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In December 2018 the week of unification of teachers of natural-humanitarian cycle was held in the Lyceum at KazGASA. All planned activities were carried out in full and within the time frame provided for in the plan.

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Spiridon Geogrgievich Cosmeridi is a legend of Kazakhstani architecture, one of the first architects brought up by the Kazakh school. His life path is a cast of an important fragment of the history of the formation and development of the architecture of Soviet Kazakhstan.

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ERASMUS+ IQAT  project



From September 5 to September 7, 2017 at the Tashkent Chemical Institute of technology in Tashkent there has taken place the scientific and practical conference "Current problems of the system improvement of ensuring quality in the highest educational institutions" within the Erasmus+ program, the "Increase of potential in realization of institutional systems of ensuring quality and typology with usage of the principles of Bologna process — IQAT" project with participation of the international partners.


 The event was attended by the first vice rector of education activity Adilov D.A., the associated professor Buganova S.N., and PhD Tukhtamisheva A.Z. Buganova S. N. delivered a presentation on "The student-oriented training".  


        The conference has served as the interactive platform for studying of results of researches, exchange of opinions and search of the most effective methods of internal audit for ensuring quality of education; development of innovations and intellectual skills; promoting of scientific capacity of the universities in Central Asia.



     It was widely highlighted advantages and achievements of the IQAT project with participation of representatives of higher educational institutions of Europe and Central Asia, in particular was presented developed / innovative-modified systems of internal quality control with usage of typology and the ESG elements.

    During the conference individual consultations with experts of higher education institutions of the EU have been held, examples of the internal quality system in higher education institutions of the EU and Kazakhstan are given and also practical exercises for an internal self-assessment have been executed. On the end of a seminar certificates have been issued




 561685-EPP-1-2015-1-CZ-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP Enhancing capacities in implementation of institutional quality assurance systems and typology using Bologna process principles (IQAT)


The general objective was set as follows: Enhancing capacities in implementation of BP reforms at institutional level at HEIs in two PaCs in CA region (KZ, UZ), with the focus on internal quality assurance and institutional typology.

The detailed aims to achieve this objective are:

Mapping the situation in the field of QA (including the possible implementation of principles/recommendations of the BP) in partner countries and at individual partner HEIs.


Identification of the principles/recommendations of the BP relevant for HEIs in the partner countries, interactive training, sharing experience among HEIs of PrCs and PACs, and stressing the new BP priorities set for its second decade (social issues, information systems etc.). Specifying the profiles of partner HEIs with the aid of the methodology U-MAP focusing also on internal structure of HEIs and their specific missions.

Development of the first version of the new/innovated/modified internal QA systems at HEIs in PaCs based on exploitation of ESG, Part 1 and considering different missions of HEIs (typology). Piloting the internal QA systems.

Development of the final version of the internal QA systems in cooperation with expert teams from PrCs (site visits) and electronic consultations.

Dissemination of project results, sharing examples of good practice.  

The complementary aim is the continuous evaluation of all project activities and results and external evaluation of project results by independent international experts.

The project activities will enable (in proposed time plan) to obtain the knowledge about the QA in HE in PaCs in general as well as the detailed situation of internal QA of participating HEIs in PaCs (including possible elements of BP principles implemented into the QA systems). The intensive training on European development in higher education will follow (training seminar, workshops and practical training complemented with the visits to HEIs of PrCs). It will provide the participants from PaCs with the relevant and exploitable knowledge in the field of QA at international level, partners from PrCs will enrich their knowledge about the HEIs of PaCs. The new/innovated/modified internal QA systems of HEIs of PaCs will be developed from the first drafts through piloting and self-evaluation reports to the final internal QA systems with the systematic help of expert teams of PrCs (site visits and electronic consultations). The most important (tangible) change from the situation the project start will be the newly developed/innovated/modified internal QA systems in participating HEIs of PaCs. The important change (intangible) will be the increased/improved mutual knowledge about QA situation at HEIs of both PaCs and PrCs countries, the extend of possible exploitation of BP principles outside Europa, methodology of setting the institutional profiles and the establishment of mutual contacts and partnerships.            

COORDINATOR:    Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS)


CONTACT PERSON:                                     

Jiří Hejkrlík

Vice-dean for Education, Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences, experienced in quality management and international collaboration, co-ordinator of IQAT

                                                            +420 224 382 508,




1.      Centre for Higher Education Studies  CHES)

2.      University of Alicante (UA)

3.      University of Latvia (UL)

4.      Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra (UKF)

5.      S.Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University (KazATU)

6.      Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering

7.      Karaganda State Technical University (KSTU)

8.      Tashkent Chemical-Technological Institute (TKTI)

9.      Samarkand Agricultural Institute (SamAl)

10.   Andijan State University (ASU) 






Dinar Adilova – Candidate of Economic Sciences,  Academic Professor, Dean of the Department of Constructional Technology, Infrastructure and Management, Coordinator of the IQAT Project.

Gulnara Abdrassilova  - PhD, Doctor of Architecture, Academic Professor of the Architecture Department

Svetlana Buganova – Candidate if Technical Sciences, Associated Professor,  Dean of the Department of General Natural and Scientific Training

Altynay Jeptisbayeva – Head of the International Department


Seminar with the Erasmus + IQAT project

Within the framework of participation of our Academy in the “Erasmus +” program, held on August 19 of 2016, KAZGASA was visited by the representatives of the Czech agrotechnical university Mr. Jiří Hejkrlík and Mrs. Michaela Garguláková who are the coordinators of the project " Enhancing capacities in implementation of quality assurance systems and typology using Bologna process principles". Project implementation started on October 15, 2015.

During the visit of Czech partners Mr. of Jiří Hejkrlík and Mrs. Michaela Garguláková they met with KAZGASA CEOs discussing the prospects for collaboration.

Later on the same day J.Hejkrlík and M.Garguláková participated in the seminar devoted to the quality assurance of higher education in the European space, which had been organized by a project team of KAZGASA. The seminar audience was acquainted with workshop materials which had been carried out on June 28 - July 02 of 2016 in the Czech Agrotechnical University. Workshop was devoted to the methods of carrying out of internal audit of system of quality assurance at universities, identifications of launch environment, and opportunities for the system update of quality assurance in compliance with all institutional and national norms.


The main objective of the workshop was to train the consultant team how to work on internal quality assurance system of HEI (elaboration of self-evaluation reports). J. Hejkrlík and M. Garguláková held a meeting with the project working group of KAZGASA discussing steps to be taken, also recommendations were given about the working plan detailed elaboration for the project team, acquisition and installation of equipment at the project expense, distribution of results of quality assurance progress.