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Dear Friends!

Kazakh-American University congratulates you on the Independence Day of Kazakhstan! Wish you a peaceful and clear sky.

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The concept of the workshop: The inclusion of active and hidden resources of the individual through the interactive interaction of children, parents and teachers.

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We start KVN

To conduct the first game of KVN in the history of the Lyceum, we decided on December 15, 2017 in the framework of celebrating the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Lyceum at KazGASA met in the walls of the Winter Garden two schools of the city - a school at KAU and school № 189

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The theme of the contest tasks was decided to be connected with the 26th anniversary of the Independence of our country, which resulted in the title of the contest: "Do you know the history of your country, because I know it!".

During the game the teams competed in erudition, ingenuity and jokes in 2 creative and three intellectual competitions, giving a charge of good mood to the audience.

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All the teams were on the scene for the first time, however it did not stop to play with dignity and, of course, they made the audience laugh and, most importantly, the jury more than once.


So the 9th grade teams came to the stage: Lyceum at KazGASA "Unlike", schools at KAU "Cheerful Gas" and school No. 189 "Region -2".

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After a two-hour battle, the competent jury delivered its verdict. The first place and the title of the champion of the KVN game was won by the team "Cheerful Gas". The second place was awarded to the "Region -2" team. Well, the Lyceum at KazGASA took an honorable third place.


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18.03.2015   Colleagues received gratitution

Colleagues received gratitution