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Republican Subject Olympics took place, according to the schedule approved by the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on the following thirteen (13) subjects, "Architectural Design," "Designing of Architectural Design-2", "Designing of Industrial Design-2", "The elements and processes of graphic design", "elements and processes of Costume Design", "structures I»; «Geotechnical I»; “Engineering Mechanics I"; «The materials in the woodworking", "woodworking equipment I, II»; «Technology-based panels", "Technology of concrete I”, “Building Materials".

The Republican Subject Olympics was attended by 23 universities, including students of KLAACE IEC.

The total number of students was about 277 people, including representatives of other colleges, 165 students and 112 students from KLAACE IEC.

The distribution of students in the disciplines: - Architecture - 49 people; design - 98 people; Construction - 79 people; WWT - 15 people; PCMAS - 35 people.

Distribution of students KLAACE IEC by disciplines: Architecture-24-32 Design, Building-29, WWT-12-15 PCMAS.


List of universities that participated in the Contest:

1. Kazakh Agro Technical University by S. Seifullin (Astana);

2. Rudnyi Industrial Institute (Rudnyi);

3. West Kazakhstan Agro - Technical University by Zhangir Khan;

4. Kazakh-Russian University (Astana);

5. South Kazakhstan State University by M. Auezov (Shymkent);

6. Atyrau Institute of Oil and Gas (Atyrau);

7. Fashion Business Academy «Academy of Fashion” (Almaty);

8. Karaganda State Technical University (Karaganda);

9. Kokshetau State University by Sh. Ualikhanov (Kokshetau);

10. Kyzylorda State University by Korkyt Ata (Kzylorda);

11. East Kazakhstan State Technical University (Ust -Kamenogorsk);

12. Kazakh National Technical University by K. Satpayev (Almaty);

13. KazAT by Tynyshpayev (Almaty);

14. Almaty Humanitarian Technical University (Almaty);

15. KazAA by Zhurgenov (Almaty);

16. Kokshetau University by A. Myrzakhmetov (Kokshetau);

17. Academy "Kokshe" (Kokshetau);

18. KazNPU by Abay (Almaty);

19. ATU (Almaty);

20. KSUTaE by Esenov (Aktau);

21. KyzSU (Kzylorda);

22. ENU (Astana);

23. KUWC (Almaty);

24. IEC KLAACE ( Almaty) .


Prize awards (I degree) received: 9 - IEC KLAACE (Almaty);

1. KazNAA by Zhurgenov (Almaty);

1. KSTU (Almaty);

1. EKSTU (Ust-Kamenogorsk);

1. KazNTU (Almaty);

1. ASTU (Almaty);

Total: 14.



Prize awards (II degree) received: 14 - IEC KLAACE (Almaty);

2 - KazNTU (Almaty);

2 - Kokshetau State University by Sh.Ualikhanov (Kokshetau);

2 - EKSTU (Ust-Kamenogorsk);

1 – KazAU by S. S.Seifullin (Astana);

1 - Atyrau Institute of Oil and Gas (Atyrau);

1 - ASTU (Almaty);

1 - KSTU (Karaganda);

1 - ZapKazATU by Zhangir Khan;

1 - Academy "Academy of Fashion" (Almaty);

1 - KazNAU by Zhurgenov (Almaty);

1 – KSU by Sh. Korkyt Ata (Kzylorda).

Total: 28.


Prize awards (III degree) received: 11 - IEC KLAACE (Almaty);

6 - KazSTU (Almaty);

5 – KazAU by S.S. Seifullin (Astana);

4 - EKHTU (Ust Kamenogorsk);

1 – KyzSU by Korkyt Ata (Kyzylorda);

1 - KUWC (Almaty);

1 – SKSU by Auezov (Shymkent);

1 – Rudnyi Industrial Institute (Rudnyi);

1 – KazNAA by Zhurgenov (Almaty);

1 – Atyrau Institute of oil and gas (Atyrau);

1 - Academy «Kokshe»;

1 – Kokchetau SU by Sh. Ualikhanov (Kokchetau);

1 – KSUTaE by Esenov (Aktau);

1 - KyzSU (Kyzylorda).

Total: 36.


The total number of prize awards – 78, of them:

34 - IEC KLAACE (Almaty);

9 – KazNTU by Satpaeva (Almaty);

7 - EKSTU (Ust-Kamenogorsk);

6 – KazAU by S. Seifullin (Astana);

3 - Kokshetau State University by Sh.Ualikhanov (Kokshetau);

2 - ASTU (Almaty);

2 - KazNAU by Zhurgenov (Almaty);

2 - KSTU (Karaganda);

2 - AIOiG (Atyrau);

2 - KyzSU by Korkyt Ata (Kzylorda);

1 – SKSU by Auezov (Shymkent);

1 - ZapKazATU by Zhangir Khan;

2 - KyzSU (Kyzyl-Orda);

1 - Rudnyi Industrial Institute (Rudnyi);

1 - The Academy "Kokshe" (Kokshetau);

1 - KSUTaE by Esenov (Aktau);

1 - KUWC (Almaty);

1 - Academy "Academy of Fashion" (Almaty).


Republican Scientific Student Conference "Student and Science: Looking to the Future" was held in April 2010 for the following six (6) sections:

1. Architecture - "History and theory of architecture", "Architecture of dwellings and public building", "Town-planning";

2. A design is the "Architectural design", "Architecture of dwellings and public building";

3.Engineering sciences are "Building", "Building materials of good and construction", "Engineering systems", "Technology of woodworking";

4. Engineering sciences are "Geodesy", "Safety of vital functions and defense of environment";

5. An economy is "Economy in building";

6.Humanitarian and natural sciences are "Application of mathematics and computer graphics in the decision of engineering tasks"; "Applied questions of physics"; "Physical culture and sport"; "Section of Kazakh"; "Section of Russian"; "Section of English"; "Section of social sciences".

At Republican scientific student conference the representatives of the following institutions of higher learning participated:

1. KazSTU by K. I. Satpaev;

2. «Rudnyi Industrial institute»;

3. EKSTU by D. Serikbaev;

4. Zhetyus state university by I. Zhansugurov;


Common amount of student works heard on faculties is 448, on the second turn 278 works from them passed on KLAACE, 20 works from foreign universities. A common amount is 298 student works. Distribution of advanced student studies: Architecture - 54; Design - 33; Building - 61; FCTIM - 110.


Republican annual competition of students ' research work

According to the letter of the Department of higher and postgraduate education of MES RK № 03-4/10400 as of 9 November 2009 Kazakh leading Academy of architecture and civil engineering (KLAACE) held a competition of students ' research work in natural, technical, social-humanitarian and economic Sciences.

The competition Commission SRSW on section of «Construction, architecture, technology of wood processing» is approved by order of the Vice rector for academic Affairs of the base University of 11.02.2010, № 32 in the quantity of 10 persons and by order № 31 dated 18.03.2010, signed by Vice-President of KLAACE.

On the competition of students' research works of 2009-2010 academic year for the section «Construction, architecture, technology of wood processing» were received: a total of 74 works of the following 13 (thirteen) universities: North-Kazakhstan state University by M. Kozybayev -7; Rudny industrial Institute - 3; East Kazakhstan state technical University by D. Serikbayev - 33; Caspian state University of technologies and engineering by Esenov - 2; South Kazakhstan state University by Auezov - 6; Karaganda state technical University - 5; Kazakhstan agrarian-technical University by S. Seifullin - 2; Taraz state University by M. H. Dulati -1; Karaganda state University by E. A. Buketov - 1; Kazakh Academy of transport and communications by M. Tynyshpayev - 1; Kazakh leading Academy of architecture and civil engineering -13.

Distribution of work on specialties: Architecture - 21 works; Design - 19 works; Construction - 15 works, PCMAS, HGV and WWT - 19 works.

All of the presented works were sent for reviewing to highly qualified specialists of Academy. 61 of works are given for review to 40 instructors of KLAACE, who are well known scientist in the field of architecture and construction: D. A., Acad. Professor Sabitov, A. R.; K. A., Acad. Professor Kisamedin, M; c.t.s., associated prof. Mukhamedshakirova Sh. A.; c.a., associated prof Akhmedov A. I.; PhD., Associated Professor Baitursynov D. M.; PhD, ass. Prof. Zhuginisov M. T.; c.t.s., ass. Professor Zhakipbekov Sh. K; c.t.s., assoc. prof. Ospanov S. O. and many others.

With 13 research works of KLAACE students submitted to SRSW contest obtained reviews from 4 of other organizations are received in accordance with the scientific directions of the authors and the requirements of recommendations on the organization and conduct of the contest among universities (KazSTU by K.Satpayev, LLP «D. Studio», LLP "Tangif "LLP," NUKO").