Credit education system


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Kazgasa is the sole institution of architectural and construction profile in Kazakhstan which completed the full cycle and continues preparation of specialists on credit education system in accordance with the Order of the ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan No.386 from 17.06.03 on Scientific and pedagogical experiment.

The purpose of credit education system implementation is increasing students’ professional preparation level, all-round development of their individual creative abilities, providing opportunity for students if necessary to transfer into universities near and far abroad.

For realization of this purpose the Academy completely reformed academic process providing new planning and regulating documentation. Particularly, the system of mandatory and elective subjects was implemented in academic plans. Elective disciplines make more than 40% of the whole discipline volumes included in academic plans. 

Choice freedom is one of the main advantages of credit education system: students have opportunity to choose teachers and form their education path as well. Therefore, in line with typical and work plans, individual academic plans (Curriculum) for students have been implemented which determine education content, education organization.

Within the frames of credit education system labor intensity accounting of academic work is made according to teaching material volume which is measured in credits.

1 credit in Bachelor’s program is equal to 1 academic hour of students’ class work per week within 15 week (semester), accompanied by 2 hours of student’s independent work. Thus, credit intensity means 45 hours of academic work (15 hours in class, 30 hours student’s independent work).

Student should take 12 – 18 credits in one semester, 24 – 36 credits per year.

A bachelor takes 128 credits for 4 years of study; Master takes 176 credits for 6 years.

The academic process with using credit education system is arranged in the following forms: class work (lections, practical classes), laboratory classes, and studio classes.

Independent student work under teacher’s control is analogue of "Office Hours” which is a common world practice. The aim of Office hours is making opportunity for students to get individual consultation on class work materials, content of additional topics of independent student work and also performing course projects, calculation and graphic and control tasks.