable Development" and their role in training. Responsible: Tazhigulova B.K. - PhD, Assoc Prof.; Zharaspaeva G. - Ph.D., assots.prof. , R.E. Zhumagulova - Ph.D., assots.prof.


February 18, 2012. Methodological Seminar on "PCMAS" on the theme: "A New Vision of discipline" processes and equipment"

Responsible: Zhakipbekov S.K. - Dr. acad.prof. , Ibraimbaeva G.B. - Ph.D., assots.prof., Vagina J.V. - Assots.prof .

March 10, 2012. Methodological Seminar on WWT on "Wood Building: Practical Applications and international experience"

Responsible: Espaeva A.S. - Ph.D., assots.prof.; Rogovaya V.G. - assots.prof; Kurmanbekova E.B. - Ph.D., assots.prof.; Shaltabaeva S.T. - Ph.D., assots.prof.

April 14, 2012. Methodological Seminar on economic specialties on the theme: "The use of technical regulation of construction activity in the learning process of the Republic of Kazakhstan»,"The theory of markets and maximization the profits of the firm"

Responsible: D.I. Esenberlin - Ph.D., Assoc. prof.; Daurbekova S.J. - PhD, assots.prof . (Specialty "MAA"); Kaldygozhina S.A. - Assist.prof . (Specialty «EMC").

May 12, 2012. Methodological Seminar on GAC on the topic: "Educational disciplines and industrial innovation"

Responsible: J.T. Omirzhanova - Ph.D., assots.prof . ; Zubov O.A. - Ph.D., Assoc. prof.; Yatsenko E.S. - Assist. prof.; Zheksenbaeva D.N. - Assist . prof.

June 16, 2012 . Methodological seminar on the subject "Chemistry" on the topics:

"Methodology for the introduction of new technologies in the practical training in the discipline of "Chemistry of building materials'"

Responsible: Egemberdieva G.A. - Ph.D., assots.prof .

"Methodology for the introduction of new technologies in the lectures on the subject" Chemistry of building materials”.  Responsible: Smagulova D.A. - Ph.D., assots.prof .

Methodological Seminar in "BC" on "Modernization of the Republic of Poland to the inclusion of European standards."

Responsible: Tazhigulova B.K. - PhD, Assoc Prof.; Zharaspaeva G. - Ph.D., assots.prof.;  Zhumagulova R.E. - Ph.D., assots.prof.




November 4, 2011 - International Scientific and Practical Conference "Architecture and construction education in Kazakhstan: Development and Prospects"






5-6 April 2012 - International Scientific and Practical Conference "Innovation and knowledge-intensive technologies in the construction industry"


Effective technologies in the production of CM. Section moderator- acad.,prof. Zhakipbekov Sh.K.

Section Secretary - Assoc. prof. Vagina Zh.

Advanced technology in woodworking. Section Moderator - acad.prof. Espaeva A.

Section Secretary - Assoc. prof. Kurmanbekova E.B.

New in the field of geodesy. Section Moderator - acad.prof. Omirzhanova J.T.

Section Secretary - Assoc. prof. Zubov O.A.

Economics and management in construction. Section Moderator - acad.prof. Daurbekova S. J.

Section Secretary - Assoc. prof. Kulahmedova G.T.


April 9, 2012 - Scientific Student Conference "Student and science: a look into the future."


Building materials, products and designs.

Section Chairman-acad.prof. Zhakipbekov Sh.K.

Wood technology.

Chairman of the Section - acad.prof. Espaeva A.


Chairman of the Section - acad.prof. Omirzhanova JT

The economy in construction.

Section Chairman acad.prof. Daurbekova S. J.

Life safety and environmental protection.

Section Chairman acad.prof. Tazhigulova BK


26-27 April 2012. XII Annual Republican Scientific Student Conference "Student and Science: A Look into the Future"


Section # 1 "Architecture"

Section # 2 "Design"

Section # 3, "Engineering - Construction Engineering-PCMAS-system-WWT"

Section # 4, "Engineering - Geodesy-Life safety and environmental protection"

Section # 5 "Economy"

Section # 6, "Humanitarian and natural sciences"




23-24 February 2012 - The Republican Subject Olympics by disciplines, "Construction Materials", "Technology of concrete", "Woodworking equipment I, II», «The materials in the wood", "Technology-based panels."