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June 17 marked the 80th anniversary of the Honorary Professor of the Department of General Civil Engineering of the IOC (KazGASA), Candidate of Technical Sciences, Sergazy Ospanovich Ospanov.

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At the Department teaching IS in Russian, Kazakh and English languages.  In order to improve the quality of teaching teachers are constantly improving their skills at seminars and courses in Kazakhstan and now outside of Kazakhstan abrood.

A rich library fund provides students with the necessary literature specialty in engineering sciences , foreign languages, social and political sciences , including electronic versions . University Library reading rooms equipped with personal computers with access to the Internet.

In the "House of the students ' place free of charge for non-resident students.


The main tasks of the department:

·         training sessions on basic disciplines : computer science , mathematics, physics , physical education for all specialties of Academy and special disciplines in the field of " Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications " and " Computers and Software" ;

·         preparation and publication of educational- methodical and scientific literature on the profile of architectural and engineering professions ;

·         carrying out scientific and methodological conferences , participation in international educational and scintificresearch projects .


 The international scientific and methodical conference  

‘Modern concepts of science and education’ took place on the 19th of January, 2017.


      At the department of the general natural-scientific training took place the annual international scientific and methodical conference ‘Modern concepts of science and education’ on the 19th of January, 2017.


       The participants of the conference worked in 3 sections: "Topical issues of scientific research", "Innovation in education system and organization of educational process", "Physical culture and sport".



       The colleagues from Russia, Kyrgyzstan participated at the conference. Theses of reports were published in conference information package.





The International scientific and methodical conference on the subject "Modern Concepts of Natural Sciences and Information Technologies" is held on the basis of the department of general natural scientific training of the International Educational Corporation (IEC) on January 19, 2017.

        Work of conference will be organized on the following sections:

  • Modern concepts of physics and mathematics;
  • Innovations in information technologies;
  • Physical culture and sport.

      To participation in conference are invited: teachers and employees of higher educational institutions, scientists and experts of academic, project, research institutes, heads and leading specialists in field of natural sciences.

         Registration of participants of a conference  -  auditorium 340, 9.00 – 10.00;

Plenary session – auditorium 340, 3rd floor, 10.00 – 12.00;

Coffee break – 13.00 – 14.00

Work on sections 12.00 – 13.00, 14.00 – 16

Section 1,2 – auditorium  340,

Section 3 – Sports club of KAZGASA.

Summing up of conference – auditorium 340, 3rd floor 16.00-16.30

         Demands and the text of the report for participation are accepted till December 24, 2016 to the address:

050043, Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Ryskulbekov St., 28

Ph. 309 62 43 (FOENP)

E-mail: Janar_KazGASA@mail.ru





Non-traditional teaching methods


In the World Café on FOENP  business game


Deepen knowledge and skills in matters of acoustic design and testing of the key principles of acoustic design, the development of practical skills of the project team focused on business game " Acoustics auditoriums ."

The role of customers in the face of the artistic director of the Russian Drama Theatre in the city of Shymkent , was successfully introduced students 3rd year of college , as performers were 3 teams of designers from among the students and college students . In the role of experts were teachers for building physics and a representative of the company «Acoustic Group» in Kazakhstan. In the course of the business game were  given the analysis of the acoustic quality of the hall to the reconstruction and modernization of the proposed options .

The situation was a business and creative , and, sounded very bold and unusual solutions . Students were given as the ability for more elaborate acoustic projects , as well as the pleasure of applying their knowledge and teamwork . As a result, the artistic director of the theater Edward Choi ( 3rd year college student ) chose the best project design team , including : 4th year students FA - Kabysheva Balnur , Ospanova Dan Sultanov Jibek and student 3rd year college Fazylov Saddam .

Prize the most creative - won Yerzhan Haskalah .


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