Scandinavian crossword puzzles are the key to learning terms.


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Scandinavian crossword puzzles are the key to learning terms.

          The competition for compiling crossword puzzles (crosswords) is held in order to increase the culture of students, realize their intellectual and creative potential, increase interest in the subject "Professional Russian Language" for construction specialties. The dates for the competition are from October 30 to November 30, 2019.

The competition is held among students of the 2nd year of the Faculty of FSTiM (PSMIK 18-1 *, 2 *, 3 *): among individual authors and groups of authors.

Competitive materials are drawn up on sheets of A-3/4 format in duplicate. On one sheet - questions (in the definition we use explanatory dictionaries and dictionaries of terms), on the second - answers and a completed scanword (crossword). The words contained in the answers must be in the singular and nominative case. The volume of a scanword (crossword) should be at least 7-10 words.

Competitive materials should be focused on increasing interest in construction terminology. The evaluation criteria are the artistic and stylistic design of the competitive materials, the originality of the material presentation. Winners of the competition are awarded with diplomas and certificates of participation.


We invite everyone to take part in the intellectual competition!




            Responsible for conducting - assoc. prof. FOOD Gakrama K.M.

                                                            KazGASA competition, No. 428, 417 aud.