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In December 2018 the week of unification of teachers of natural-humanitarian cycle was held in the Lyceum at KazGASA. All planned activities were carried out in full and within the time frame provided for in the plan.

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Spiridon Geogrgievich Cosmeridi is a legend of Kazakhstani architecture, one of the first architects brought up by the Kazakh school. His life path is a cast of an important fragment of the history of the formation and development of the architecture of Soviet Kazakhstan.

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21. 09. 2017



Visit a seminar of ISOVER "Acoustic comfort in public buildings" in PA KAZGOR.






12.10. 2017



Ravil Nurgisа and Batyrbek Kerimbayev's master class (5th course) for students 3 courses within discipline "Architectural virtual modeling".








Visit of a master class in  painting of Gani Bayanov in Fund of the First Prezidetn within the actions "Almaty Zhastar".




06.04.2017 The Faculty of Architecture was responsible for participation in the exhibition of education, which took place in the exhibition pavilion No. 10 Atakent.


Students and activists of the FA also took part in this event.


Students and teachers of the Architecture Faculty actively participate in sport events: teams win prize places in basketball, volleyball, tennis and chess.

Faculty’s students are active participants of art activity.

Annually we celebrate events such as “Inauguration of students”, “Miss KLAACE”, “Spring in KLAACE”, “Zhigit Sultany” and other.

The team of Fun and Smart Club wins once and again as well as on the level of KLAACE and city level.

For effective using of spare time sport facility, stadium, reading rooms, computer rooms are provided to students. Also there are reading and computer equipped rooms in the Student House of KLAACE working till   22:00 pm for preparation for classes.

The Faculty arranges exhibitions and competitions of student course projects.


02.01.16 A charity fair in support of the project of the ALMAU University «Charity wish tree» was organized. The organizer of the fair was the Student Dean of the Faculty Ustemirov Temirlan. Gifts for children from orphanage №1 were acquired from the raised funds. 


15.04.16 A group consisting of students of different faculties and student of college, divided into the groups by their region, and each group had to represent architectural landmarks of famous personalities, especially climatic conditions  of the region  in the form of presentation.



From 02.06.16 to 08.06.2016 during the days of the UNT an orientation on union activities was carried by faculty and student activists of FA among graduates of schools and colleges.



«Kazakhstan – our common home»

        In the framework of the program «Kazakhstan – our common home», at Department of Architecture took place exhibition of works of 1st course on a discipline "History of Arts". Curator of the exhibition was Doctor of Art History, Professor A.S. Galimzhanova. The opening of the exhibition took place on 2 February at 12.20 in the recreation of Department of Architecture. Students showed great interest in discipline "History of Arts" and to tasks on copying of works of outstanding masters of art. The skills learned in the process of doing copies of old masters is needed for students of Department of Architecture for creative process of working on architectural projects at all stages of training for the profession of architect.