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For decades, Victory Day in our country is considered to be one of the most touching, soulful holidays and glorious date. No other holidays can compare with it.

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On April 25-26 “Zhas Tolgyn” competition took place in Almaty within the framework of the 5th republican “New generation is future of Kazakhstan” students’ festival. Festival is organized by the Foundation of the First President, Leader of nation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main purpose of this project is to involve students in the scientific field.

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Academic  calendar of  IEC (doktorantura, undergraduate, postgraduate studies)


2017-2018 academic year






Registration and Admission

every Friday


Undergraduate students’ enrollment (full-time,  part-time studies)

August 10-25


Postgraduate students’ enrollment (master program)

August 20-25


Constitution Day

August 30


Fall Semester


Knowledge Day

September 1


Fall Semester  starts

September 1


Postgraduate students’ internship (according to appendix #1)                                       

September 1 – November 14


Postgraduate students’ SRW (2nd year), including report                                               

September 1 – December 5


Entrance (placement) test                                                                                                 Kurban Ait (bank holiday)                                                                                           

September 2-6        

September 24


Classes start                                                                                                                     

October 13



October 19-23 (after classes)


Postgraduate students’ ERW (1,5 years, 2nd year), including report

October 13 – November 21


Postgraduate students’ SRW (1th year), including report                                                

November 10 – December 5


Postgraduate students’ ERW (1th and 1,5 years), including report                                 

November 10 – December 5


SAC exams on major for final year postgraduate students (1.5 years)                           

December 1-12


Day of the First President                                                                                             

December 1*


Midterm- 2                                                                                                                       

December 7-11 (after classes)


Classes end (full-time study, including final year students)

December 11


Winter examination period                                                                                             

December 14-27


Independence day                                                                                                         

December 16-17


Intersession (for students with academic debts)                                                             

January 4 – February 6


New Year                                                                                                                       

January 1-2


Academic and exam session (part-time study)                                                                

January 5 – February 8



January 7*



Total weeks                                                

study session   

- 15 weeks





- 2 weeks




winter break   

- 4 weeks


Spring Semester


Winter examination period                                                                                             

January 11-23


SAC on  postgraduate students’ dissertations (1,5 years)                                             

January 19-30


Postgraduate students’ SRW (2nd year), including report                                             

January 11 – March 18


Postgraduate students’ internship (according to appendix #1)  

January 11 – March 24


Postgraduate students’ ERW (1th year), including report                                              

January 18 – March 11


Spring Semester starts                                                                                                   

January 25


Entrance (placement) test                                                                                              

January 2519


Postgraduate students’ SRW (1th year), including report                                              

January 26 – May 1


Examination period after Intersession                                                                           

February 8-12


Undergraduate students’ pre-diploma internship, including report                               

February 8 – March 19


International Women’s Day                                                                                       

March 8



March 14-18 (after classes)


Nauryz Meiramy (bank holiday)                                                                                

March 21-23*


SAC exams on major for undergraduate and postgraduate students

(full-time, part-time studies)                                                                                         

March 24 – April 2


SAC on diploma projects                                                                                               

April 25 – May 14


Kazakhstan People’s Unity day                                                                                 

May 1*



April 30 May 6 (after classes)


Motherland defender’s day                                                                                         

May 7*


Classes end                                                                                                                    

May 8


Victory Day                                                                                                                   

May 9*


SAC on  postgraduate students’ dissertations                                                               

May 10-27


Summer examination period  (full time study)                                                             

May 10-21


Internship, including exams                                                                                          

May 23 – June 18


Summer semester (for students with academic debts)                                                  

May 23 – June 24


Examination period after Summer semester                                                                 

June 27 – July 2



Total weeks                                                

study session   

- 15 weeks




- 2 weeks




- 4 weeks



summer break  

- 10 weeks





Foreign scientific-research internship is planned within postgraduate students’ SRW, ERW according to State Education Standards.