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Dear Colleagues!

09/17/2019 at the Winter Garden of KazGASA, the Library with Web of Science partners on a national subscription of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, conducted a training workshop for the faculty of KazGASA. The training was conducted by a specialist of the company Inesh Kenzhina, at this training, the following issues were considered:

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Faculty prepares specialists on qualification 5В042000 – “Architecture” by specialities:

“Architecture of living and social buildings” – complete preparation in engineering area of buildings and constructions including as well as architectural and art aspects and also engineering issues.

• ”Urban development” – preparation in planning regarding   residential places, urban development reconstruction, urban development ecology – research, engineering, management, expertise, implementation.

• ”Landscape Architecture” – landscape engineering of national parks, objects of landscape architecture in population structure: parks, gardens, squares, parkways, pedestrian zones, enbankments, local landscape items in structure of architectural objects.

• ”Reconstruction and restoration of architectural monuments” – study, restoration, saving monuments of art and cultural history.

In October 2007 Committee of International Architect Union (IAU)-UNESCO under the supervision of the President of Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, President of Moscow architectural institute (state academy), PhD, professor A.P. Kudryavtsev  according to the international accreditation of speciality 050420-”Architecture» on Bachelor’s program. On 08.11.2007 in Barcelona (Spain),  the, in the meeting of Committee   of IAU-UNESCO headquarter,   KLAACE was the first in the Central Asia and also in the whole South-eastern Asian region who received international accreditation on education program of “Architecture” speciality. In July, 2011 re-accreditation procedure was done on “Architecture” educational program by Bachelor’s program RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) - Королевского института Британских архитекторов) - IAU-UNESCO for next  3 years.

The Faculty provides education on “Bachelor’s program”  for 1034 students on full-time education and 125 students on extra-mural education, also Master’s program  - 34 persons.

The  Architecture Faculty uses contemporary computer graphical programs in academic process. Studying is available in state and Russian languages. Starting from the academic year 2011-2012 in the first course of AF new group studying in English language was formed.