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Within the framework of the delegation's visit of scientists from the Hachinohe Institute of Technology (Hachinohe, Japan) to our academy headed by President Akira Hasegawa and Chairman of the Board of Directors Toshimichi Yanagiya is scheduled to organize a meeting in the ACH on June 18 at 10:00 and to hold a seminar on "Issues of geotechnical construction for large cities"

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ILF Graduate Recruitment 2018

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Holiday of the spring equinox - Nauryz


Nauryz is a holiday of the spring equinox and a premonition of heat. With this holiday each of us connects new plans, hopes, dreams in the new year. In KazGASA it became a tradition to celebrate the Nauryz holiday every year. Teaching Staff in DGNST showed the traditions of different nations of peoples living in the republic of Kazkhstan.

 Dean of DGNST Buganova Svetlana Nikolaevna congratulated everyone on the holiday in the Kazakh language.


Guests from the management wished the team further prosperity and were given a blessing in the Kazakh tradition.


We congratulate everyone on the holiday of Nauryz and wish the staff of the Academy creative success.





Teachers of  department according to the plan extracurricular work holds :

• educational work in supervised groups;

• career guidance in schools, cities and regions;

• image work and international activities;

• Activities for the formation of patriotic, moral and creative qualities of youth and leisure activities of students.


Teachers of the department conducts educational work in supervised groups to form a patriotic , moral and creative qualities of youth and leisure activities of students.


First President’s day


In order to promote the formation of patriotism at students of peace, national harmony, active citizenship, cognitive abilities, pride in their country and expands the knowledge about the leader of the Kazakh people, the Fist President of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbaev in night school Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering group KARX 16-6 held extra-curricular activities dedicated to the first president of the day. Students review was done of childhood, adolescence and youth leader of nations as an example of role model to the younger generation.


Students listed the achievements and work of the President and the recognition of other countries. Kazakhstan has been recognized by the international community, through its leaders. The students sang patriotic songs, played on the flute as well as dance and dedicate poems leader.






 A teacher is a person

Who helps you every day.

Who scolds you when you're bad

And helps you find your way 















Dear teachers!


Great Abay said the teacher never tired to teach their wards. You performed a lot of work on the training of the younger generation, you have sown grains are tomorrow our shoots. Teacher prepares not only future generations but all future generations of images. Assessing your great contribution to the society we wish much success in this difficult task a lot. Suppose you luck. All city public activity can not do without the participation of teachers and their wards, so cordially thank you for your help. Dear teachers! Children love and respect you. We wish you good luck in all your endeavors. Congratulations!

Winners of the award named after academician Osipov G.L. 2016

On 5-8 July 2016 NIISF (Moscow) was held the International Scientific Conference "Actual problems of building physics. TECHNICAL REGULATIONS IN CONSTRUCTION " VII Academic readings, dedicated to the memory of academician Osipov G.L.

During the conference, summarizing research in the field of building physics. Winners awarded the prize named after academician, and was awarded a medal named after academician Osipov G.L. Also, the youth competition was held on the scientific reports, projects, diploma projects sections.

Second year our students and graduates take part and bring diplomas of winners in various categories.

Among the winners there are graduates KazGASA 2016, which also awarded the medal winners of the award Academician Osipov in the field of building physics and awarded diplomas to the winners of the award named after academician of 2016y.:

• For the best report in the framework of scientific school for youth "Building physics, energy and environmental security" on "Architectural features of" urban farming " awarded Baizakova Aigerim (Head d.arh. Abdrasilova G.S.)

• For the original approach to solving the problems of building physics and energy efficiency " awarded Akedzhanov Dauren and Syed Murtaza for his work "The study of insolation mosque in Almaty" (Supervisors: Aymagambetova Z.T., Rysbekov S. Kuandikov)


Congratulations to the award winners!







  Veterans of war in our memory forever

On the eve of the Victory Day the teachers of the Faculty of general natural-scientific training with students congratulated the following veterans of war: Viktor Averin Efremovich, Alyaev Povzner, Boytsov Alexei Vasilievich, Dyadchuk Pyotr Andreyevich, Peeva Valentina Gavrilovna, Savenkov Evgeny Pavlovich, Tayakina Anna Petrovna. They were presented with gifts and material aid in the form of food and medicine.

Veteran of war Boytsov A.V. and teachers of KazGASA:

Ibraeva Zh.B., Zheksembinova A.B., Rysbayeva A.K., Sabitova A.S.

Veteran of war Savenkov E.P. and teachers of KazGASA: Ospanova S.S., Kobenkulova Zh.T., Zakirova L.Z, Seitkulova N.B.


Veteran of war Peeva V.G. and teachers of KazGASA:

Sydykova D.K., Aimagambetova Z.T., students of 1st course gr. СТР-15-4*: Ibrayim A., Smagulov Zh., Anarbai R., Maksym S.

Veteran of war Averyn V.E. and teachers of KazGASA:

Kushkarov E.Sh, Kaliakparova S.K., Toktarkozha G.T. and pupils of college at KazGASA.

The war caught everyone by surprise, the young boys and girls 16-18 years old did not know that they will fight to defend their homeland. Despite his young age, each of today's veterans overwhelms help in the fight against fascism. Some fought on the front, someone behind enemy lines was producing valuable information, at the cost of his life. And now they are not many veterans left. 


Scientific work

Link: Congratulations to the winners of the contest "Light Intensity"

Representatives of employers’ companies participated in the Spring Fair alumni and congratulated the winners of the contest "Light Intensity ", which was held within the framework of the city contest "Innovative concepts of the microclimate improvement and technologies of reducing energy consumption."

All the submitted works have shown a high degree of autonomy in the execution of works, the original architectural images, functionality, versatility, safety, environmental friendliness, efficiency, energy efficiency.


Results: Nomination "The interior space for various purposes":

I- place "Eco Lamp," the authors Burbekova Zhansaya, Kozhakhmet Akbope, Kamataeva Dana

II- place "Kogіldіr koktem" by Nusupalі Madina;

III- place The lamp «Square», author Tleugazy Medina;

Nomination "Outdoor lighting";

I -place "Energy-saving lamps-economic benefits or a health risk": Glyzno Eugene;

II- place «Litra Con» («light guide concrete"), the authors Nurmanova Niall, Lukpan Danagul;

III - place "Street lighting sports and pedestrian zone of Toliatti city" the author Lydia Knyazeva;

III - place "Lighting of park spaces," the author Babicheva Anastasia;

Nomination "Lighting installation":

I-place "Reflections of Hope", the authors Irina Kiseleva, Mugaveeva Alsina, Krasin Justin Daminova Camila;

II-place "In the hall of KazGASA" the authors Amangeldі Anara, Eltaeva Akbota, Blinova Anastasia;

III- place "Edge of Soul," Bagirov Aziz;

Prizes were presented from:

Special prize of company SAINT-GOBAIN awarded the work "Eco Lamp".

Special prize of YESSET company awarded the work "Lamp-Square".

Special prize of company ACOUSTIC GROUP awarded the work "The Edge of Soul".

Special prize of company URSA awarded the work "Installation in the KazGASA".




War held  City competition " Innovative concepts and technologies to improve the microclimate reduce energy consumption ".






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