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The IEC Library continues the series of meetings - "The Personality of a High Life Trajectory " about eminent teachers of KazGASA, in order to popularize and promote the scientific activity of their work among students, in the framework of the 40 th anniversary of the Academy.

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April 27, 2018 a visiting session of EMA REMC MES of RK on the specialties of architecture, construction and design profiles will be held at the Khoja Ahmed Yasavi International Kazakh-Turkish University (Turkestan)

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Department of Architecture of the International Educational Corporation plans to hold a review-competition for high-school students annually.


The review-competition for high-school students: "ARCHITECTURE PLANET-2018" will be held from February 1st to March 15th, 2018.

Theme: "House-ship"

Task: To construct orthogonal and axonometric projection of the developed architectural object using computer programs. An important aspect: the building should be imaged in the environment.

Terms of works submission: 1.02-15.03.2018.

Form of submission of competition materials:

1) Competitive work, printed on a sheet of A3 format (in color).

2) Information printed in Microsoft Word text editor (A4 sheet format, Times New Roman font 14pt, single spacing):

▪ Full name of the participant, photo, contact information (e-mail, phone numbers);

▪ Full name of the scientific leader, photo, contact information (e-mail, phone numbers), place of work, position;

▪ a summary of the performed work (abstract).

3) CD-ROM, content the electronic versions of the above materials: competitive work (“.jpg” format, resolution not less than 300 pixels), information about participants and abstract (“.doc” format).

As a result of the review-competition, the best works will be awarded with a certificate and exhibited on the IOC website.



Contact person of the contest: Dina A. Amandykova, Olga A. Knyazeva. Phone number: 8-702-786-41-73.




International Educational Corporation


Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering


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 City Olympiad on Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science


Date – 20 January,

time - 9.00



Almaty, 2018


Dear pupils of 9th and 11th grade!

We are inviting you to participate in the Olympiad on

Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science



Within the framework of Olympiad is planned work on following rounds:

1. The first stage – computer testing;

2. The second stage – written work.


The winner of the 1st place gets - 100% discount on tuition,
the 2nd place - 75% and the 3rd place - 50% discounts on training at KazGASA for 1 academic year and each participant will receive 7%
discount on tuition.








Address: 28, Ryskulbekov Street, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, 050043


Room №424


8 (727) 220 80 73

8 777 223 37 42


The application form is filled and sent to the email address


Registration form for participation in the Olympiad on Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science



Name of a pupil, school ________________________________________


Name of a teacher __________________________________________________________________________________


The class __________________________________________________________________________________


Address __________________________________


Phone number _____________

Fax                  _____________

Signature         _____________