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From 16th to 20th of January, 2017, from 2 to 5 PM in Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering (KazGASA) a Welcome week will be held! 09.01.2017 




In December 2018 the week of unification of teachers of natural-humanitarian cycle was held in the Lyceum at KazGASA. All planned activities were carried out in full and within the time frame provided for in the plan.

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Spiridon Geogrgievich Cosmeridi is a legend of Kazakhstani architecture, one of the first architects brought up by the Kazakh school. His life path is a cast of an important fragment of the history of the formation and development of the architecture of Soviet Kazakhstan.

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  List of specialties of higher and postgraduate study for academic 
Doctorate PhD
6D042000 - Architecture
6D042100 - Design
6D072500 – Technology of wood processing and wood products (by field of application)
6D072900 - Construction
6D073000 – Production of construction materials, products and constructions
Master’s program
6М042000 - Architecture
6М042100 - Design
6М050600 - Economics
6М050700 - Management
6М071100 – Geodetic surveying
6М072500 - Technology of wood processing and wood products (by field of application)
6М072900 - Construction
6М073000 - Production of construction materials, products and constructions
6М073100 – Safety of living and environmental protection
Bachelor’s program
5В042000 – Architecture:
5В042001 – Urban development
5В042002 – Architecture of living and social buildings
5В042003 – Restoration and reconstruction
5В042004 – Landscape architecture
5В042100 – Design:
5В042101 – Architectural design
5В042102 – Graphic design
5В042103 – Industrial design
5В042104 – Suit design
5B042105 – Tele-video design
5В050600 – Economics
5В050800 – Accounting and audit
5В071100 – Geodetic surveying and mapping
5B072500 - Technology of wood processing and wood products (by field of application)
5В072900 – Construction:
5В072901 – Calculation and engineering building and constructions
5В072902 – Technology of industrial and civil construction
5В072903 – Hydro technical Construction
5В072904 - Construction of oil & gas pipelines and depots
5В072905 – Construction of heat and atomic power stations
5В072906 – Mechanization, electric power supply and automatization of construction
5В072907 – Economics & Management in construction
5В072908 – Engineering surveys in construction
5В072909 – Information systems in construction
5В072910 – Engineering and installation of metal constructions
5В072911 – Technical control and safety in construction
5В072912 – Construction of roads and airfields
5В072913 – Bridges and tunnels
5В072914 - Housing and communal services
5В073000 - Production of construction materials, products and constructions
5B075200 – Engineering systems and networks
List of specialties of technical and professional education for academic year 2016-2017
1418000 - Architecture (full-time education)
0402000 - Design (by profile) (full-time education)
1401000 - Construction and exploitation of building and constructions
Lyceum by profile directions:
• Architecture & Design;
• Natural and technical;
• Construction technologies and Economics;
• engineering and ecological.