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June 17 marked the 80th anniversary of the Honorary Professor of the Department of General Civil Engineering of the IOC (KazGASA), Candidate of Technical Sciences, Sergazy Ospanovich Ospanov.

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On September 24, 2011. Methodological Seminar on economic specialties on "Methodology of Ums of  economic specialties on the basis of Dublin descriptors".

Responsible: Daurbekova S.J. - PhD, prof. assist (specialty "MaA"); Shagataev B.A. - Master, assist. prof. (specialty "EMS"); Kulahmedova G.T. - PhD, assots.prof. (Specialty "Economy").

September 25, 2011. Scientific seminar on "Penetrating of waterproofing materials".

Responsible: Baranov M.A. - Director of "Penetron Almaty".

October 24, 2011. Scientific seminar on "Modern dry mix".

Responsible: LLP «BASF».

October 29, 2011. Methodological Seminar on "WWT" on "Compliance with the content of SES -2011 of WWT specialty to modern qualification requirements of Eurocodes and Dublin descriptors ".

Responsible: Espaeva A.S. - Ph.D., acad. Prof; Rogovaya V.G. - assots.prof.; Kurmanbekova E.B. - Ph.D., assots.prof; Shaltabaeva S.T. - Ph.D., assots. prof .

Methodological Seminar on "Methodology of building construction plans in a graphical environment of AutoCAD". Responsible: Vagina J.V. - Assoc . prof.

November 26, 2011. Methodological Seminar in "PCMAS" on the theme: "The content and scope of special disciplines of PCMAS direction by SES - 2011».

Responsible: Zhakipbekov S.K. - Dr. acad.prof; Ibraimbaeva G.B. - Ph.D., assots.prof.; Eselbaeva A.G. – cand. Of tech.s., assots.prof; Makhambetova W.K. - D. N., Assots.prof.

November 23, 2011. Methodological Seminar on GAC on the theme: "The introduction of modern surveying technology in the learning process".

Responsible: J.T. Omirzhanova - Ph.D., assots.prof .

December 15, 2011. Scientific seminar on the theme: "Stages of the implementation of Eurocodes in Kazakhstan".

Responsible: D.I. Esenberlin - Ph.D., assots.prof, director of the Institute for Advanced Studies building trades; Daurbekova S.J. - PhD, acad.prof; Shagataev B.A. - MA , Assoc . prof.

December 21, 2011. Scientific seminar on the topic "New in the regulations on fire safety".

 Responsible: Tazhigulova B.K. - Ph.D., Acad. prof.; Zhumagulova R.E. - Ph.D., Assoc Prof.

January 15, 2012. Scientific seminar on «Comparative analysis of the application of ACCESS GOST and Eurocodes".

Responsible: Espaeva A.A. - Ph.D., acad. prof.

January 19, 2012. Scientific seminar on the theme: "The methodological basis of the forecast of air pollution by harmful substances».

Responsible: Azhieva G.I. - Ph.D., Assoc. prof.; Zharaspaeva G.J. - Ph.D., Assoc. prof.

January 21, 2012. Methodological seminar on the subject «Chemistry" on the topics:

"The introduction of modern technologies in the study of graduate courses»

Responsible: Egemberdieva G.A. - Ph.D., assots.prof.

"Колледж oқushylaryna praktikalyқ sabaқtardy өtkіzu erekshelіkterі"

Responsible: Smagulova DA - Ph.D., assots.prof .

Methodological Seminar on "LS" on the topic: "Teaching courses "Safety" and "Environment and Sustainable Development" and their role in training. Responsible: Tazhigulova B.K. - PhD, Assoc Prof.; Zharaspaeva G. - Ph.D., assots.prof. , R.E. Zhumagulova - Ph.D., assots.prof.


February 18, 2012. Methodological Seminar on "PCMAS" on the theme: "A New Vision of discipline" processes and equipment"

Responsible: Zhakipbekov S.K. - Dr. acad.prof. , Ibraimbaeva G.B. - Ph.D., assots.prof., Vagina J.V. - Assots.prof .

March 10, 2012. Methodological Seminar on WWT on "Wood Building: Practical Applications and international experience"

Responsible: Espaeva A.S. - Ph.D., assots.prof.; Rogovaya V.G. - assots.prof; Kurmanbekova E.B. - Ph.D., assots.prof.; Shaltabaeva S.T. - Ph.D., assots.prof.

April 14, 2012. Methodological Seminar on economic specialties on the theme: "The use of technical regulation of construction activity in the learning process of the Republic of Kazakhstan»,"The theory of markets and maximization the profits of the firm"

Responsible: D.I. Esenberlin - Ph.D., Assoc. prof.; Daurbekova S.J. - PhD, assots.prof . (Specialty "MAA"); Kaldygozhina S.A. - Assist.prof . (Specialty «EMC").

May 12, 2012. Methodological Seminar on GAC on the topic: "Educational disciplines and industrial innovation"

Responsible: J.T. Omirzhanova - Ph.D., assots.prof . ; Zubov O.A. - Ph.D., Assoc. prof.; Yatsenko E.S. - Assist. prof.; Zheksenbaeva D.N. - Assist . prof.

June 16, 2012 . Methodological seminar on the subject "Chemistry" on the topics:

"Methodology for the introduction of new technologies in the practical training in the discipline of "Chemistry of building materials'"

Responsible: Egemberdieva G.A. - Ph.D., assots.prof .

"Methodology for the introduction of new technologies in the lectures on the subject" Chemistry of building materials”.  Responsible: Smagulova D.A. - Ph.D., assots.prof .

Methodological Seminar in "BC" on "Modernization of the Republic of Poland to the inclusion of European standards."

Responsible: Tazhigulova B.K. - PhD, Assoc Prof.; Zharaspaeva G. - Ph.D., assots.prof.;  Zhumagulova R.E. - Ph.D., assots.prof.




November 4, 2011 - International Scientific and Practical Conference "Architecture and construction education in Kazakhstan: Development and Prospects"






5-6 April 2012 - International Scientific and Practical Conference "Innovation and knowledge-intensive technologies in the construction industry"


Effective technologies in the production of CM. Section moderator- acad.,prof. Zhakipbekov Sh.K.

Section Secretary - Assoc. prof. Vagina Zh.

Advanced technology in woodworking. Section Moderator - acad.prof. Espaeva A.

Section Secretary - Assoc. prof. Kurmanbekova E.B.

New in the field of geodesy. Section Moderator - acad.prof. Omirzhanova J.T.

Section Secretary - Assoc. prof. Zubov O.A.

Economics and management in construction. Section Moderator - acad.prof. Daurbekova S. J.

Section Secretary - Assoc. prof. Kulahmedova G.T.


April 9, 2012 - Scientific Student Conference "Student and science: a look into the future."


Building materials, products and designs.

Section Chairman-acad.prof. Zhakipbekov Sh.K.

Wood technology.

Chairman of the Section - acad.prof. Espaeva A.


Chairman of the Section - acad.prof. Omirzhanova JT

The economy in construction.

Section Chairman acad.prof. Daurbekova S. J.

Life safety and environmental protection.

Section Chairman acad.prof. Tazhigulova BK


26-27 April 2012. XII Annual Republican Scientific Student Conference "Student and Science: A Look into the Future"


Section # 1 "Architecture"

Section # 2 "Design"

Section # 3, "Engineering - Construction Engineering-PCMAS-system-WWT"

Section # 4, "Engineering - Geodesy-Life safety and environmental protection"

Section # 5 "Economy"

Section # 6, "Humanitarian and natural sciences"




23-24 February 2012 - The Republican Subject Olympics by disciplines, "Construction Materials", "Technology of concrete", "Woodworking equipment I, II», «The materials in the wood", "Technology-based panels."