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  • Аширбаева Айдана
  • Толек Мадина
  • Мырзалы Дамира
  • Жанаманова Нурсулу
  • Нигай Виктория
  • Нуркадилова Нуриля
  • Утегенова Лаура
  • Адильхан Камила
  • Ким Виктория
  • Церибова Нарса
  • Аймаганбетова Айгуль
  • Алпысбаева Мадина
  • Изимгалиева Аружан

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Chronicle FA










Presentation of small architectural forms "Surveyors" on the site of KazGASA.



Participation in the «Birthday party Almaty» in Almaty Arena



Participation in the opening of the film festival



Attendance at the Almaty-FEST event






Balmuzdak party at the House of Students


Teambuilding for 1st year FA students



Student initiation 2018




Visit to Andreas Ruby's lecture "Architecture as a museum exhibit? In Tselinnyi centre



Organizing a hike to the mountains of the Mountain Kings Student Club


Celebration of the event Nauryz by the student club "Mountain Kings"



Opening of the Millennium Volunteer Charity Club


Organization of a charity fair by the volunteer club of the Faculty of Architecture "Millennium"


Participation of students and faculty of KazGASA at the exhibition "Education and Career





At the International scientific-practical conference "Cinema and philosophy: in celebration of the year of cinema in Russia" in Samara state technical University on June 2-3, 2016 a report was submitted: "the Cinematic principles of communication in  semirechye sanctuaries of Eshkiolmes and Tamgaly from the bronze and early iron age.

From May 15 to 22, 2016 there a meeting in Istanbul with representatives of the Union of Architects and Engineers of the Turkic world was held.  Isabaev G. A. Associate Professor from the Department of Architecture presented architectural project of the historical-cultural center "Ancient Taraz" that was made by KazGASA (authors: E. Baitenov M, Isabaev G. A.)

G. S. Abdrassilovа Academic Professor of KazGASA, doctor of architecture, from 7 to 13 May, 2016 lectured at the University of Technology in Bialystok (Poland) under the program “Erasmus+staff mobility for teaching and learning”.

Interaction of cultures of Buddhism and Islam in Central Asia (architecture of Idikuts and Karakhanids) // International symposium “Dialogue of the Cultures on the Great Silk Road” (5-6.05.2016, Ataturk UniversityErzurumTurkey)

At the III International scientific-theological conference " Bigiyev's readings on 27-29 April 2016 in Saint Petersburg, A. S. Galimzhanova associate Professor from the department of Architecture presented a report on the theme: "Spirituality in paintings by the Kazakh artist Ghani Bayan in the context of the Sufi idea of a united being".

Academic Professor of the Department of Architecture, N. G. Kozbagarova doctor of architecture attended the opening of the world Congress of IFLA (International Federation of landscape architects), held in Turin, Italy from 20 to 22 April 2016.


M. B. Glaudinova Associate Professor Department of Architecture, doctor of architecture participated in the International scientific-and-practical conference “Issues of Art Critics from XX -beginning of the XXI century.” (5-6.04.2016, Kazakh National Academy of Fine Arts named after T.Zhurgenov; Almaty, Kazakhstan).


M. B. Glaudinova Associate Professor Department of Architecture, doctor of architecture participated in the International scientific conference “ARCHTHEO’15 / Theory and History of Architecture Conference”, which took place from 5 to 6 November 2015 in the Eastern MediterraneanAcademic Research CenterIstanbul (Turkey).

From 7 to 10 December 2015 in Florence (Italy) the V International competition of diploma projects of graduate students of architecture, construction and design schools of Eurasia was held in the nomination "Architecture of residential and public buildings. 21 universities from 10 countries participated in the review-competition of graduation projects in the specialty "Architecture" in the nomination "Architecture of residential and public buildings".

KazGASA professors made acquaintance with scientific and methodological activities of the universities: San FranciscoUniversity of California Berkeley and Santa Barbara, Stanford, Southern California and Columbia University (NewYork) during the period  from 27.09.2015 - 14.10.2015. Department of Architecture of KazGASA was presented by professors N. Kozbagarova and A. Tuyakaeva. Department of Engineering and Management Systems of KazGASA was presented by professor D. Adilova. The visit of N. Kozbagarova and D. Adilova was held by state fund named "The best teacher - 2014". 


The professors of the Academy with colleagues from the University International of Catalonia (UIC).


AD Associate Professor - Tuyakaeva AK and Koyshanbaev NM – the holders of the "Bolashak" International Scholarship of the KazakhstanPresident - successfully passed language training at UEA (INTO) in LondonUnited Kingdom(14.04.-12.10.2013.) and research training at ESARQ UIC in BarcelonaSpain(12.11.2013.-12.02.2014.).

Professors and teachers of KazGASA AD Sadvokasova G., Kisamedin G., Onishchenko Y. as part of the Kazakhstan delegation on Congress. 


XXV Congress of the IUA took place in Durban (South Africa), 3-7autumn 2014. The main themes of the World International Congress of Architecture "Architecture everywhere" were: sustainability, ecology, values.

Nina Kozbagarova Academic professor of the Department of Architecture at the opening of the 52nd World Congress of IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architects) from 10 to 12 of June 2015 in St. Petersburg, Russia.



The reporting group of accreditation commission UNESCO -MSA-riba worked at FA on a reakcreditation of an educational program architecture (bachelor degree) of KAZGASA in September, 2014

The chairman - the representative of UNESCO-MSA – professor Vladimir Shlape.