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On May 16, 2018 «Design of building structures using the LIRA-SAPR software package: version 2018» seminar was held at KazGASA for teachers and students of the Academy as well as for members of the largest design companies – engineers and architects from Almaty, Shymkent, Taraz and another cities of Kazakhstan.

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IAAR (Independent agency for accredation and rating) 2018 by prize places

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Successful defenses of doctoral dissertations (PhD) 2018

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 Ismailova Aiganym


"Best teachers" - professional results of FСTIM!

 Modern standards of education make high demands on the level of preparation of university students. The quality of students' knowledge and their ability to become competent specialists in the future is very important. Ever since Aristotle, the teacher and educator of Alexander the Great, such requirements as professionalism, moral purity, responsibility and aspiration for self-improvement, kindness remain. The opportunities for self-development and raising the level of professionalism in a modern teacher are more than enough. A modern teacher can not do without progressive methods of teaching, not sharing experience with colleagues. Teachers of our university are always open for new knowledge, they possess professional skills, technical training facilities, corresponding to the digital age. At us ideal teachers approach to business creatively, with interest develop the levels of possession of subjects, responsible for development of professional qualities.

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On the eve of the New 2018, at the Faculty of "Construction Technologies, Infrastructure and Management" was awarded the title of "Best Teacher of 2017" Zhumagulova Roza. The following teachers were awarded with "Thanksgiving Letters" of the Ministry of Education and Science of the RK, in particular: c.t.s., Omirzhanova Zhanat, c.e.s., Daurbekova Saltanat, c.t.s., Shaltabayeva Saltanat, c.t.s., Ibraimbaeva Gulnaz.

We take an example from the best teachers!   




Sultanbekov Berdiyar

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