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Extra curricular work

Round table “The relevance of religious work


January 29, 2018 in IEC was held round table with the purpose of warning and prevention of destructive religious movements.  

The purpose of the event is to prevent the involvement of student youth in religious organizations of a destructive and extremist persuasion.


Speakers: member of the public awareness campaign under the Directorate of Religious Affairs in Almaty, assistant professor of the college at KazGASA Meirmanov Amanzhol and associate professor of the Department of General Training Yerkin Masanov.




First President’s Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan was celebrated at IEC - KazGASA


On November 29, 2017 in the frame of English Club there were hold an event of Students Festival of National Folk Arts and Cultural Traditions devoted to the first President’s Day of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev.

Fourteen teams of nations in glaring national costumes presented national dishes, songs, dances, posters under superrvision of English teachers of academy and college. Every team ofnation did all the best to show not only national culture but English proficiency as well representing idea of poster and recipes of dishes in English. All guests invited from the departments of academy and college enjoyed the bright unforgetable concert prepared by talented students.

The event was organised in the frame of English Club under responsibility of assistant professor ofOGT, candidate of phlolgial sciences L.B. Nagiyatova with support of teaching staff of English underthe whole education and pedagogic activities of International Education Corporation and KazGASA. 



Scientific research and education of "Tarih murasy"

on the basis of the program "Ruhani zhangyru"


In 2017-2018 academic year, a program of scientific research and education "Tarih murasy" on the basis of "Rukhani zhangyru" program for educational and research work was developed at KazGASA. The program should promote the spiritual and moral and civic-patriotic education of youth, the propaganda of Kazakhstan's patriotism, civic responsibility and students’ moral and spiritual development.

One of the directions of the planned work is the organization of cognitive-research expeditions on the sacral and historical places of Kazakhstan in the direction of "Elimnin shezhireli Bayligy". Students of our Academy under the guidance of the associated professors of DGT Suleimenova K.K. and Abilova B.A. visited the State Historical and Cultural Reserve - the museum "Azret Sultan", which is a whole complex of archaeological and architectural monuments. The ancient city of Turkestan (the historical name of Yasa), in which there is a museum reserve, is literally surrounded by priceless monuments of the past, which allowed it to become a kind of symbol of the medieval history of Kazakhstan, and the center of pilgrimage and historical tourism.


At the end of the trip, work was organized on the creation of video clips based on the results of the excursions and students' studies are drawn up in the Project for participation in the International Competition for Creative and Research Studies of Students.




On the eve of the 31st anniversary of the December events of 1986, a city-wide voluntary Saturday work in KazGASA jointly with the Bostandyk akimat of Almaty city was organized, students of universities and colleges of the city took part in it. It is symbolic that there were participants of the December events of 1986: Ryskulbekov T.N. - chairman of the Association "Zheltoksan Ruhy", Lepesbaeva G.S. - chairman of the association "Zheltoksan koterilіsі", Nurgaziyeva Zh.S. - chairman of "Zheltoksan akikaty" and others.

Students of the Academy together with the groups’ advisers actively worked at the voluntary Saturday work along the Kairat Ryskulbekov Street, and there was organized tree planting. This is one of the regular events held at the Academy, which once again demonstrated the unity of generations, who honor and know the history of its people.



Voluntary Saturday work moderators: Dean of the DGE Aimagambetova Z.T., associate professor of the DGE Suleimenova K.K.








Intellectual and entertaining show "Teacher of the XXI Century"


September 29, 2017 was an intellectual and entertaining show "Teacher of the XXI Century" dedicated to the Teacher's Day, attended by teachers from schools in Almaty. Contests, games and quizzes were held, which resulted in the identification of the winners of Abylkhanov G.G. from the educational institution "Blue sail" and Yerkebekov A.K. from a special (correctional) school number 9. They were awarded with diplomas and memorable gifts. Teachers who took an active part in the event were given certificates.


A competition of picture "Literary review"

The competition aims to develop and strengthen the younger generation to love literature, a sense of ownership to the culture and traditions of our country, love nature, to develop young people's sense of patriotism and national identity through a rich tapestry of world images, Kazakh and Russian literature.

The contest was announced in advance (in early October) and included a preparatory stage: image of your favorite heroes, illustrations of favorite plays, sketches of favorite poems, portraits of writers and poets, dividing into groups and so on. There were taken drawings worked in any technique. Students of the following groups KARCH-17-1-9 took part in the competition.

As a result, the best works (in late October) were announced drawings of the following students:

·  in the nomination "Portrait of a writer or poet" - Arthur Conan Doyle Ilesbekov Dinmuhammed (Karkh-17-5), A.P.Chekhov Musilim Aslan (Karkh-17-3 *);

·  in the nomination "Poetic images of nature" - an image of the autumn landscape based on the work of A. Pushkin's "Autumn" by Tohmoldaeva Altynai (Karkh-17-3 *), the image of the winter landscape from S. Yesenin's poem "Birch" by Akimkhan Ayazhan (Karkh-17- 4*);

·  in the category "The main or secondary hero of the work" were noted - the image of Harry Potter by D.Rowling, performed by Taubaldy Margulan (Karkh-17-8), the image of Venus of Milos from the same name by A.Fet Asaulenko Andrey (Karkh-17-8);

·  the best "Illustration to the beloved work" was the work of Aitbay Inabat (Karkh-17-3 *) to I.Bunin's story "The Village". And also the works of Larina V. (portrait of L. Tolstoy, Karkh-17-6), Rakhimov A. (portrait of Jules Verne, Karkh-17-6), Kairgaliuli I. (portrait of A. Kunanbayev, Karkh-17-3 *), Jazylbek A. (the image of the hero, Karkh-17-5) and Orymbasar S. (the image of the hero, Karkh-176) were noted too.


Teaching staff of the Russian language section 


 Russian language teachers held an event dedicated to the Day of Languages ​​of the Republic of Kazakhstan on September 20, 2017. Omirbrekova Symbat (Стр-16-1*), Kakimzhanov Bekzat (Арх-16-1*), Kaidarov Ansar (Арх-16-2 *) conducted the event in three languages ​​- Kazakh, Russian and English.

At the event, students talked about the importance of language proficiency as a means of communication, cognition, expression of feelings and thoughts. There was particularly emphasized the importance of knowledge and mastery of the native language. The poems "Қазақ тілі" (Asanhan Bakbergen), "Қазақпын мен" (Omirbekova Symbat), "Үш бақытым" (Orynbasarova Nurillya), "Ана тілі" (Kumargazy Ulan), "Туған елім" (Turysbek Alizhan) were read, were performed kuy "Балбрауын" (Makulbai Lyazzat), "Қарасай" (Usmanova Laura, Kydyrkhan Tolegen).

The students emphasized the special role of the Russian language in Kazakhstan as a bearer of world culture. The students of group Арх-17-4* sang the song "Москвазвенят колокола", recited poems "Бородино" (Kim Andrey), "Не жалею, не зову, не плачу...”(Halyk Sakypzhamal), "Два языка" (Kaidarova Aidana).

Asylbek Harunrasid showed his art in the original genre (tricks), students of the group Aрх-17-5* sang the song "Подмсковные вечера" in two languages: Russian and English.




About new alphabet

According to the program of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev "A look into the future: spiritual revival", there was a discussion (debate) with the participation of teaching staff and students to discuss the transition of the Kazakh alphabet to the Latin alphabet at the Department of General Training. Active students who took part in the event, divided into two groups and shared with their views.  As an introduction to the discussion of the associate professor Zhampeisova Zh.M. briefly told about the history of the Kazakh letter. A new alphabet was proposed, based on the Latin alphabet and consisting of 25 characters. The students of the following groups took an active part in the discussion: PSMIK-16-1 * - Kazybek Bekzhan, Shalmen Symbat; TDO-16-2 * - Zhenispek Asset; TDO-16-1* - Beksultanova Nurgul; Str-16-4* - Ерланов Batyrkhan; Str-17-3* - Asilbek Harunashid.

           "There is a profound logic in the transition to Latin script. It is connected with modern technologies, environment and communications, as well as with the peculiarities of processes in the teaching and science of the 21st century”, - said the head of state, it means that the transition to the Latin alphabet is a requirement of the present day.


Assist.prof. of DGT A.O. Zhakupova


ass.prof. Zh.M. Zhampeisova




On carrying out the athletics competitions, dated for delivery of the presidential tests, among the students of the 1st, 2nd courses and students of college at KazGASA, 11.10.17.


                According to the approved plan of holding sports events at KazGASA, on October 11th, the sports club of KazGASA under the general supervision of the pro-rector of VSiSV Takenova Zh.S., FOENP dean Aymagambetova Z.T. organized and conducted athletic competitions for the delivery of the Presidential tests among the students of the 1st-2nd courses of the Academy and students of the college at KazGASA.

             The competition was served by a judging panel consisting of: an associate prof. Yugay I.V., assistant prof. Bitureyeva E.T., assistant prof. Akylov T.Zh., assistant prof. Kaliyakbarova S.K., assistant prof. Aimanbetov B.Zh., assistant prof. Dayrabayev S.E.


Results of the competition.

Boys (long jump from the place):

1st place - Vanin N. - Karch-17-9;

2nd place - Ayazbai A. - STR - 17-3;

3rd place - Kaldybai N. - STR - 17-4.


Boys (flexion, extension of arms in the support lying):

1st place - Toleubayev A. - KSEZS - 16-1;

2nd place - Zhanbolatuly N. - STR - 17-3;

3rd place - Smagul T. - ARCH-17-4.


Boys (pull-ups on the crossbar):

1st place - Andybayev A. - ARCH - 17-8;

2nd place - Berdikhan Zh. - STR - 17-2;

3rd place – Toleutayev A. - KSEZS - 17-1.


Boys (relay race):

1st place – Architecture Faculty’s team;

2nd place – Civil Engineering Faculty’s team;

3rd place – the team of the College.


Girls (long jump from the place):

1st place - Nurtuganova A. - ARCH-17-5;

2nd place - Abdirzakkyzy A. - Diz-17-2;

3rd place - Magomadova B. - Diz-17-5.


Girls (sit-ups):

1st place - Gadzhiyeva A. - Kdiz-17-2;

2nd place - Turganova G. - Kdiz-17-1;

3rd place – Znakhar A. - Karch-17-5.


Girls (relay race):

1st place - the team of the Design Faculty (1);

2nd place - the team of KARCH;

3rd place - the team of the Design Faculty (2).



In total, 218 students took part in the competitions. The winners were awarded with diplomas.