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Chronicle FOENP

















The opening of the  new office assistants, 2006                                                        Sports day 2007
















The opening of the 6th Games of teachers and staff,                           The opening of the 6th Games of teachers and staff,   















  FOENP 2009 nd staff,                                                                              Winner of the "Presidential mile - 2008"














               FOENP -2011 8"                                                                                    Subject Olympics 2012
















The celebration of "Nowruz" FOENP 2012                                         30th anniversary KazGASA
















Opening of the 10th Games of the teachers and staff                     The winners of the first Olympic women's health, 2012
















Winners of the review of competition for energy saving                               New Year's contest winners - 2012



           New Year - 2014. The best faculty.                                                    Colleagues received thanks - 2014 .        












     "Prazdnovanïe марта" - 2015                                                                   Holder of a diploma of the President of the Academy














          "Picnic - Soviet Union" - 2015                                                                                        Subject Olympiad - 2016