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On May 16, 2018 «Design of building structures using the LIRA-SAPR software package: version 2018» seminar was held at KazGASA for teachers and students of the Academy as well as for members of the largest design companies – engineers and architects from Almaty, Shymkent, Taraz and another cities of Kazakhstan.

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IAAR (Independent agency for accredation and rating) 2018 by prize places

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Extra curricular work

Russian language teachers held an event dedicated to the Day of Languages ​​of the Republic of Kazakhstan on September 20, 2017. Omirbrekova Symbat (Стр-16-1*), Kakimzhanov Bekzat (Арх-16-1*), Kaidarov Ansar (Арх-16-2 *) conducted the event in three languages ​​- Kazakh, Russian and English.

At the event, students talked about the importance of language proficiency as a means of communication, cognition, expression of feelings and thoughts. There was particularly emphasized the importance of knowledge and mastery of the native language. The poems "Қазақ тілі" (Asanhan Bakbergen), "Қазақпын мен" (Omirbekova Symbat), "Үш бақытым" (Orynbasarova Nurillya), "Ана тілі" (Kumargazy Ulan), "Туған елім" (Turysbek Alizhan) were read, were performed kuy "Балбрауын" (Makulbai Lyazzat), "Қарасай" (Usmanova Laura, Kydyrkhan Tolegen).

The students emphasized the special role of the Russian language in Kazakhstan as a bearer of world culture. The students of group Арх-17-4* sang the song "Москвазвенят колокола", recited poems "Бородино" (Kim Andrey), "Не жалею, не зову, не плачу...”(Halyk Sakypzhamal), "Два языка" (Kaidarova Aidana).


Asylbek Harunrasid showed his art in the original genre (tricks), students of the group Aрх-17-5* sang the song "Подмсковные вечера" in two languages: Russian and English.




A fascinating quiz

A fascinating quiz “How well do you know Great Britain and America?” was held on the 24th of April at general humanitarian training department within the framework of English club. The students from DES-16-2 and ARCH-16-8** of the Architecture and Design departments  took an active part in the above mentioned event. During the whole quiz the students had the opportunity to show not only local knowledge, and also broaden their outlook. The quiz team members answered the questions related to literature, science, remarkable dates and famous people of English-speaking countries.  In addition to the intellectual part of the quiz there was also a creative part where the students sang English songs of famous singers. The team DIZ-16-2 was recognized as the best group and was awarded by the diploma on quiz results.  According  to creative  contest results the awards  were given to: Aytkaly Kasiet - CON-16-7*  "For the best solo performance", Yun Stanislav and Tsoy Evgenya - ARCH-15-4  "For the best performance and engineering artistry ",  Bissalieva Karina - DIZ-16-2 "For the best artistic performance" and Yugay Katya - DIZ-16-2  "For the charm and artistry”.

GHTD Assistant professors  Minayeva A.Zh., 



April 13, 2017.  The members of the team ‘Nomad’ Ergesh Temirlan,  Magusumova Arailym, Kaidarov Ansar (group Arch-2)  under the guidance of associate professor Suleimenova K.K. took part in Intellectual Olympiad in History of modern Kazakhstan among the students of higher educational institutions and took the 3rd place. 



 The team "Saulet" won the 3rd place in the Republican Olympiad "Zhas Tolkyn".

April 11- 12, 2017. The Olympiad "Zhas Tolkyn" was held within the framework of student festival "Tіregy sender еlімnin", organized by the First President's Fund. Nine teams from Almaty, Astana, Aktobe, Karaganda, Pavlodar, Ust-Kamenogorsk, including the team of KazGASA "Saulet" (participants: Anarbai Rollan, Maxim Sandalhan, Berdiar Sultanbaev, Alina Turakbayeva, Akbota Shaimuratova, the head of the team Zhampeisova Zh. M.) took the 3rd place.

The Republican Olympiad "Zhas Tolkyn" was held in several stages.

Within two days, each team showed their sports achievements, theoretical knowledge, oratory and showed the video "Student Life", which they shot themselves. The last stage consisted of the protection of scientific and innovative project. In this stage  the scientific project of Sandalhan Maxim "Electricity produced by footwear" was presented. At each stage the team "Saulet" left behind all the contestants for intelligence, efficiency and leadership qualities.


        07.04.2017. assoc. prof. of General Humanitarian Training Department Tashimbay Saltanat Kuatbekkyzy conducted demonstration lesson on the theme: «Әшекей бұйымдар дизайны» for the students of Диз(АД)-15 group. Master of jewelry art Musayev Ryskeldy who read mini-lection (15 min.) about genesis, purpose and making of certain jewels was invited to this lesson. Students showed and prepared own topics about each jewelry. Deputy Dean B.A.Abilova and professors attended the lesson.





 On April 7, 2017 an educational event was held with the first and second year students as a part of a cultural event under the auspices of EXPO. Students from the following groups participated in it: TDO16-1*, STR16-7*, STR15-4*, STR15-5 *, TDO15-1*, STR 16-4*, TDO15-2*, PSMIK15-1* (Manatov N., Kenzhalieva N., Beksultanova N., Akkadyr A., ​​Temirkhan A., Tynyshbay M., Kydyrbek B., Adilakyn O., Kozhakhmet A., Onerbek N., Otemurat G., Aldabergen M., Berikbaev N.) It was conducted under the direction of  the Russian language teaching staff.       

   The students performed with very interesting messages, designed in the form of colorful slides about the preparation and holding of the EXPO in Kazakhstan. They read reports on the history of  holding of the exhibition of this kind in other countries, and also showed a news video with the victory of representatives of Kazakhstan, then enthusiastically read poems about their homeland, sang patriotic songs, played dombra and danced.





"Zheltoksan rukhy"


























     On  8 November 2016 Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering jointly with Bostandyk district administration held a meeting with members of  "December events in 1986" Lepesbaeva Gulnar Sabyrgalievna, member of  public association "Uly Zheltoksan - 1986" and   Ryskulbek Talgat Nogaybayevich, the Chairman of public association "Zheltoksan rukhy".

The event was held within the framework of 25th anniversary of Independence and 30th anniversary of "December events in 1986".

Moderators of the event were acting dean of DGHT Zhumadil A.K. and associated professors Suleimenova K.K., ShyntaevaN.S., Masanov E.Zh.


On the1 st of May 2016 students of Arch-15-3* and teachers of the DGHT Suleimenova K.K., Nurkanov A.A., Tashimbay S.K., Mangazina Zh.R., participated at the XVI International Ili-Balkhash Regatta competition.


May 3, 2016 at the DGHT  KazGASA was held meeting of DA, DCTIM, DGC, DD students with the soldiers - internationalists of the Union of Veterans of the war in Afghanistan " Abyroi ", Almaty . The meeting was organized by the teaching staff of DGHT Suleimenova K.K., Nurkanov A.A., Mangazina Zh.R., Nagiyatovoy L.B., Tashimbay S.K., Dzhanykulova S.K., Taymenova A.S. - teacher of history at the Lyceum  at KazGASA .









































Faculty annually organizes and hosts an international scientific conference "Actual problems of social sciences and humanities: the search for solutions and ways", publishes a collection of the forum. The conference is attended by representatives of the near and far abroad.

One of the tasks of the scientific work of the faculty is to attract students to research. For this purpose under the leadership of HETS research work of students is carried out, the result of which is to participate in the conference "Student and Science: A Look into the Future", publication of the best works in the collection.


A number of instructors are working on the dissertation research:

1. Akbaeva L. "Theoretical Foundations of ethnical studying in universities of Kazakhstan" (doctoral dissertation);

2. Abilova B.A. "Linguistic-didactical basis and methodical system of textbooks by language specialty" (doctoral dissertation);

3. Gayipova G.A. "Comparative typological study of phraseological units of different systems of languages ​​(based on the epic novel" The Path of Abai" by M.Auezov)."