Anniversary of the honorable professor of KazGASA S.O. Ospanov


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Anniversary of the honorable professor of KazGASA S.O. Ospanov


June 17 marked the 80th anniversary of the Honorary Professor of the Department of General Civil Engineering of the IOC (KazGASA), Candidate of Technical Sciences, Sergazy Ospanovich Ospanov.


Ospanov Sergazy Ospanovich after completing his studies at the Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute (CPI) at the Civil Engineering Faculty, specialty "Industrial and Civil Engineering", on a voucher of the Central Committee of the Komsomol was sent to the shock Komsomol construction "Kachkanar." The first year, working as a master, was engaged in erecting a cafe building for 100 seats, an industrial workshop, an outfitting unit for trains, and a 5000 m3 water tank. In the evening technical school he read the disciplines: "Construction Drawing" and "Resistance of Materials".

In 1961, a young specialist Ospanov S.O. Moved to the central construction laboratory by the engineer-head of the group for quality control of construction. We had to deal with the issues of strength, rigidity, crack resistance of reinforced concrete structures, the quality of the brickwork with 8-point seismic, as the ore was extracted with the help of powerful explosions.

For 1.5 years Ospanov S.O. More than a dozen proposals have been proposed, which are implemented at construction sites with significant economic effect. Sergazy Ospanovich was also engaged in public work - he was deputy chief of the Komsomol headquarters of construction, headed the chess section of the trade union committee.

While studying at the postgraduate course (1962-1965) of the Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute, he was engaged in researching the operation of underground steel pipes with a diameter of 1020 mm and a wall thickness of 12 mm, which were first developed at the Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant for the Druzhba gas pipeline. To measure soil pressure for a long time (9 months) Ospanov invented the devices "Mesozes." In connection with the accident during the construction of the "Stan 1200" at Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant Ospanov S.O. It was proposed to replace ceramic pipes with reinforced concrete pipes, produced in Chelyabinsk. He took part in the study of loess loess soils in the construction of the largest combine of synthetic fabrics in Orenburg. In 1966, when commissioning of CHPP-2 in Ufa, thin-walled steel pipes of diameters of 1800 mm with a wall thickness of 10 mm were used for underground pipelines for the first time, the reliability of which was proved by theoretical and experimental studies of the expert of the design solution Ospanov S.O.

Since 1967 - candidate of technical sciences, sent to the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute, where he passed the steps: (1968) art. Teacher of the department of engineering structures, deputy. Dean, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Construction, along with this appointed the head of the department of metal structures, foundations and foundations, (1971) the scientific director of the student design and design bureau, (1975) scientific leader of the industry research laboratory of seismic resistant construction, ( 1987-2000) Dean for work with foreign students, now an honorary professor of the Department of General Civil Engineering of KazGASA.

Sergazy Ospanovich constantly takes an active part in public life. In KazPTI, he was a member of the Party Bureau of the Construction Faculty, a member of the local committee of the Institute, in AACI - the Party Bureau of the Party Committee, headed the leading group of ceremonial control (1980-1995). He was the editor-in-chief of the collection of scientific works "Building Architecture" of Kazakhstan (1969-1980), a member of the republican section of the USSR National Committee on Earthquake Engineering, currently a member of the Geotechnical Association of Kazakhstan. On his initiative, new subdivisions were opened-the Department of Building Materials, Reinforced Concrete Structures, Metal Structures, Foundations and Foundations, Construction Mechanics, Industrial Laboratories of Economics and Earthquake Engineering, and the Student Design Bureau "Builder". Being the scientific supervisor of the industrial laboratory "Seismic construction" in 1976, he organized an expedition to the Gazli region to study the consequences of strong earthquakes. S.O. Ospanov, on behalf of the AASI rectorate, was involved in the reconstruction of the complex of the Chimkent Chemical Plant (1978-1982). Together with M.M. Aldungarov investigated and submitted conclusions on the strengthening of foundations and foundations on the subsidence grounds of Zhezkazgan. Recommendations are given for strengthening the foundations of tanks for storing liquefied gas (Almaty region), the gold deposits of CHPP-2 (Almaty) have been investigated; Kirov, VA was involved in the work. Hamsters. In the 1980-85's. Supervised the most important topic of the State Committee for Science and Technology of the USSR: "Research and recommendations on the application of rational foundations for flooding the construction sites of Ekibastuz city", and also carried out a study of alluvial soils and the erection of foundations in Pavlodar. Based on the results of the survey of the building of the Institute of the Baikonur Computing Center, a conclusion was made about the reliability of the frame of the building.

On the account of the student design office of KazGASA there are more than twenty objects for various purposes. Under the leadership of S.Ospanov. On a voluntary basis, a reconciliation was carried out


The Academy has issued a bibliographic index to the anniversary and plans solemn events dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the honorary professor of the Department of General Civil Engineering of the Kazakh head architecture and construction academy Ospanov Sergazy Ospanovich

Within the framework of this event, the following are planned:

1. Honoring the jubilee will be held at the meeting of the Academic Council of the Academy on June 26, 2017, at 15.00.

Address: Almaty, st. K. Ryskulbekov, 28, 3rd floor of the State Control Committee of KazGASA.

2. A festive banquet in honor of the jubilee in the restaurant "Saulet", June 26, 2017, beginning at 17.00,

Address: Almaty, st. Toraigyrov,33.





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