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June 17 marked the 80th anniversary of the Honorary Professor of the Department of General Civil Engineering of the IOC (KazGASA), Candidate of Technical Sciences, Sergazy Ospanovich Ospanov.

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Study tour of docent Kurmanbekova E.B .and S. Zhanatuly organized by Holding "Kasіpkor" together with TAFE Directors Australia in Perth, Australia (October 2014)

Study visit of Professor D.A. Adilova within the framework of Ukrainian-German project "Sustainable Housing: promoting local development and strengthening the role of civil society organizations" in Berlin, Germany (December 2014)

C:UsersUser1DesktopКазГАСА 2014-2015Строительство и Архитектура газетаСтатья Шоганбекова Д.А140527-1.JPG

Internship of Senior Lecturer FCTIM Shoganbekova the Royal Institute of Technology of Stockholm, Sweden, June 2014

Participation of Senior Lecturer FCTIM Shoganbekova D.A. in WORKSHOP "Educational pragrams in EU" of Stockholm, Sweden, May 2014

Internship of faculty FCTIM (Zubov OA Adilova DA Kurmanbekova EB, Shaltabaeva ST, Ilyasova KI, Suanbaeva U.N., Islyamova AS, G. Azhieva I., Ayazbaev GN Tazhigulova BK, Zharaspaeva GJ) in the Eastern Mediterranean University (Famagusta, northern Cyprus) under the program «Modern IT Application in Education: LMS1».

Certificate of Kenesbaeva A.K. (Senior Lecturer FCTIM direction GaС) after the finishing of the summer school in Salzburg under the master's program in June 2013

The two-month internship of  Kenesbaeva A.K. (Senior Lecturer FCTIM) in the Indian University Remote Sensing of the Earth in the scope of International Programme ITEC  2013

Internship of Ph.D., docent FCTIM Ayazbaeva G.N. at the Embassy of Kazakhstan in the Netherlands in The Hague 2012.

Master's degree Education of FCTIM teacher of specialty "Geodesy and Cartography" Orynbasarova E.O. at the University of Nottingham (England) in the scope of  "Bolashak" program 2012.

Educational and Trial Practice in Guangzhou of gr. ТДО-11-1 and 2 and FCTIM faculty members (direction Wood processing) Espaeva A.S. and S.T. Shaltabaeva 2012.

C:UsersUser1DesktopКазГАСА 2014-2015Web-pageФотолетописьErik.jpg

Language course of FCTIM teacher (direction Geodesy and Cartography) Orynbasarova E.O. in Oxford. 2010.

Master degree Education of  Senior Lecturer Shoganbekova D.A. in the Royal Institute of Technology 2010

delegation from Sweden, Spain, Hungary, for the examination of the performed joint project, direction of  "Geodesy and Cartography" 2009.

Internship "Study of GIS software" of Ph.D., docent  J.T. Omirzhanova (direction "Geodesy and Cartography") in Hungary 2009.